Police Advisory: Fake Bank E-Mail Circulating

January 2, 2013

The Bermuda Police Service Financial Crime Unit said they continue to advise the public to “remain vigilant regarding phishing e-mails that attempt to obtain personal information or other sensitive data.”

“One of the latest examples currently circulating is a fake e-mail claiming to be from HSBC titled ‘Dear Customer – Account is disable. (Important)’ stating:

Dear Members

New Email Alert to Customers.

Your Account was disabled for verification and security update. Please note that this account will be closed if not verified now.

Thank you for the commitment and standing by us. Happy New Year.

“Recipients should ignore these unsolicited messages or similar ‘official looking e-mails’ claiming to be from any of the local banks,” a police spokesperson said.

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  1. Athiest says:

    Do people really fall for these emails?? I never seem to get them but I would highly question the Authority if I did get one like this. Go figure!!!

  2. Bermuda.Reader says:

    In the latter half of last Year, I received 3(!) such e-mails within a one-month timespan. 2 were from HSBC, and the third was from NTB. (This last was mildly amusing, since I only have HSBC accounts). smh

    As an aside, I received a telephone call from a young lady about 48 hours after the last e-mail. She said that she was called from *my* bank, and wanted to discuss my Accounts. She asked me to confirm the details of my Information, starting with my birthdate, so that she would be certain that *I* was *ME*. I declined. I told her that I had just been the victim of several phishing attempts, and that I was in no mood to tell anyone anything!! Her closing comment was, “Well,then I guess we have nothing to discuss.” I couldn’t agree more.

  3. c. k. Simons says:

    I’ve always found that a few choice explicitaves and the mention of Interpol to be effective. Treating panhandlers the same way works just as well.

  4. Snickers says:

    This is an email I received twice last month:

    You have a package that contains a bank draft of $1,000,000.00 from the UN International Development. Contact Mr. Victor Oswedu ( Fedex Dispatch Director ) for claims via: victoroswedu3@careceo.com & Tel:+234 806-310-8023
    People just don’t get tired do they.