Speaker: No ‘Further Sanctions’ For Burgess

June 9, 2012

Speaker of the House Stanley Lowe yesterday [June 8] acknowledged the “altercation” that occurred on May 25th, saying a “verbal altercation” took place “between the two members”.

Mr Lowe told MPs in the House that given the “recent resignation” by the former Minister he believes “no further sanctions should be taken.”

Mr Burgess is reported to have been involved in an “angry physical altercation inside the House of Assembly building” with Minister Michael Scott, after Minister Scott accused Mr Burgess of trying to oust Premier Paula Cox.

Mr Burgess issued a statement on Wednesday night [June 6] saying he has resigned from his position as Transport Minister.

The statement said, “Most recently I was involved in a discussion with a colleague. The aforementioned discussion has been reported in the press. I can say that most of the media reports of the event are embellished and have very little resemblance as to what actually transpired.”

“I will not allow anything to distract from our Party’s effort to serve the people of Bermuda. I have offered and the Premier has accepted my resignation as the Minister of Transport,” continued Mr Burgess.

The following day Walter Roban — who stepped down from Cabinet amidst controversy seven months ago — was named the new Transport Minister.

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  1. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Burgess to Scott ,” It’s Mine I tell you.”

  2. Speakers Corner says:

    Dear Mr Speaker

    Please run as an independent candidate in your constituency and join the PLP when you win the seat as we will need all the support to get rid of Cox and Company

    Speakers Corner

  3. Shit Happens says:

    Derek resigns and then Paula take the rotten egg Robain back on to do a duty. What type of PLP BS is that. Then they want me to vote for them HELL NO not this time around.

    • pepper says:

      Let us be real, Paula, has lost the respect from her party , and we all know that !!!! to think she had to replace Burgess with Roban !!!

  4. Derika Burjezz says:

    London was a blast !

  5. OMG!!! says:

    You all are funny you let OlD BOYs AGAIN.(OBA) back in an see
    what they
    Do to you and for you think about it

    • The nitty gritty says:

      A recent study by the Department of Educashun found that the average Member of Parliament
      can only speak at a 10th Grade level, which is worse than it sounds because the average 10th grader speaks at a third grade level.
      You’re not an MP are you OMG?

  6. Derika Burjezz says:

    Can’t get any worse , we need change fast!

    • just asking says:

      Can’t get any worse? Are joking? I dont have a crytsal ball but one is not needed it can and will get worse. PLP OBA UBP makes no difference politics is politics it’s just a matter of choosing the lesser of the evils

  7. Derika Burjezz says:

    Both paties have the power to get us out of this mess , they can choose to do so but right now all we get is more of the same it can’t work! Simple logic ,we the people are not stupid you can’t fool us all the time
    In the words of Michael Jackson ” if you wanna make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make that change”
    Do the right thing ! Not do nothing and then try to pretend you are doing something!
    Talk is cheap!