3 Vehicle Collision On Causeway Creates Delays

June 10, 2013

[Updated] A collision on the Causeway today [June 10] has resulted in traffic delays, with commuters having to wait on both sides while emergency personnel attended to the scene.


It appears it was more than one vehicle was involved, and at least one person was taken away to receive medical treatment for what is understood to be non life threatening injuries. As of 11.45am the car is still in position, and traffic is creeping along in a one lane format being controlled by police.

Update 12.20pm: The damaged car has been removed, and traffic is now flowing as normal

Update 4.42pm: The police said the incident involved three vehicles; a car, truck and a motorcycle. The full police statement is below.

Around 11am on Monday, June 10th police and first responders attended a reported three vehicle collision on the Causeway in St. George’s.

It appears that a car, a truck and a motorcycle collided. The car driver, a 60 year old Pembroke man, was apparently not injured but was taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital via ambulance for medical assessment.

The motorcycle rider, a 63 year old Pembroke man, sustained relatively minor injuries which apparently did not require hospital treatment. There were no other injuries reported. All three vehicles were damaged.

Traffic flow on the Causeway was temporarily reduced to one lane but subsequently returned to normal.

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Comments (15)

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  1. Arghh! says:

    f it man – if you get in an accident – that was not casued by a mechanical failure of the bike/car/truck slap them with a $5,000.00 minimum mandatory fine. the Roads will clean up here overnight.

  2. Clive Spate says:

    The driving test needs to be more rigorous also.

    Mine took less than twenty minutes!!

  3. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    drivers fly across the causeway at 60′s plus all the time,
    driver’s overtake on the causeway,
    bikers take the middle of the road or try to overtake on the inside,
    I’m surprised the Causeway has not had more problems.

  4. Gabbs says:

    Go sleep bie! Ya talking through ya A HOLE!!!!!

    • bermyguy says:

      i agree people talk just because they got a hole in the head. people have nothing else better to do then make stupid comments, guess it makes them feel better about themself

  5. Frank'N'Onions says:

    Without more information on the accident, that looks like an overtake gone wrong. Damage to both front quarters? Or they were asleep at the wheel letting the causeway guide them across.

  6. A king. says:

    I am his daughter and he actually was on his way to work and his blood pressure went very low and he blacked out. He is in hospital with a fracture skull. So thanks for concern to arghh…. Hope you’d be pleased if people said this about your 60 year old father going to work!!!!!!

    • Oh no says:

      Good-Morning I am glad that you father is ok and I wish him a speedy recovery.

  7. Rock Watcher says:

    The average Bermuda Resident’s (note non-specific!) ability to drive is pretty abysmal at best!!
    Why someone needs to overtake only to turn off a half mile down the road is beyond me! For
    heavens sake slow down everyone!
    The cars get bigger but the roads do not! Bikes have bigger engines and go faster and people
    wonder why there are so many fatalities on bikes! Govt. is to blame for bringing in bigger bikes!
    There should be a fatal here everyday – there must be at least 20 very near misses or more
    everyday of the week!
    We need to start an name and shame column in the media everyday when you see someone do
    something stupid!
    Road Safety Council – who are you – we never hear a word from you unless there is a fatal and
    then only ‘so sorry and what a shame’.
    There should be a column in the media everyday and weekend about Road Safety and the laws that
    go with it!
    Kids in car seats, seat belts, cell phones and all the rest! How many people think that a yellow line in the centre of the road means no overtaking?? Wrong – read the Traffic Code! Then read the rest of it!

  8. edwin says:

    @ Rockwatcher.don’t forget combing the hair, putting on makeup and the doggie standing in the driver’s lap looking out the window.

  9. Observant says:

    I’m quite surprised that accidents like this don’t happen more often on the Causeway, judging from some of the driving ‘skills’ I see when I drive across…at the speed limit…

  10. GERARDO DESIO says:

    To Road Watcher, I have not used a pen name, so if you wish to contact me you can do so.I ride one of those big bikes that the Govt; has allowed into this Island, a 150cc cruiser, I see many small bikes go past me doing 35 mph+, NOT KPH, also how many of these big bikes have you seen in accidents, a couple of them went me this afternoon after I left Dockyard, they were not doing a minimum of 40 MILES PER HOUR, because they were soon out of sight, so dont blame the Govt; or the Road Safety Council, blame that idiot rider that thinks he owns the road, or just because he has a drivers license thinks he is a hot shot driver.
    All the sheets you see hung up after a fatalety, RIP, WE MISS YOU and so forth, how many of these young riders pay attention to them, because I have seen many, and still I see kids killing themselves.
    So my friend, put the blame were it belongs, and I dont mean with the GOVT; or ROAD SAFETY COUNCIL.
    Thanks for reading my reply.

  11. Kiskadee says:

    I am very sorry to read about the gentleman who is in hospital and I hope he has a speedy recovery. However there are a lot of idiots driving from the east end who speed and pass on the Causeway . If you stop at the roundabout they get impatient and start honking their horn then fly past . I love it when they are unable to pass other vehicles and end up in front of me all the way to Hamilton. I wish I could record their numbers and report them to the police .

  12. L Sousa says:

    Wow! Some of you ppl need to read ALL comments before commenting yourself. Firstly yes Bermuda has some ignorant drivers we seriously have an issue keeping it under control. Mainly those on bikes. But before you rant and rave about ASSUMING what has happened then you shouldn’t comment. As a friend of the family and seeing that his daughter already commented that he (60yr old Pembroke man) actually blacked out which then caused the collision. And maybe Bernews needs to do an update as he was taken to hospital and has a fractured skull.
    So instead of making nasty comments about this in particular accident maybe you should wish the man a speedy recovery.
    Yes, it is unfortunate that other vehicles ended up being hit but at least is wasn’t caused by wreckless driving like so many others get away with!

    • Bernews says:


      We updated it yesterday [see 4.42pm update] saying he was taken to hospital.