PLP Asks For Clarity On Land Policy Review

January 1, 2013

The PLP has asked Government for clarity about  their planned review about policies surrounding the ability of non Bermudian spouses to acquire Bermuda land.

Speaking recently about the Immigration and Protection Amendment Bill 2012 [PDF], the Minister of Home Affairs Michael Fahy said: “We recognise that this is an issue that touches on considerable sensitivities in our community. The public is aware that I have been very vocal about this matter, and I am committed to sitting down and undertaking a thorough and measured review of the current policy.”

The Minister noted that there are numerous items on the Government’s agenda that are an immediate priority, and said this policy will receive early attention and legislative amendments may follow based on the outcome of the review. He advised that a “time line will be determined shortly.”

A statement from the Opposition this evening said: “The PLP notes the recent statement made by the Minister of Home Affairs of the government’s intention to review existing policy and legislation regarding the ability of non Bermudian spouses to acquire in an interest in Bermuda land.

“The previous government had already amended its original policy to allow non-Bermudian spouses to acquire Bermuda land with their Bermuda spouse without the requirement of a licence. The change in policy was done to ensure that Bermudians with non-Bermudian spouses were not unduly delayed or handicapped in their legitimate quest to own a home in their chosen domicile.

“Despite the Minister’s comments for a ;measured and thorough review’ of the existing policy we will take issue with any changes that risk the opportunity of future generations of Bermudians to acquire property, ” the PLP continued.

“The policy and legislation regarding foreign ownership of Bermuda land was established by the Progressive Labour Party to combat ‘fronting’, an illegal practice which allowed non Bermudians (with the aid of Bermudians) to inappropriately acquire property, risking the future availability of real estate to Bermudians.

“We agree that there must be ‘sensitivities’ to the views of the majority of citizens who saw this as a needed protection of their right to acquire just one home in their country. This is a fundamental right which must be preserved and not compromised by those who have the means to acquire multiple properties in Bermuda and other jurisdictions.

“It will be important for the Minister and the government to make clear:

  • 1) What specific policy changes they will make?
  • 2) How will these changes, if implemented, protect against fronting? , and
  • 3) How will these changes provide a legitimate opportunity to Bermudians and their non-Bermudian spouses and also protect the rights of future generations of Bermudians to acquire property in this their island home?

“The government has yet to make a statement on these crucial areas of policy. The PLP supports a balanced approach to this particular issue and as government worked to achieve that balance.

“The Progressive Labour Party will carefully observe any proposed amendments to the existing policy and as stated earlier will not support any change in policy that puts the future opportunity of Bermudians to acquire property at risk,” the PLP concluded.

Responding to this evening’s statement from the Opposition, Minister Fahy said: “I have always been against ‘fronting’ as has the One Bermuda Alliance.

“I think it bears reminding that this Government has repeatedly said that it will work to protect the interests of all Bermudians and we have not wavered from that position.”

Minister Fahy continued, “This statement from the PLP is a scaremongering statement – nothing more – and that is unfortunate. I confirmed earlier this week, that we will review the policy and when we are completed that review we will make the appropriate announcement.”

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  1. Rockfish# 1 and#2 says:

    It is good to see the PLP Opposition asking there types of questions. However, the OBA Government must not waste time and demand answers from them also!
    Especially those related to our finances.

    • OZ says:

      How is it that the NEW OBA have always been against fronting. Mr. Fahy should expect to be questioned and his claims of scaremongering ring very hollow so early in this administration! Not a very good or measured response!

      • Thanks OBA says:

        I am a PLP supporter and am very pleased that the OBA are looking at this disciminatory policy. In 20 years my Bermudian children will should be able to inherit the 3 properties I wish to leave in my estate for them.

        My choice is to invest in Bermuda real estate for my retirement and giving my children a head start.

        PLP were way off base on this policy and never had the fortitude to address the people who they knew were fronting, if I remember correctly MP Roban had a hand in this also at one time.

        I know the PLP is about social justice and equality, but you cant legislate giving free real estate to Bermudians, they have to get a mortgage and pay for a house, just like me.

        Time to stop politicising people’s personal investment and lifestyle decisions.

  2. jt says:

    I take issue with the 5G’s the PLP cost me to follow this discrimanatory legislation – clear?

  3. GOD says:

    Thank GOD for reviews . It is time to look underneath the hood and see what is going on lol .

  4. GOD says:

    @ dthtooo\ incase you decide to show up and spread venom ,i have the antidote which you openly deny (truth) .

  5. Soooooo says:

    thorough and measured review of the current policy…. It is very obvious that the Governemt is going to review the policy, they made no mention of “we will change”…. Once the review is complete the the opposition can ask..

    1) What specific policy changes they will make?
    2) How will these changes, if implemented, protect against fronting? , and
    3) How will these changes provide a legitimate opportunity to Bermudians and their non-Bermudian spouses and also protect the rights of future generations of Bermudians to acquire property in this their island home?

    Maybe someone should look at the definition of review!!!!

  6. alicia says:

    All that Minister Fahy has really stated is that they are going to do a review of the legislation. They haven’t committed to changing the parts of the legislation that have not already been revoked by the prior PLP government.

    I’m fairly confident that when the review is done that the OBA will look at the concerns that the PLP have prior to making any recommendations for changes to the law.

    The very fact that the former PLP government put the law through despite high opposition and then retracted a part of it makes it one of hte items that does need to be reviewed.

  7. SoMuchMore says:

    The PLP need to take a break and should review all their mistakes and think about why they did not win the election.

    Comment and complain after a year or two but right now let the OBA get settled and begin Operation Clean-Up.

    • Just Us says:

      Review means to look over, study, and examine again… I hope this has something to do with creating jobs and getting the country back working.

  8. Time Shall Tell says:

    If anything is to be accomplished it would serve Minister Fahy best to simply address the questions at hand. They are legitimate questions & this is a topic that was already addressed with the end results that Minister Fahy claims he wants to achieve already achieved (to allow non-Bermudian spouses to acquire Bermuda land with their Bermuda spouse without the requirement of a licence).

    I thinks it’s not a good beginning of a new government of “change” to rather then answer three legitimate questions would rather resort to labeling the opposition as scaremongering. Isn’t the change we wanted away from?????

  9. Roger says:

    The amendment was crap.

    How does preventing future Bermudians eg. SOBs from owning two properties assist in preventing fronting? In a maximum of ten years they will be of the same status as any other Bermudian family.

    Let’s prevent them from investing in Bermuda during the first decade of their marriage, encourage them to plan to leave the island.

    Certainly prevents Bermudian families investing in real estate in Bermuda.


    • Hmm says:

      Bernews we need a like button for posts. In the above example, a Love button.

    • LORD HAVE MERCY says:

      this is utter nonsense the amendment stops people from making shady deals to acquire property in Bermuda, a person who has interest in Bermuda and making money, can easily marry a Bermudian and then purchase a house and then rent it out and then collect income and take that money and reinvest it out of Bermuda…that can happen if the amendment was not in place….Are you stupid or something ..even a Bermudian cant just move to the States and start buying houses and stuff without obeying the laws that’s set up.
      So yes lets prevent them from investing in Bermuda to take money out of Bermuda and not help it to circulate in Bermuda, because during that first decade of marriage a person could be well prepared to see the affects and the economy and the benefits to investing in Bermuda and having their money cycle in Bermuda and after a decade of being here they would most likely see the benefits of that instead of trying to get a quick turn around and then bounce out of here… the amendment is very good so Fhay should just answer the question bottom line!

      • Sandgrownan says:

        That’s actually pretty stupid. This, along with other legislation, killed the real estate market dead. It sucked the liquidity out of the local economy and began the downward spiral. This was entirely of the PLP’s making and nothing to do with the global recession. Xenophobia and stupidity is at fault here.

        • Tommy Chong says:

          REAL ESTATE MARKET DEAD!?!??!!? LMAO!!!!! There are over 50 real estate companies on this tiny island at present. How does this count equal dead? Maybe the area of real estate thats dying is the building & excavating area but that’s not because building has ceased its because plp friends, family & business owners have been awarded the contracts over others. Yes, plp is the blame for the downfall of our economy but this has nothing to do with this law. The economy fall is from our money being herded by the plp from the many to the few in their circle & by irresponsible spending practices but this law was still a good idea. Ross Perot & other foreign owners of homes in Bermuda have done little for our country except cause the inflation of real estate to go so high most new home owners become shackled to lifetime mortgages that will be passed on to inheriting generations.

          • Sandgrownan says:

            Banks aren’t lending, people aren’t borrowing, home equity has fallen through the flooor. That has sucked the life out of the market. It needs to get moving again.

            In the rush to preent fronting, the PLP enacted a discriminatory piece of legislation. The cynic in me thinks they did it on purpose.

            • Tommy Chong says:

              Do you work at the bank? How do you know people aren’t borrowing?

              I know people who have burrowed recently & if the bank was not lending they would have not been able to do so.Butterfield is even offering amortisation up to 30 years for some. HSBC is offering 70 to 80 percent financing & even construction loans. Of course lending & burrowing is less than it was years ago but thats because more have become realistic in the recession of what they can afford to burrow or lend due to constant inflation here regardless of the economic crisis. Also if home equity has fallen so much why is it that the market value remains the same or increases but does not drop?

              • Sandgrownan says:

                You are incorrect. The volume of mortgages is dropping, rental rates have dropped, property values have dropped. Many face negative equity.

          • Mad Dawg says:

            Thousands of empty properties, Tommy.

            • Tommy Chong says:

              Yes, thousands of empty properties but look on any real estate site & see how still the homes for sale do not drop below half a mil. The only I see that are lower than that are only slightly less & in shambles that will take much to make livable. We have not suffered enough here & it shows but even if we can blame most on plp we can not blame this on them or the law put in place. This law exist in many other countries that have much more land than we do. This is for national preservation & it make sense because it was a burrowed idea from places where it works. The difference between those places & here is they have dropped the market value of property to suite the economy in their country.

              Many of the empty properties were filled by expats who’s company was renting them. Changing the law will still not pertain to them as long as the owners still charge the same. I even doubt changing the law will make a difference to many foreign spouses who could get more for less back home.

        • ABM says:

          If you re-read the articles leading up to this particular legislation, ex. letters to the editor and other related articles in the newspaper, you will see that a large amount of Bermudians wanted something like this in place. Like the majority of legislation changes that happen on this island, we asked for it, and once we get it we act as if we never wanted it and complain when we realise that we have no idea what we really want.

          • Sandgrownan says:

            I’m not sure i buy that. Some did, i am certain, but the rest of us saw this folly for what it was and that was a potentially damaging policy (not to mention discriminatory ).

      • jt says:

        If the legislation was important to all Bermudians the fees should have been paid for by all Bermudians.

    • Autumn Fire says:

      OBA, you just need to open the entire real estate market this year 2013 and allow everyone to sell their private property to whomever – whether Bermudin or non-Bemudian – no restrictions on anyone!

      Let’s just get this crazy real estate market booming again so this mess will be fixed, this current market is pathetic! Empty rentals, vacant properties for 2 years?! The Government, real estate agents, insurance companies, property owners and Banks are ALL loosing money! Dont you see how this filters into the restaurants, taxis, grocers, retail and commercial businesses?!

      Let’s face it, not every property will be sold off to non-Bermudians, but ALL property owners should have the right to sell their property to anyone – no crazy discriminatory ARV restrictions or any restrictions. Just open up the market OBA and let’s get Bemuda back into prosperity for all – enough is enough already…

      BTW, who are we trying to save land for, many of our future Bermudians are not even interested in Bermuda property ownership anyway, these kids live and think global – the world is their playground, only older generations want to stay chained to the Rock – our future generations are living globally, like many other countries experience with their Generation Next, so, get it together Bermuda, it’s a new day! You either want success or you don’t, so quit all this unnecessary bickering and fix this mess now!


      • Tommy Chong says:

        Seems like a plan to turn Bermuda into a third world haven for the wealthy like the Caribbean islands.

        NEWS FLASH!!!! Most of “these kids” in Bermuda don’t have enough education to be as jet set as you claim they are. If your plan of making Bermuda the place for the wealthy to make real estate investments ever was to happen where would the many who have an income of lower than $40,000 find to live on this already expensive island. This plan would allow those who are too greedy to drop the already high prices of their empty rentals, vacant properties to keep them at such an extreme that we will end up having a Jamaican style trench town area for those who can’t afford the rest of the island’s real estate.

        Until these home renters & sellers REALLY start hurting nothing will change & the only ones who will really be able to afford a decent place to live are the fortunate. BTW IB will still not come back if the laws changed because high rental rates do not attract businesses trying to make it during the recession.

        • ABM says:

          Its actually not the home owners or renters who are the issue, but rather the banks who charge mountainous rates on their loans. The Banks are the ones who also partake in making Bermuda very difficult and expensive to live in.

        • Autumn Fire says:

          Tommy, get real, the only thing third world is your thoughts, some of us are moving on to a better Bermuda – if you want to stay stuck then that’s on you, no arguments, just move on…the wealthy are also in many global countries…get over your prejudices….it’s a new year…

          Since have you obviously narrow you description of Bermudian kids to a select few, you need to educate yourself that lots of Bermudian students are succeeding in their higher education, and they have graduated from both public and private schools – educate yourself, and don’t keep your mind short-sighted, Bermudians are Doctors, Educators, Scientists, Pilots, Lawyers, Corporate Partners, etc

          That you choose to use “third world” and Jamaica in your statements, the way you do, just shows how you are as a person…so, the rest of us will ignore ignorance and…back to the educated individuals…we are all working towards a new successful Bermuda, not one filled with hateful words and ideologies like yours. Speak success and join the rest of us who are working towards a better Bermuda.

    • @Work says:

      I did just that. (late response, I don’t read all news since my wife left the island)

  10. May Wetalk says:

    Let’s keep to the new year, new govt positive approach to all comments or suggestions from the opposition.

    Mr. Fahy, your comment was appropriate and relevant to the topic, until it slipped back into the realm of opinion with the “scaremongering” add-on. The opposition is doing its job, as it should, and I read no negativity in their comments.

    Please, let us all move forward for a better One Bermuda in positive thought, word, and deed even when in disagreement with others.

    Thank you.

    • de ja vodoo says:

      Opposition? Why doesn’t the plp work with instead of opposing? The plp “policys” got us into this mess in the first place!

      • ABM says:

        Then they would be the ‘association’ instead of the ‘opposition’.

  11. James Rego says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you but the missing 800 million is pretty important to me, if at all recoverable, would certainly help our deficit.

    • OZ says:

      There is no missing 800 million so stop making things up!Life will be hard enough without the nonsense.

      • CBA says:

        Lol so the auditor general just makes stuff up now? Lets do the royal commission and show heats really been going on under the plp’s rule

        • ABM says:

          Wait a minute………….which auditor general are you talking about??

      • Victor says:

        Property plays a huge part in driving the economy – without a buoyant market, spending power and confidence are severely curtailed. The best thing the PLP could do right now if they want to help is to shut the hell up before they jinx us a second time.

  12. Ringmaster says:

    Prior to the PLP’s sledgehammer approach, part of which was rolled back, there were laws in place to prevent fronting, just that they weren’t enforced. Where were all the prosecutions promised by then Minister David Burch? Nothing, just bluster and words. There were laws in place to enforce for many of the alleged misdeeds in the last 14 years, just that they weren’t enforced. Even Paula Cox alluded to that when she took over as Premier.
    The OBA have a lot to review. Questions can wait until these are completed.

  13. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    plp trying to put up a snokescreen to hide other issues that need investigating…such as thenselves!

  14. Sandgrownan says:

    Apply the license and my legal fee to my land tax. Throw out this discriminatory policy. And finally, f&$k off PLP, we don’t care what you think.

    • Answer says:

      You need to F&$k off and move back to the Country that dumb you here.

      • Sandgrownan says:

        You can get some cream from the pharmacy.

      • Formidable Deviant says:

        If you are going to tell someone to Fk Off and that they are dumb, in future I suggest your post makes some kind of sense.

      • Argosy says:

        ….didn’t hear you tell him to dumb off when Burch said it…

    • Tommy Chong says:

      There’s nothing that’s discriminatory about it. It’s the only feasible way of making sure that someone is not just getting married to acquire a Bermudian money turn. Sham marriages happen anywhere in the world & Bermuda is no different.

      Many countries have immigration laws that protect their nationals from outside investor scams. In a more economically stable country than ours foreign spouses are not even allowed to work for years once immigrating to the country. Some should think themselves lucky that their spouses are from Bermuda & not this more “liberal” country.

      The law does not say that the Bermudian spouse can’t be a homeowner then transfer part or all ownership to their foreign spouse after 10 years. Why would this be a problem to a foreign spouse if in theory marriage is “supposed” to be a life bond of love not materialistic possession. If someone has married to gain material investments here why not invest in a business here since many foreign spouses have & have made a good chunk of change with their small percentage of ownership doing so.

      This isn’t the U.S of A where its come one come all while our own citizens starve & foreign investors get fat. This type of mentality didn’t work for ubp nor did it work for plp though this out of all the ideas put in place was one of the good ones even if others were not. Has any foreign property owner in Tuckers Town made Bermuda’s economy any better? Some need to go back to the lancs instead of judging policies of places they had little or no hand in being a citizen of.

      • Sandgrownan says:

        Au contraire. In fact, this policy specifically discriminated against Bermudian women who married foreign men, who then went on to become stay at home moms where the foreign male spouse became the household bread winner.

        It is absolutely a breach of human rights and had i had more money, would have fought it.

        Secondly, the act of “fronting” is illegal and should remain so, but this was idiotic PLP sledgehammer-to-crack-a-nut legislation.

        Thirdly, do foreign home owners in Bermuda help the economy? By merely asking that question, you demonstrate extreme ignorance.

        • Tommy Chong says:

          Firstly your comment about Bermudian women is ridiculous & sexist. There is no where in the law that states a Bermudian man married to a foreign woman has the right to own a home & not the vice versa. This seems to be more of a personal peeve than a factual one for you.

          Secondly fronting is illegal but a gift of money to a spouse out of love is not. If the person in their conscience feels this is fronting then they should question the reasons for marriage in the first place. Even if your name is not on the paperwork it doesn’t mean you can’t live there & if there is a personal problem with your wife owning your castle I think this will relate back to the first point.

          Lastly extreme ignorance is demonstrated when a bias in words is taken when reading a sentence. Words like, “owner in Tuckers Town” which is a REAL example of discrimination where only a certain group mainly wealthy foreigners has been given an opportunity to purchase real estate skewed for their benefit over Bermudians. There are other areas of Bermuda where the same has been done & even though these investors may put a few millions in Bermuda’s banks its would still not amount to the lifetime investments of locals on the lager scale. This type of real estate is paid for up front no interest accrued ever while Bermudian owners are the suckers with the high mortgages that the banks lap up.

          • Sandgrownan says:

            Actually, it’s not written in the law. It’s an unintended consequence. If the couple did not have children, or the dad stayed at home and the Bermudian mother worked this would be less of a problem. Bermudian name on the mortgage, Bermudian bread winner. Not a problem unless they wanted both names on the deeds. In reality, however, the mother typically stays at home while the father works (if the couple is fortunate enough to be able to live on one salary) and this means non Bermudian bread winner “fronting” through a Bermudian. A license is therefore required. Discriminatory. might as well brand them. it’s disgusting and you aretherefore, totally and utterly wrong.

            Not sure really what you are saying, with your second and third points. Rambling a bit. Spittle on hte keyboard? But i don’trhink you understand how the economy works.

            • Answer says:

              If you don’t like it go back to the poor country where he/she found you at!

              • Sandgrownan says:

                Nice. Well done. Good to see xenophobia alive and well (ibsuspect you’ll need a dictionary).

                It’s exactly that type of thinking that has killed the local economy and driven away scores of expats. You know, those that rent property, eat in restaurants, buy goods and services.

                You truly are an idiot.

                • Roger says:

                  Actually, it doesn’t matter whose name is on the deed Tommy, it is to do with benefiting from the property in any way shape or form. Bermudian children could have their names on the deed but if an SOB is living there or benefiting , a license is required.

                  • Sandgrownan says:

                    Actually correct, i’d forgotten that piece of perfection

                    • Roger says:

                      It is genius, wouldn’t want my 3 year old with status being accused of fronting for me though. She is allowed to own multiple properties if she can pay for them, not me though.

          • Roger says:

            Tommy, I’m not sure you understand the effects of these laws or the mechanisms. It might be better for you to comment on issues that you are more familiar with.

            Are you not familiar with issues where even SOBs paying the electricity bill to their wives on existing properties require a license or face consequences?

      • jt says:

        Tommy – if the legslation is in the interests of all Bermudians, all Bermudians should have paid for it and any restrictions should apply to all Bermudians equally.

    • ABM says:

      So you simply want the PLP to just fade away and not do their job as the opposition? The election wasn’t a landslide win, it was very close. That tells me that the island is almost split down the middle with who the people support and beleive. So that ‘we’ you are using almost seems that you are implying that it speaks for all of Bermuda. I don’t think its discriminatory, my opinion is that it is fair in terms of looking out for those little toddlers who one day will inherit this land.

      • Sandgrownan says:

        It’s 2013 FFS!

        It’s totally unnacceptble to discriminate against those Bermudians who do not marry Bermudians. What f$&king planet do you inhabit?

        The PLP can oppose, it’s their job, but first we have to create the unholy mess they created. Being insular and protective has been proven not to work.

  15. swing voter says:

    surprise surprise, the former govt now sit in opposition asking ‘legitimate’ questions that require ‘immediate’ answers. I guess they’re eager to prove that they are earning their salary. however a review of policy is not an announcement of change or amendment to the policy, although I can envision changes will be forthcoming eventually. I would love to have my money back but I know it won’t happen….govt needs every penny it can get hold of.

  16. Real Talk (original) says:

    Scare-mongering? Um. Where?
    Minister Fahy needs to let go of the “Opposition mindset reaction”, recognize that the OBA is the government and govern without making a political football match out of issues.

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      Who exactly is making a political football match out the issue? The government, who announced a review? Or the opposition, who wants immediate specifics details about new policies that don’t even exist yet?

      • swing voter says:

        exactly….asking parlimentary questions on legislation yet to be drafted…….is stuuuuuuuupid ;-)

  17. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Apply credits to land tax for those that paid for these licenses in the first place!!!

  18. LORD HAVE MERCY says:

    since when is a legitimate question considered scaremongering??? That’s utter nonsense..its either you have an answer or you dont have an answer at this time..but if you was preaching about change and we voted you in then your butt better be able to answer simple questions and pass them off as scare tactics, because im looking and i want to see questions answered directly..and He diverted the question and didnt answer it at all…not a good start to the new year at all

  19. Serious Though says:

    PLP, STF up, seriously

  20. Prayerful says:

    It is going to be hard for the OBA to recognise that they are the Government, not the Opposition. The PLP had the same problem.

    Minister Fahy, please just answer the questions without your personal comments. “Scaremongering” was not necessary.

  21. More Confused says:

    When the PLP created the discrimatory and flawed law, there was no discussion with the anyone. The law change, like the Uighers, apperaed overnight and passed by the PLP despite the Opposition voicing its concerns. The Opposition were not consulted and their concerns ignored. Later the PLP had to undo some of the flawed law. Whilst the PLP are right t o hold the Government accountable, their questions are not approporiate until the review has been completed and its finding published. At least I expect the OBA to release their review to the public, something that was alien to the PLP. I wonder how many Reports undertaken for the PLP and never released will be found in the coming year.

  22. Triangle Drifter says:

    Priorities, priorities. Get on the trail of where all the money went first. Freeze assets with a view of seizing assets when the thieves are convicted.

    We will never get the bulk of the money back. All gone to travel, partys, living high.

  23. argosy says:

    Ironic to hear the PLP saying “….we want answers”!!

    Is that the DOC or Paula or Dame J asking???

  24. Autumn Fire says:

    And another thing… many Bermudians are married to, or will marry persons from foreign countries anyway – seriously, the rate we are loosing our young men to violence, our young women will choose husbands from afar (as already being done) many are saying they will marry men from overseas anyway, so what’s next?! That’s their right to do so (men and women) and not to be punished by it. We live in a global society.

    I’m sure many family Christmas gatherings showed just how integrated we are, I know ours did, so what are we going to do next, we have a country of large numbers of Bermudians married to non-Bermudians so we’re going to hinder real estate progress because we choose to integrate, and dont want what we are already creating (a country of non-Bermudian owners)?! Seriously! Also, many of our children are/will be dual citizens so then what…. Laws against half-Bermudian children?! Nonsense!

    Please, Bermuda is no longer mostly born Bermudians, we are culturally diversed, so we must move with the times people, I thought there was a fight for equality of rights for all, not just some, rights of property sales and purchases is also a human right. No sense trying to save something for someone who will be unable to purchase in the future based upon hindrances created in the present and past. Allow the free market to grow and dictate it’s success, and hence success for all of us. Prosperity, success and future growth for all, not just some, for real…

    Just remove all restrictions and discriminations and open the market – let’s get this country booming into success again!
    We want to see construction development going on, people back to work, buying and selling of merchandise, tourism, IB, retail, taxi’s, restaurants, entertainment, sports and the like – a healthy and prosperous Bermuda for us all!

  25. small fries says:

    This is ironic for the PLP to bring this up as their 2012 election platform stated that they would allow International companies to buy Bermuda residential real estate which would make it harder for Bermudians to buy Bermuda real estate as international companies would out bid them in the market and more real estate would end up in the hands of non- Bermudians…..

  26. Balanced Facts says:

    Our new AG said he would be reviewing existing Government contracts…look forward to the PLP asking some questions on that one…some people must be feeling a little nervous!

  27. Time Passages says:

    Note to PLP: F off. We don’t care what you think.

  28. god1st says:

    @ Balanced facts I highly doubt that the plp wants to ask questions about previous government contracts.

  29. god1st says:

    Yes the former government are pissing their pants lol

  30. Time Passages says:

    Plp best continue covering their tracks instead of wondering about oba cleaning up their mess. Shred shred I’d say

  31. Thanks OBA - No More Protectionism says:

    ………dear OBA,

    Like the PLPs overreaching land licence legislation, please also undo the UBP decision to allow 10 years for spouses to become “Bermudian”

    This 10 year rule was introduced by Minister Edness to combat sham marriages

    We will remember the days when you landed in Bermuda and 3 years later you were allowed to vote.

    Bermuda is now part of the global village and protectionism does not work, if I went to the USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Caribbean or Europe I would not wait 10 years to get my Citizenship if I chose to marry a national from one of those countries.

    With a new OBA Government its full time for some ethical, humanitarian policy making in Bermuda that is no longer discriminatory but wrapped up as “we are protecting the rights of future Generations of Bermudians”.

    The mere notion that if a Bermudian marries a foreigner that the foreign spouse and their children will never be Bermudian is blatantly racist and parochial and we really need to up our game if we wish to move forward in accepting that our “Nation” called Bermuda, is and will continue to be, a melting pot of various cultures and nationalities.

    • Reality Check says:

      Please advise when was it that the law was changed to allow epxpatriates to vote after 3 years residency? I seem to recall that it may have been the law many, many years ago but it was changed under the UBP Government.

  32. Time Passages says:

    Note to plp: I’m fed up listening to people who don’t look like me. Hahaha

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Tee hee. You owe me a new keyboard

    • Joe Public says:

      Don’t forget black swing voters put the OBA in by voting OBA and some up to not vote for either party. In 1998 the economy was booming jobs were every where. Nothing was wrong with the UBP when they lost the election. History always repeats it self.

  33. Pastor Syl says:

    First, it saddens me a bit to hear Mr. Fahy calling questions from the Opposition “scare-mongering.” I’d like to see the OBA take the high road, if only to show how it’s done.

    That being said, perhaps the PLP think that by asking these questions, they are performing as an Opposition should, but in this instance, they are very premature. A ‘review’ is not a change.

    In addition, it seems disingenuous at best for the Opposition to speak about protecting Bermudian property for future Bermudians when they have granted a 125 YEAR lease of the Coco Reef property to John Jefferis, and Bazarian will have the same if he ever breaks ground in St. George (please let’s get out of that PDQ – it seems to me we have grounds for breach of contract, surely).

  34. Pilot001 says:

    Again, I am just going to sit back and watch this movie, it’s going to be great especially the end!

  35. Ready says:

    This is just the first step to the OBAMA selling out Bermuda to foreigners… But this is the change everyone wanted… Hope your ready for this roller coaster ride.

  36. god1st says:

    @ pastor syl I agree why would the opposition lease the co-co reefs for 125 years and bark about a review, they must forget that they wasn’t protecting bermudians. SMH flip flop deflect it sure is over PLP bye bye