PLP: ‘Minister Misrepresenting His Qualifications’

January 29, 2013

naltonB[Updated with Minister's response] It’s a “sad day when a Government Minister would seek to misrepresent his qualifications to the Bermudian public and the Minister for Education no less,” Shadow Minister of Education Walton Brown said today.

Mr Brown said Education Minister Nalton Brangman [pictured] said he completed a Bermuda College Technical Programme in 1983, and another one in 1985.

“This is untrue,” said Mr Brown. “The Minister did take a Continuing Education course in 1983 and he did take a further Continuing Education course in 1985.

“He did not complete any programme. In fact, the programmes described by the Minister have never existed at Bermuda College.”

“It is an insult to every teacher who has worked long and hard to secure their qualifications to teach our young people to have their boss misrepresent his own qualifications,” Mr Brown continued.

On December 20th, Mr Brangman was appointed to the Senate, and named the Minister of Education.  Last week, ZBM reported that there was some discrepancy about Minister Brangman’s credentials, with the broadcaster citing sources saying it was a “problem of integrity.” In response to the story, Minister Brangman issued the statement about his qualifications which is quoted below.

Mr Brown’s full statement follows below:

Making our education system better has been a major challenge for every government since the dawn of our democracy. All of us want to get it right so that our young people and those adults working toward further knowledge and skill sets are able to pursue their goals and get the careers they seek.

Our entire system is built on rewards for hard work. We tell our students and we tell our children that nothing will be handed to you on a platter and that the certificates, degrees and qualifications you earn through your work are the critical foundation for later success.

It is therefore a sad day when a Government Minister would seek to misrepresent his qualifications to the Bermudian public; and the Minister for Education no less. In a January 21 press release the Minister made the following statement:

I can confirm that I completed the Bermuda College Technical Programme, Electricity, Basic Theory and Application in 1983. Additionally, I completed the Bermuda College Technical Programme, Electricity, Advanced Theory and Application in 1985. Furthermore, the Bermuda College programs were completed with a successful grade in 1986.

This is untrue. And as immediate past Chairman of Bermuda College I have a duty to challenge anyone who presents themselves as having earned a qualification when in fact they have not. The Minister did take a Continuing Education course in 1983 and he did take a further Continuing Education course in 1985. He did not complete any programme. In fact, the programmes described by the Minister have never existed at Bermuda College.

It is wrong by any ethical standard to misrepresent one’s qualifications and I have to ask the Minister if he has contempt for the public by his misrepresentation of the facts.

It is an insult to every teacher who has worked long and hard to secure their qualifications to teach our young people to have their boss misrepresent his own qualifications. Further, it sets the wrong example to our young people who we encourage every day to study hard because success in school is an important foundation for success in life.

I believe Premier Cannonier is sincere in his oft repeated statement that integrity and transparency will be the hallmark of his administration. The Minister’s actions, however, run contrary to these precepts and has rendered his position untenable.

I call on the Premier to hold true to his commitment to both integrity and transparency in public office and act accordingly to bring this cynical abuse of public trust to an end.

Update 5.38pm: The Ministry has responded, and said the Minister previously confirmed his attendance at the Bermuda College from the time frame of 1983 – 1986.

Minister Brangman has said, “I can confirm that I completed the Bermuda College Technical Programme, Electricity, Basic Theory and Application in 1983.

“Additionally, I completed the Bermuda College Technical Programme, Electricity, Advanced Theory and Application in 1985. Furthermore, the Bermuda College programs were completed with a successful grade in 1986.”

For the avoidance of doubt, the Minister noted that at the time his college lecturers were Mr. Albert Swan and Mr. Kelson Smith respectively.

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  1. Time Passages says:

    Is this really the best the PLP can do? PATHETIC LEECH PARTY.

    Nalton clarified this situation a few days ago yet you are still stirring the pot.

    Walton you should be ashamed – after all the lies your party has told. They lied, they cheated us – and right up to the election they still lied to us.

    PLP is finished – and if this is the best you patrhetic people can do – then be gone.

    • bs says:

      This comes from a party who says an 8% pass rate in Math is a success when the international average is 75%.

      He should shut up and do something productive.

    • C'mon says:

      I only wonder what your posting would have been if this was a PLP Minister and the Shadow Minister of Education pointed out this lie.

      Would it have been “OBA this is irrelevant, don’t bring it up” or with it have been “Pathetic Lying Party, you deceive us again”.

      I think it would have been the 2nd.

      • COB says:




        Please re-read what you wrote:::::::::

        No wonder these Children Are Shooting Each Other: C’MON

        Geesh! Bernews!!!!I could not resist answering this person::::;;

        • COB says:


          Some of my words are missing:hmmmmmmmmmmmm

          • COB says:


            That’s ok you are doing a Bang Up Job::

            No Problem

            P.S. The Words missing are: IF AND WOULD
            referring to C’MON

            Thas All Folks:: Remember that cartoon: LOL

            • The Cormorant says:

              Embarrassing comment from a spent party. Seriously is this the best you got. WHO CARES???? The art of a good opposition is to probe on issues that matter, this is so weak. By the way, I once put on a cv that i got better exam results than I did, and I often steal beermats from pubs and I pick my nose.

              • Judge Dredd says:

                If you put on a cv that you achieved exam results that you didn’t then you are a £0Ck!n& pathetic liar and not to be trusted. Depending on the job you should be sued and made to pay back any access monies. In the real world we don’t equate picking your nose with stealing money by receiving a wage you don’t have the qualifications to deserve. And the person “who cares” that you stole their beermat is the person who it belongs to and had to pay to replace it after your ghetto @$$ stole it. Don’t try to twist our values or belittle our desire for transparency in our culture. I see the OBA flock is already off on the wrong foot.

    • Not Smart Choice says:

      I’m sorry, but I voted OBA and Mr. Brangman is not the best candidate for strategy and policy development for the ministry. Yes he has good ideas for vocational opportunities but he has not exhibited current work that will take academics to another level and lead the countries educators.

      Secondly this ministry doesnt need a part-time Ministers. If he works 3 days a week, one will be in Cabinet, One will be for the Senate and one will be for the office. Our children deserve better.

    • Amazed says:

      Most people dont want to be lied to by anyone!

    • Staying focus says:

      He lied, and this is not acceptable. The OBA ran on record of honesty and transparency, and this is not a good example of it. THe OBA has now lied about the work permit, they have gone back on the 2 years. WOW a party that is full of spin and lies.

  2. Logic says:

    Good grief. Teacher! Teacher! He did it Sir! He hit me first! PLP really are an embarrassment.

  3. Justine says:

    Sigh….. F- for the PLP on this one. Really Walton?? You want to start a debate on ethics and misleading the country???

  4. one eye open says:

    The last i heard a proffesor at the college was dismissed when he misrepresented his qualifications, so if the Minister has done the same he should at least resign end of story or is the press out of order for pointing this out or anyone for that matter.

  5. Street Code says:


    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      The truth is this … He has a associate degree in electronics and a masters degree in shock therapy . Now I remember him from playing football , most if not all of his goals were spectacular headers . When Nalton came in to butt a ball everybody got out of the friggin way .

  6. Last person to talk about anything says:

    Walter Brown is the last man who should be talking. His a mispresentation of everything. He gave this man a voice! just another one that shows up at the poles and get voted in.

  7. DarkSideOfTheMoon says:

    It’s funny how every time the PLP speaks, OBA supports say, “Well your party lied/cheated/stole/wasted….now its our turn”

    Why do you justify wrong doings of your party by saying PLP did it. Shouldn’t you want your party to be better, I mean that is what you voted for.

    • sonoso says:

      and i am sure that is what you voted for in 1998, bredren. people who live in glass houses should not throw stones

      • PUHHHLLLLLEASEEEE !!! says:

        Precisely what DarkSideofTheMoon is stating.

    • Mad Dawg says:

      No. The fact is he did not misrepresent anything. It’s a non-story trumped up by the desperate.

      • Staying focus says:

        This is a real story. To date he has failed to prove it to be wrong. So FACE THE TRUTH MAD DOWG., OBA are now lying and this does not bode well for a party that ran on a record of Change and transparency. You OBA is falling low now……look Mr Fahy is now lying about hold Term Limits for 2 years, …look what he now has done? OOH the OBA is falling low, and mis-leading the people. Nalton has been this way for years, never telling the truth.

  8. Car Battery (Original) says:

    Guess those grapes taste sour huh? PLP is grasping at straws again in front of our eyes.

    Thanks for my laugh of the day Walton.

  9. Patricia says:

    Ditto on all 3 comments. Geesh. Get a life Mr. Brown.

  10. ABM says:

    If the roles on all of this were reveresed, I wonder how long the response list would have been? Granted, PLP did bubble during their stint as the government, but still, how long would the list be?

  11. butch says:

    Marc Bean anyone?

  12. sanityisback says:

    And Mr. Brangman’s predecessor had an Associates degree in art. No misrepresentation there. Most qualified indeed!

    • navin johnson says:

      but also a DHuml

      • Family Man says:

        And a summer school at Harvard.

      • Staying focus says:

        Navin Johnson, stop defending Nalton, he LIE, LIE and told even more LIES on the OBA facebook Page. Get Real and stop it. He needs come clean, and his record shows he has a chronic history of telling lies. The bottom lie is now the OBA trolls are defending LIES, and this they promised they would not do. MR. Brangman is wrong, and he should do the honourable thing., your defending a man, that has done a bad thing, what kind of integrity do you have more so MR Brangman. LIES, LIES

  13. C'mon says:

    I love how none of the OBA supporters on Bernews don’t face the facts.

    A Minister of the government lied about attending classes that don’t exist. Says he has qualifications that he doesn’t have.

    This is the person that you want teaching your kids!!

    My bad, I forgot, OBA supporters all go to private school so it doesn’t matter.

    • sonoso says:

      so 52% of the population attends private school eh? seems a bit much of a countrys population to still be purusing a high school diploma.

      c’mon, c’mon!

    • Concerned says:

      I attended a course at Bermuda College when it was in Devonshire, still don’t have my certificate – perhaps the College ran out of ink for the copier or the typewriters…. Don’t worry about it now, I employed in another career choice.

  14. SMH says:

    I totally agree with you C’Mon, they see no wrong in the eyes of the OBA but if it where the PLP it would be totally different, RIGHT is RIGHT and WRONG is WRONG! He lied and thats that!!!!

  15. sonoso says:

    and further more, this paragraph seems to be the cruz of waltons whole speel, the rest is all hogwash and transparency blah blah blah:

    This is untrue. And as immediate past Chairman of Bermuda College I have a duty to challenge anyone who presents themselves as having earned a qualification when in fact they have not. The Minister did take a Continuing Education course in 1983 and he did take a further Continuing Education course in 1985. He did not complete any programme. In fact, the programmes described by the Minister have never existed at Bermuda College.

    what are these continuing education courses, that, in one sentence Walton says the minister did take, and then in the next sentence says that these programmes never existed at the college?

    course, programme, schmogramme, i think walton is just getting lost in the words and needs to focus on something real and substantial, but then again, that is not what the PLP is all about..

  16. Jim Jones says:

    Something tells me Walton is bending the truth here.

    If Nalton lied about some eletricians courses 30 years ago, which is something that I’m sure is easily verified, he’s an idiot. Especially since those courses have nothing whatsoever to do with being the Minister of Education.

    I don’t think Nalton is that stupid. I’m sure he will clear things up.

    on a side note, did they put Walton in as Shadow Minister just because his name rhymes with Nalton?

    • Staying focus says:

      Well Nalton has not step out to defend this issue. SHOW HIS CERTIFICATE AND PROVE WALTON WRONG…………….so guess it is true after all. Many of you do not know Nalton either. He often does not tell the truth, based upon his writings on the OBA facebook page. He did a lot of the bidding for the OBA, and now is rewarded with a political payback. HE is now a part of the “Friend and Family PLAN of the OBA…..skip to the top of the class, no quailifications, just keep up the Spin. Really OBA, this is going badly and more so dishonest.

  17. Always Watching says:

    I’m an O.B.A. supporter and if these allegation are true then the immediate resignation Mr. Brangman should be required. O.B.A. don’t start down the wrong path. Don’t give these foolish PLP supporters any reason to belittle what you are trying to achieve and that goes for any fools within your party as well.

  18. Vulpes says:

    This is hardly like Mr. Brangman is lying about say having gone to Cambridge or Harvard and earned a degree – I really doubt that most folks would be able to accurately recall some modest course they attended back in 1985 or thereabouts. By way of example, I know I sat and passed eight O levels in the late seventies but have no idea what half of them were in or even what has become of my certificates. Mr. Brown, give it a rest for a while please, it’s not like “We had to deceive you.”

    • Staying focus says:

      Nalton ” I Had to decieve” you….I do not have that certificate, but I can make one up for you all……..WOw OBA you got it !!

  19. eyeinthesky says:

    Plain and Simple, Somewhere at the Bda College should be some records. Find the truth! If he did complete it and graduate fine.. leave it alone. If he didn’t ….he lied …straight up he must go……I sing the same song for Plp or OBA….. PERIOD……

    Seems like a case like Obama and birth place…it came up, clarified and confirmed….. everyone has moved on….

    end of story….

  20. really... says:

    The PLP is talking about ethics?……..I’ll leave it at that…I prefer a challenge.

  21. Really?? says:

    If this headline had read “PLP Minister misrepresents his qualifications” all the people defending Mr. Brangman would be up in arms. But because it’s an OBA Minister it doesn’t really matter that he lied. You people are funny. I guess it’s two sets of standards for people. As long as they’re OBA they can do or say anything they want.

    • cant fool me says:


      • lilpoopster says:

        wow can’t fool me you are SO right. thank you for the enlightenment supported by infallible evidence!

  22. cant fool me says:


    • Bermy Gooner says:

      And the PLP didn’t want power? Isn’t that the ultimate goal of any political party?

    • Smdh says:

      I totally agree with u @ cantfoolme. These OBA supporters make me laugh. No matter how bad the OBA F up, they try and make excuses for them. Get over it!! OBA/UBP is a joke!!! All the lies will come to light in due time.

      • Mad Dawg says:

        How exactly has the oba “f’d up” as you put it? He stated his qualifications correctly. Walton Brown, the Great Resigner, is making a story out of nothing.

  23. Victor says:

    I should have thought it unethical for a college head to go snooping through records on a political agenda – or did Mr. Brown use proper channels?

    • cant fool me says:


      • bermudianUabroad says:

        @cant fool me – can you please learn to form an understandable response, I legitimately cannot understand anything that you are saying.

      • ova says:


        This has nothing to do with the reproduction cycle, why are we discussing ova? Furthermore, responding with profanity does not add to the conversation and takes away any credibility that you may have had. Although, judging by your posts it doesn’t look like there is any chance of any credibility being existent.

  24. J says:

    This country is so divided, smh!!! Everyone just routes for their side, PLP and OBA, regardless of what wrongs they do. But no one is routing for right, truth, and integrity…??

    • sonoso says:

      and this is why we need to rid the island of petty party politics, and move to a better system of governance. we are the size of small towns in the states and europe, and have hundreds of times their economic output, maybe even thousands, considering our GDP at one point was #1 in the world.

  25. Amazed says:

    Once again we have OBA supporters who dont’t seem to understand that it is the job of the opposition to keep the government honest! The appointment of Nalton was clearly a payment for his work on the OBA election campaign. He has no education or experience in educational leadership yet the OBA put him in charge of one of the most important ministries, WHY! If they really cared about education they would be working to move it out of the political fray.

    • Bermy Gooner says:


      Unfortunately, folks like you, called every Opposition statement made by the current Government racist everytime they acted like an Opposition should do.

      One thing I do know, if the OBA questioned any PLP member on their educational achievements the first response would be the most predictable, “these white men are only questioning his educational background because they don’t believe a black man could graduate and be successful in their schooling.”

      Don’t deny it, you know it is true.

      • sonoso says:

        DEATH TO PARTY POLITICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Judge Dredd says:

        Well it’s becoming quite apparent that the educational qualifications of the OBA’s black surrogates doesn’t matter to them as much as their black surrogacy.

    • Mad Dawg says:

      Is it a bit like signing off on some planning applications for your influential mates on your last day as Minister of Environment?

  26. Honestly says:

    MMMM I was curious when Mr. Brnagman was appointed. Qualifications in question.

  27. Bobmarlin says:

    The PLP misled,cheated,lied,deceived and ripped off the people!

  28. Y-Gurl says:

    What on earth does this have to do with the PLP for goodness sake look at things for what they are, education minister..really have you ever spoken to this guy? Call it what it is, it’s a stupid OBA decision, but there’s have been more than just him that have voters scratching their heads, the OBA need to realize how quickly 4 years will go by.

  29. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    It’s a “sad day when a Government Minister would seek to misrepresent his qualifications to the Bermudian public blah blah blah….

    which is exactly what the plp did for 14 years.

    • Y-Gurl says:

      I voted for CHANGE

      • Staying focus says:

        But what you got was more of the same OBA tactics coming to rear their ugly heads. No change my dear, it was only to fool you to think there would be. THey are the same old folks. Look lies, Lies, and more to come.

  30. My two cents. says:

    I too was surprised at the OBA’s choice for Education Minister. Admittedly, the PLP assigned all kinds of ‘doozies’ to the education portfolio, however I would’ve thought that the Government would’ve put a more highly qualified/educated person at the helm of such an important Ministry. Well… It remains to be seen what Mr Brangman has to offer, but on the face of it, I am not impressed.
    Just my two cents..

  31. is it ok says:

    Is it ok that the minister of education doesn’t hav an education?

  32. Fed Up Bermudian says:

    Well, I can just about guarantee he won’t be swanning about in a GP while swilling champagne at every possible opportunity. How about common sense, and the passion and desire to leave the Education system better than when he found it? I dunno. Given all the crap we’ve witnessed before with the other bunch, I think I’d like to see what he can do. The Dame’s DHuml was honorary, and an associates degree in art?? Really, that hardly qualifies her to organize an ___ in a ___house let alone set an educational system on the right track.

    • Bieber says:

      The Dame was so pathetic and useless,I’m sure anyone would make a difference. Who in the right mind would even consider putting DHuml behind their name when they have not even obtained an undergraduate degree. Just for show!!

      • Staying focus says:

        Mr Brangman can never stand up next to the Dame, the Dame had more politcal experience and educational exprience than Nalton every achieved.SO do not attempt to use the Dame to highlight the Mr. Brangman, as all it does is show the weakness of Mr Brangman. This is a purely a political pay-off. He was rewarded for writing all that BS and spreading bad stuff about the PLP during the Election, so one has to reap what they sew…..Nalton has lied, Lie and lie and this makes the OBA look bad and bad, and more bad. OBA are not about Change, or transparency.

  33. Bermuda says:

    Nalton Brangman OBA Minister of No Education

  34. Rational says:

    “The Minister did take a Continuing Education course in 1983 and he did take a further Continuing Education course in 1985. He did not complete any programme. In fact, the programmes described by the Minister have never existed at Bermuda College.”

    What is Walton saying here?

    Is he saying that the Minister took courses that never existed? He confirms that the minister took these course and then in the next sentence denies that they even existed. This information is suspect.

  35. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    plp B/S…which we all heard for 14 years and were so tired of it we kicked your @$$e$ OUT!


  36. ahser says:

    While were at it how many permanenet secretaries have experience in their relevant ministries. These people are getting paid $170,000 to be the so called advisors to their ministers.. As far as I am concerned these paper pushing fools can be placed in any ministry or transferred, has anyone asked about their experience. They can be allowed not to follow any sort of protocol. And to top oit off the minister still has to hire some sort of consultant. What the hell is that a consultant to the damn consultant ANd THEY ARE STILL DRIVING GPs. Both parties are full of bullsh!t.

  37. Triangle Drifter says:

    ROTFLMFAO! Walton Brown, PLP questions OBA integrity. Really? The PLP wants to talk about integrity? Lets not go there. The PLP would not know integrity if it reared up & slapped them in their faces.

  38. Pat says:

    It is a sad day in this country when Education is still being kicked around like a football. Walton Brown is a hot air bag and would do well to research all of the bugs bunnies that have messed up our Education system in the past 14 years. They complained that the UBP stole the rights of Bermudian Students to explore technical education and Bermuda History. What did they do to bring it back? The NTB was on the right track but it was short lived. All these past Education Ministers did was forge the numbers of students graduating from schools. Many of the students are unable to receive acceptance from the school of their choice and are paying to take remedial courses to meet the minimal requirements of College or University acceptance. Sad!

    I am sure that Nalton Brangman is smart enough to know that if he lied about his credentials he would be blown out of the water. I am sure there are records to back up his claim. He does mention two instructors so that could also be a point of reference. Putting all this aside, I believe we need a person with plain common sense to guide this area. One that will weed out all that excess baggage at the Department of Education. All those people should be held accountable for their lack of performance. Schools need a breath of fresh air and all the lazy principals and teachers that are collecting pay checks and not producing need to be removed. The passing rates in this country are embarrassing. Those standards need to be raised much higher. The teachers need to raise their own standards and push their principals to raise their standards. I am amazed to hear that some principals don’t have a clue what is going on in their classrooms!

    Nalton, my friend, if you can bring some common sense back into our Education system, you have my full support. I agree with the rotation of principals and teachers. This will quickly weed out who is efficient and who is just cooling out on the taxpayers expense. Parents need to lobby for stricter guidelines for teachers and principals and also provide assistance to schools by making sure their students are prepared to learn. Get rid of Xbox, Television in Bedrooms, spend quality time with students and zero in on their progress. Help students to Read. It is alarming to hear grown students stumble through a paragraph in a public setting.

    In closing I would suggest that we get back to basic education and stop trying to adopt all these fancy curriculums that have not helped our students. Reading, comprehension, Basic Math skills and the ability to spell and write a proper sentence is the foundation to a better education.

    • Bermuda Cat says:

      @ Pat,

      You forgot the most important part, which is parents doing their part. If the teachers aren’t doing their part, then many parents have really failed their kids. I am a believer that education starts at home, not at school. Bermudians always find somewhere to put blame, instead of facing their own.

    • Insulted Teacher says:

      @Pat you have insulted the most of the Public School educators; the majority are hardworking and caring. I am a teacher, my mother and many family members. We lesson plan on the weekends, grade papers past our bedtimes, provide meals and clothing to our students who are in need, we are friends and confidants and perform our work with pride. We are the buffers between (your words) bugs bunnies and Bermuda’s children and without us the situation would be more dire. Please back up your comments with evidence based data before you throw insults. Please don’t let a few rotten apples spoil your perception about public school educators.

    • Staying focus says:

      Pat you are defending Nalton, who has told a lie. He has no creative ideas for Education, and by the way all the ones you mention have been in place already. Nothing new. SO stop defending Nalton, and encourgage him to stop lying so much.

  39. really... says:

    I’m a full OBA supporter but the courses he’s talking about are hardly going to make a difference. I realize the real issue here is one of integrity. Craig, please sort it out. If he was less than truthful, sack him immediately and then stop believing everything you’re told.
    Nalton would have schooled you on one thing; politicians sometimes lie.

  40. Will says:

    what about the PLPs plethora of failed business men and women running the county for 14 years?..and education didnt exactly get any better under the PLP now did it??

  41. bermuda boy says:

    PLP questions OBA integrity. DON’T GO THERE.

    • Staying focus says:

      We will go there, and continue to go there, OBA are the government, the shoe is on the other foot, get used to wearing it now, or back down off your high horse. A lie is a LIe is alie. Nalton lied, but is this what the OBA have been doing for years. Looks like the UBP are rearing their ugly heads again.

  42. We the people says:

    Here’s one thing the correspondents above seem to have missed. Walton Brown was recently removed from his post as Chairman of Bermuda College by…wait for it…the new Minister of Education, Nalton Brangman. Does any of this begin to make sense now?

  43. Bermudaboi says:

    I thought PLP said they weren’t goin to be pulling a straws and nitpicking every little thing? That’s all they’ve done thus far

  44. The Truth! says:

    I am an OBA supporter but will call them out if their pledge to be honest and have integrity is not up held.

    Minister Brangman, please provide scans of your certificates to the media so that this mess can be put to rest.

    • Ole says:

      @ Truth – That would be an excellent start and a possible end to this messy affair.

      Those ridiculing Walton because he challenged the validity of Nalton’s statement / qualifications are being silly. The PLP, teachers, parents of students and the country at large have an interest in the matter and the right to know..having said that, all OBA supoorters should as well.

  45. Vulpes says:

    Let’s face it Mr. Brown – I’m thinking about former Premier and Education Minister Dame Jennifer Smith – the vast majority of us are not in a position to take three weeks, go to Harvard for an expensive seminar in which everybody passes, and then come back and sign off with a Dipl Hum (Harvard)- all very impressive if it is about impressing ourselves… While all the while, folks like Mr. Brangman have made the effort to go up to the college and bust their chops without all the kudos (another word for BS)and get a more thorough education than three weeks hobnobbing around the Harvard pretending to be somebody important. Your correspondent thinks the fact that Mr. Brangman twice attended Bermuda College speaks volumes and is in and of itself enough.

  46. citi zen says:

    Just think about what you are saying Mr Brown. In the 80′s the courses had different titles and government did not have the NTB. Because it does not have the same title does not mean he is not qualified.

    Congratulation Nelton

    • Staying focus says:

      How can you stand up behind Nalton and congratulate a man for lying, unless you yourself also are lying on most days. He told a bold faced lie, and this is not acceptable.

  47. Judge Dredd says:

    OBA will bring change alright… pocket change.

    • better than nothing says:

      @Judge Dredd,
      Better to have pocket change than nothing. PLP were throwing away not only current pocket change but throwing away future moneys too. Taking on debt is basically current growth at the expense of the future. The worst part is they didn’t even bring growth with that debt. So we squandered our future growth on while causing contraction in the economy. Pathetic.

  48. Stick to the facts says:

    Listen: I dont understand why everyone keeps making it a party thing. What we all need to put into perspective is this if it is a lie then it needs to be dealt with. No one in any perspective of life likes to be lied to. If your lying and you uphold a position in the community like this than what is the message that you are sending to the country of Bermuda about your charater and the character of your party! What does the party stand for???!!! On the flip side, it this accusation is false Nalton Brangman…than PROVE IT!!!

  49. Cockroach says:

    I don’t recall the timelines – I’m sure someone does – but wonder whether there is any significance in the fact that the Shadow Minister was sometime Chairman of the Bermuda College Board and the Minister was sometime a member of the Board who was dismissed for asking awkward questions in the wrong places? Hmmm! Is this a grudge smear campaign? Methinks the Shadow doth protest too much :-)

  50. Jiminy Cricket says:

    Does the update not say the following
    “The Ministry has responded, and said the Minister previously confirmed his attendance at the Bermuda College from the time frame of 1983 – 1986.”

    Seems open and shut to me, unless it was a verbal confirmation . . .

  51. god1st says:

    A Nalton B did you tell a fib no not Nalton .Show the people your certifications if you have any.

  52. Hello says:

    Also, Let’s not forget Al James, PLP Education Minister…. SIGH!

  53. god1st says:

    Nalton show your certifications. some of your supporters are blaming the PLP .Nalton take responsibility and bring clarity .Are you a liar or what.

    • Bermy Gooner says:

      Sounding like the birthers and other republicans demanding to see Obama’s birth certificate and Harvard transcripts.

      PLP = BDA’s own Republicans

      How ironic…

  54. god1st says:

    Nalton the liar Brangman. UBP did a good job politricking their way back in the house.