Man Pleads Not Guilty: Stealing Shoes & Cash

August 27, 2012

Sitting in the prisoner’s enclosure with a striped towel held over his head, Devario Whitter, 29, pleaded not guilty to a charge of stealing 10 pairs of shoes and $720 cash from Tuff Shoes on Friday 24th August 2012.

Ordered by Senior Magistrate Archie Warner to remove the towel, Whitter did so and revealed what appeared to be facial injuries. In initially answering the Magistrate’s request for a plea, Whitter said: “I don’t remember, Your Honour. I woke up in hospital.”

With this answer, the Magistrate said that he was obliged to enter a plea of not guilty. Just prior to that exchange, Whitter had elected for the case to be heard in the Magistrate’s Court.

Prosecutor Carrington Mahoney told the Magistrate that the allegation was that around 7:00pm on Friday 24th August, the owner of Tuff Shoes had returned to the shop and, hearing noises inside the shop, he investigated.

He saw a man with a large black plastic bag and the owner asked what the man was doing. The Prosecutor said that the reply was “I’m robbing the place.”

The owner chased the man who ran out of the store. Police were called and later accosted a man on King Street. The man was arrested, the bag, the shoes, and some money were recovered. The man was taken to Hamilton Police Station where he was interviewed.

Whitter said that he still could not remember anything but asked if he could change his plea to guilty. The Magistrate demurred and set trial in November 2012. Whitter was remanded into custody until that date.

After the incident on Friday, a police statement said: “A few minutes after 7:30pm police responded to a report of a burglary that took place at a business on Court Street. Police were in the area and saw the suspect.

“A chase ensued and the suspect made his way to the corner of King and Dundonald Streets where he jumped on the roof of a nearby building. Police surrounded the building however the man jumped off the building resulting in the man falling on his face.”

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  1. lyfe says:

    LMAOO bie wer ya goin wit 10 alleged pairs of shoes! den u allegedly jump on a roof! times must really be gettin bad

  2. dUMb dUMbS says:

    LOL!!! He cant remember or he DONT want to remember!!! DUMB DUMB!!!

  3. Im just sayin... says:

    I’d remand him in custody until he starts to remember!

  4. datshicra says:

    Damn my ni#$a u allegedly do sum dumb sh%t sumtyms… Keep ya head up doe mayb ull wise up

  5. Round of Applause says:

    How do you plead NOT GUILTY when you was *allegedly* caught in the act, RED HANDED!!!

  6. Say no says:

    Why waste our money on a trial, when he pled guilty. what is wrong with this system?

  7. ella says:

    Shite!!!! I was hoping the owner gave him a good cut arse! That was why his face was messed up.

  8. chief says:

    Actually his face was messed up bcuz gave him a rodney king…if u kno wat I mean…the fallin off the roof is some ultimate bs

    • Round of Applause says:

      Nope, he ACTUALLY ate the ground! No police brutality…

      • chief says:

        So u was there to witness the jump?? Cuz bb and iphone pics say a thousand words

  9. tricks are for kids says:

    So now you have amnesia? Please you are a a tad bit too old to be out allegedly doing such foolishness….I guess next your going to plead “insanity”….stop the madness…..

  10. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Face planter .

  11. JamudiCan says:

    Ella: they are not wasting money; all the money is going to the lawyers and judges.LMAO
    Bermuda being robed blind under the guise of justice.
    Its all a joke. There is no justice, never was and never will be.
    True justice comes only from God, Karma or whatever you want to call it.

  12. KarmaWins says:

    He got what he deserved. Karma works in mysterious ways. Dumb A^$!!!! Bahahahahahaha

  13. 2debrimm says:

    VaVa!!! You look STUPID, you hear me, brah!!

    Tuff Shoes, hold ya head up!

  14. CHEEKUMS BI says: