PLP “The Big Night” Event Postponed

October 16, 2012

Due to the inclement weather associated with Hurricane Rafael, the PLP has postponed their event this evening, which was scheduled to include speeches by party members including

A statement from the party said: “The Progressive Labour Party wishes to advise that tonight’s session of the Annual Delegates Conference, the “BIG Night” featuring a closing speech by the Party Leader and Premier the Hon. Paula A. Cox JP MP has been postponed due to the inclement weather associated with Hurricane Rafael. An updated schedule of the Annual Delegates Conference will be issued as soon as alternative arrangements are confirmed.”

The event was due to be held at the Ruth Seaton James Auditorium at 7pm, with speakers scheduled to include PLP candidate Neville Tyrrell, MP Dale Butler, Education Minister Dame Jennifer Smith, Deputy Leader Derrick Burgess and Premier Paula Cox.

For all updates concerning Hurricane Rafael click here.

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  1. life in a daze says:

    was looking forward to it,,,Not

  2. Y-Gurl says:

    Never thought it rained in the auditorium, or maybe works and engineering maintain the roof

  3. SoMuchMore says:

    There was no need to cancel this event cause I never had intentions of going LOL

  4. Triangle Drifter says:

    All the OBAs fault. Their secret air force went up sprayed the clouds & made it rain.

    Can’t go out in the rain you know