CADA Applauds Drunk Driving Amendment

July 29, 2013

Following the passage of an amendment in the House of Assembly which will serve to reinstate the driving ban for those convicted of drunk driving, CADA stated they were pleased that actions were taken to correct the technical error.

In recent weeks, Magistrates allowed quite a few people convicted of driving while impaired to keep their driving licence due to what Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo termed a legal “blunder.“ The Magistrate said the law had been amended and the requirement for mandatory disqualification for driving whilst impaired had been left out.

Attorney General Mark Pettingill previously said that in October 2012 the then-Government amended the Act to raise the penalty for impaired driving from 12 months off the road to 18 months. However when the law was passed, the actual phrasing left out the word “obligatory.”

Speaking today, CADA Chairman Anthony Santucci said, “CADA is gratified that the technical error, made in October last year, has now been corrected. We are pleased that the Attorney Generals chambers and the legislature have applied the needed amendment to reinstitute the mandatory driving ban for those convicted of driving while over the legal limit of alcohol. Drinking and driving is a dangerous and deadly practice. It is unacceptable worldwide, and carries severe penalties in most countries. Bermuda should be no different.”

Mr. Santucci continued, “There are alternatives to drinking and driving. Those who intend to drink should remember CADA’s message and put a plan in place before they leave home – ABCD, Always use Bus, Cab or Designated Driver.”

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  1. WHO KNOW'S says:


  2. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    but I need my license for my job Your Honour!

  3. Question says:

    hi Bernews,

    Do you know when the correction/amendment takes effect? the article does not say…

  4. Great news! but if convicted of driving while over the legal limit of alcohol and lose my licence ,will that carry over also to me driving my boat or jet ski???hell we no, bermudians love to drink!as i write this comment now i find it hard to type and hold my drink at the same time!!!!

    • should read know!!

    • Teacher Teacher says:

      It is strange how the abuse of Alcohol seems to be tolerated on the water and on golf courses. I no longer own a boat but I do play golf regularly, and I do find it strange that it seems to almost encouraged while driving a cart on the golf course even though a few cart paths cross public and or private roads used by the public.

  5. young person says:

    Soo its alright to drink and drive as long as you don’t f**k up basically, smoke a one joint in public and your history, shidd. That’s why things are the way they are, drinking and driving has took so many of our love ones, and we continue to allow it, like wake up and smell the weed. You could amend the drinking laws, which has proven to take many lives yearly, but can’t decriminalize marijuana. Someone explain this to me.

  6. Paradise Reclaimed says:

    Young one – The world is waking up to the reality of prohibition. See

    You are young. Be patient and smart. Those that smoked the path long before you suffered far worse than today. Organize your thoughts, educate yourself, and enjoy the doors as they open before you.

    And . . . . Don’t flippin drive impaired boy, HEAR ME?

  7. Cavello Bay says:


  8. Raymond Ray says:

    “Typical”, wasn’t it? There were numerous incorrect rulings passed without first checking twice or even further…”Measure twice cut once”. Thank goodness to,(O.B.A./C.A.D.A.)this wrong has now been rectified.