Photos/Results: Sensei Roots Invitational Shiai

February 10, 2013

The Sensei Roots Invitational Shiai 18 Event took place today [Feb 10] at the Pembroke Sunday School. Jahzion Lugo captured the Novice Boys Grand Champion title, while Jamie Furtado was crowned the Intermediate Boys Grand Champion.

Kent Bean was Black Belt Men’s Grand Champion while Kyaunte Young was crowned the Intermediate Girls Grand Champion. The full results are here [PDF here].

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  1. LOL (original TM*) says:

    I think you guys got the wrong list there are peoples names on the PDF that did not compete and were not entered in this tournament. My name is on that list and I was just sitting in the crowd watching.


    • Bernews says:

      Thanks LOL….we will go back to the organizers on that, as that PDF is what we got as the results.

      • Bernews says:

        @LOL – thanks for your note – the organizer got back, she had sent the wrong PDF! We amended it…

  2. LOL (original TM*) says:

    “Ruben Bean won the Weapons Grand Champion and Zenji Ingham was crowned the Black Belt Grand Champion.”

    I don’t even remember these two competing. Ruben was there but Kent Bean won the triple crown in form, weapons and fighting mostly due to no other competitors and was pushed to the grand champion round. I think you guys need to go back to Sensei Roots cause this story is wrong..


    • Bernews says:

      We have gone back to them and asked…….as they provided these results to us, the PDF is directly from them. Hopefully we will be able to update it soon…

  3. Colorful Heart says:

    Yeah for some reason, when the results are submitted, old results remain on the last couple of pages. I guess to avoid any sort of confusion this should be rectified. Thi shas happened numerous times in the past.

  4. sweet emotion says:

    The first part of the PDF is pretty much correct as who participated but no results, the last pages are from the last tournament in October.

  5. Colorful Heart says:

    No that last page, which we can see has been removed now is probably more than 2 years old. In any event it has been rectified.