Defendants In Court For Monthly Arraignments

April 1, 2013

A number of defendants appeared at this morning’s [Apr 1] Supreme Court Monthly Arraignment Session for a variety of charges including murder, drug importation, burglary, wounding, and threatening.

Makonnen Lowe

Lowe leaded guilty to with threatening to murder another person in February 2013. Prosecutor Susan Mulligan recommended a Social Inquiry Report and Justice Greaves agreed with this and set 1st May as a mention date.

Irving Butterfield

Irving Butterfield goes to trial in July after he pleaded not guilty to a charge of wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm and uttering threatening words.

Tyun Smith-Ming

Tyun Smith-Ming pleaded not guilty to aggravated burglary, using an imitation firearm to commit an indictable offence, and using an imitation firearm during flight. All these alleged offences were alleged to have occurred in July 2012. He was remanded in custody.

Shakeda Davis and Winston Burgess

Shakeda Davis and Winston Burgess pleaded not guilty to charges that they conspired to import diamorphine [heroin] and Ms Davis also pleaded not guilty to a charge of refusing to give a sample of her handwriting. Both were given a July trial date.

Norris Simpson

Simpson, whose sentencing for the murder of Ida James was originally scheduled for last week, was ordered back on 3rd April for sentencing.

Jay Dill and Devon Hewey

Dill and Hewey — who were convicted of murdering footballer Randy Robinson — will be sentenced on 4th April. They remain in custody.

Rashaun Codrington

Teenager Rashaun Codrington, who pleaded guilty to the murder of 18-year-old Malcolm Outerbridge, will return for mention on 3rd April. He remains in custody, due to be sentenced.

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  1. VJG says:

    We want JUSTICE…. RIP MKO

  2. Day says:

    How u use a imatation fire arm in flight? what dat means ?lol