New Name: Community, Culture & Sports Ministry

July 23, 2013

Wayne ScottMinister Wayne Scott announced that effective today [July 23] the “Ministry of Community and Culture Development” will be known as the “Ministry of Community, Culture and Sports.”

Whilst, the new title will include Sports,the organizational structure of the Ministry will not change. Minister Scott will continue to have responsibility for the current Departments of Child and Family Services, Financial Assistance, Human Affairs, Community and Cultural Affairs, Rent Commission, Youth, Sport and Recreation, the Ministry Headquarters including Mirrors, and also the Bermuda Housing Corporation.

Minister Scott [pictured] said, “The name change indicates that the Bermuda Government has listened and responded accordingly in order to continue to profile both local and international sports. This Government recognizes the integral role that sports plays in the life and social framework of Bermuda.

“We determined it was most important to emphasize by title, the positive role that sports plays in our community. The unifying power of sport cannot be understated. In Bermuda and throughout the world, sports provide a sense of purpose, national pride and builds community involvement; not to mention the overall health benefits of sports.”

The Minister added, “In addition, when we are negotiating with sports governing bodies to bring international sporting events to Bermuda, we want our partners overseas to know that our Government is serious about the development of sports.

“Recently, Bermuda hosted several high-profile international sports events namely, Pepsi ICC World Cricket League Division 3 Tournament, IODA Optimist Sailing Races, NatWest Island Games, Bermuda Triple Crown Billfish Championship and the Carifta Games in 2012.

“We want to continue the efforts made by many local sports organizations and clubs to make Bermuda an internationally recognized venue for sports events. By hosting international sporting events, it stimulates our economy and brings more visitors to our Island.”

“The Ministry of Community, Culture and Sports will continue to be lead by Permanent Secretary, Mr. Wayne Carey,” the Government said.

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  1. Terry says:

    What a load of s***.

    • Michael says:

      Yes, Sport. Bringing our community together.
      Learn to compete-get ahead in life.

  2. SoMuchMore says:

    good to add the word sport but gosh, another name change… i swear the amount of times these people change names, i change my depends. smdh

  3. Fantastic news. What a day!

  4. J Starling says:

    I don’t mind the adding of the ‘Sport’ to the Ministry’s official title, but I wonder if it was needed right now?

    Every time Ministry’s change their name it renders all the already existing stationary of that Ministry moot and new stationary has to be ordered, signs changed, etc.

    I have no idea how much that costs, but I would have thought that with the age of austerity upon us the idea that ‘cents make dollars’ would have questioned the cost-benefits of such a change.

    • Mr Skin says:

      Not everything is about the environment you know?

      • J Starling says:

        Sorry, what?

        I didn’t bring up the environment. I brought up the question of how much the name-change is going to cost the tax-payer.

        These name changes require new stationary, which has to be ordered and produced. They require changes to signage. These things have a cost.

        Fortunately it’s not also a departmental organisation, which has costs also (but not necessarily in the easily measurable one of dollars and cents).

  5. Robert says:

    Photo opp premier trying to fill his day with some kind of work, way to go lame duck Craig ! Useless man

    • Michael says:

      Look at all the wonderful events so far this year. They don’t just happen by themselves.
      Stop trying to destroy and start building.
      Give the community a sporting chance to come together.

  6. god1st says:

    @ J Starling

    I don’t mind the adding of the ‘Sport’ to the Ministry’s official title, but I wonder if it was needed right now?


    • J Starling says:

      Um, sorry, what exactly is your point/argument?

      I can’t tell if you’re attacking me (and if so why) or not…

  7. Baileys Bay says:

    Re-arrangement of deck chairs

    • Michael says:

      You have been waiting to use this phrase haven’t you. It is completely pointless and inappropriate here. Look at what (well run) sport does for our community spirit and harmony. Let’s pull together, not destroy.

  8. Sport Freak says:

    The Football and Cricket clubs need funding to get there building and cummunity back together.

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      Why wait for Government for that? Can’t the club get it’s membership to run fund raisers? Or is the word “club” just included in the name?


    • Let's be real... says:

      Football and cricket get plenty of money…they get more money than sports that have athletes who are actually competitive on the world stage…I agree with “LOL (original TM*)”…go raise funds yourselves.

      • Bermuda Cat says:

        @Let’s be real,

        Those sports get the most money because more kids play these sports.

        For people’s information, the BDA Government cannot give money to an individual, they have to give it to the governing body of the sport the individual plays. So when you see people say we should give to this footballer, they can only give the money to the BFA, not the individual. This is law.

        • Let's be real... says:

          @Bermuda Cat

          Nowhere in my comment did I say the money should go to individual athletes. I spoke specifically to the sport not getting similar support to the BFA, which means the governing body of those sports. Further to that, if the government put more money into these other sports, it would show support and encourage the youth to explore sports that will take them further in life than football.

  9. god1st says:

    BY F OFFf!!!! lol lol this name change would certainly help lol