Video: Sir John Unveils New Waterfront Plans

July 17, 2013

Former Premier and businessman Sir John Swan has unveiled a proposal for the Hamilton Waterfront, which includes converting the Albouy’s Point bank building into a hotel and casino, a Waterfront market with stands selling locally made products, a pay and display parking marina for boats and much more.

Sir John said, “This plan is designed to initiate thought, discussion & participation & show what the waterfront can be. The public is encouraged to participate by making comments and suggestions.


“This development is not designed to extensively encroach on the Harbour, it is designed to keep the unique quality and charm that makes Hamilton Harbour a special place.

Hamilton Waterfront

“The plan can also be done in phases starting with the hotel and ferry terminal on Albuoys point and working our way down Front Street to eventually do something with the area where the docks currently are.

Hotel & Ferry Terminal

“This plan will show the world that Bermuda means business and that we care about the quality of life of our citizens and visitors and that by working together we can make Bermuda a better place for all,” concluded Sir John.

Hamilton Waterfront video by Bermuda Renderings

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  1. bun out says:

    Don’t need any more buildins block in up our views. foh! only picture dat looks good is d second!

    • Tommy Chong says:

      If you read the proposal on the site you would see that the whole point of JS’s plan is to make the waterfront more scenic than it is. There’s a lot more grass & trees in the plan than at present which is always a good thing. At the moment many tourist stand around at a loss of things to do on front street hot sweaty & bothered. This plan gives them a fountain to cool off in, green grass to relax on, some entertainment & real locally made goods to purchase if they really sell local goods in the market plaza. Tourist don’t buy much in Bermuda now because they turn items over & see it’s something they could buy at home.

      I do foresee protest to this plan by those who don’t like to walk & like to park as close to their destination as possible. To those people I say please walk because you are one of the reasons our insurance is so high.

      The only thing I wonder about this is why plan a casino when gambling hasn’t been legalized. The only reason I can think this is would be because just like our premier Craig our past premier John has some inside knowledge that casinos will inevitably happen here.

      • Mazumbo says:

        Nice concept! Meanwhile back to reality most Bermudians are struggling to afford to live in this beautiful island !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Always Watching says:

    BRILLIANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EXCELLENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • justsayin says:

      Its about time!!!!!!!!! That would be sooooooo good for Bermuda our economy and tourism….

  3. 1minute says:

    Where did the ship come from???

    • frank says:

      this plan will breathe new life into Bermuda it is time for new ideas but you all know mr Hayward and best are going to make a stupid fuss

  4. Terry says:

    This is all designed to make more money for John Swan and his investors.
    He built a white elephant above the container docks but no one came.
    The picture that shows a cruise ship on a man made pier makes me quiver.
    History has shown when violent winds erupt at short notice cruise ships have had to maneuver from Albouys Point to Lower Ferry with only a mere 100′+ and not being able to leave the harbor via Two Rock.

    Build it, they will come.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Doesn’t Bermuda need something to make money off? His white elephant above the container docks has many of its space rented already. My hopes is John does something with the spaces a few streets back that aren’t rented. Why hate on John for wanting to make money off of a casino when plp ministers wanted to & oba ministers plan to do the same? At least Sir John has the foresight to plan greener buildings.

      A cruise ship tied up to a man made anything is a possible problem in violent winds but like you said, “History has shown” & that’s why we have better weather predictions than we did in past history so problems can be avoided in due time.

      • Terry says:

        Not hating on John at all Tommy.
        As for “ship tied up to a man made anything”; my point being Hamilton, Dockyard, and Marginal (which is real Bermuda soil/rock) is that they don’t fall apart like “man made” Dolphins and pile like DocYard.

        A great day to all.
        As for weather/updates I was at the Oil Docks back in the 80′s when a low pressure just dropped. In 20 minutes the seas were ten feet+ and the Pilot ( I believe if memory serves me) Pitcher cut all lines and backed the ships a$$ into the deep waters that exist and ordered full ahead for one minute; which really means the ship was going nowhere but keeping into the storm.
        Along story.

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      What do you mean by “…he built a white elephant above the container docks but no one came”?

      Are you talking about new office building? That’s full, by the way.

      • Terry says:

        It’s/”That’s full”.
        Full of what.

        • Sandy Bottom says:

          You’re the one that suggested it was a white elephant Terry. It’s not. It’s leased out and occupied.

          So who is it that’s full of sh1t?

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      Terry, cruise ships always dock at “man made piers”. In fact, I can’t ever recall seeing a ship docked at a naturally-occurring pier. So I don’t think the picture should make you ‘quiver’.

    • Robert says:

      Im thinking the same as you, whats in it for sir john ??????

  5. Realist says:

    Bring it on Sir John,your plan is the best of the 3 thus far!

  6. Worker says:

    i love this

  7. Good Stuff says:

    Why not take all this and build it in St. George’s… ;)

  8. Zombie Apocalypse says:

    This looks way nicer than any other plan I’ve seen.

  9. swing voter says:

    JWS is the MAN…..much more reasonable that that nightmare of a plan rolled out a few weeks ago

    • Robert says:

      Swing voter, grow up. Youare so anti-plp its making sound stupid as sh%t.

    • Robert says:

      Wish i knew who you were, so we could meet and have a drink or two. You seem like a very smart person.

  10. Y-Gurl says:

    One building in perticular who’s property value would benefit from this development 1.2 BILLION? do we have that type of money or the need to invest that type of money in one project at this time

  11. Bermuda boy says:

    Ditto: Sir John is the man, this is much more reasonable than that nightmare of a plan rolled out a few weeks ago. Move the containers to the bottom of Barkers Hill and leave Govt house alone.

    • Ya got me Rollin ......NOT says:

      We already having enough polluting of the waters off north shore i.e Pure Water Desalination Plant pushing out all that putrid smelling by product water into Shelly Bay Beach.

      • E$ says:

        It ain’t water bra…don’t eva go swimmin down der!

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Has everyone forgotten that after Emily there was freight containers , some still with freight in them , that were sucked/blown off of the Hamilton docks and washed up on the Paget shoreline ?
      Now ,just think for a minute , sheltered harbor and it was still whacked in a (albeit unusual) Cat 1 hurricane.
      It’s not unusual to get winter gales as intense as cat 1 hurricanes so who in their right mind thinks a container port on the fackin open ocean makes a drop of sense ? ?

  12. outkasted says:

    Infrastructure, Infrastructure and more Infrastructure . There is no talk of Bermuda’s supporting Infrastructure. Please Bermuda learn from our U.S. Navy counterparts who have helped Bermuda build the strong infrastructure it once had. Yes , the Airport and the base land landfills that were done. You want to put Bermuda back to work. This is the type of Infrastructure building that now needs to happen. We need this in place NOW before we talk about these pretty looking buildings. An infrastructure rebuild that was set out by the U.S Navy Corps of Engineers many years ago. YES I said uncle SAM. Because when it was done to the set of standards You can bet that it was build to LAST! Afterall the bridges need replacing but they are still standing! IN a depressed economy state that Bermuda is now in it is vitally important to prepare our infrastructure for the foreseeable future. Remember if the plumbing ain’t working you will need someone to come and fix it. ITS time for new ideas and new ways of doing things but with out its supporting infrastructure it will be all for naught. “Rebuild, Retool Bermuda”
    -Robert Daniels

  13. Terry says:

    With all the billions John Swan has; invested/ owned et al step back and see the picture.
    Who is going to front this venture.
    Who will repair the docks on north shore, who will jack up the price of goods whilst ships lay at anchor or steam off shore.

  14. RawOnion says:

    I don’t understand the hate being directed to Sir John. He is an old man and may not be around long enough to enjoy his vision so clearly he is doing it for Bermuda. Yes he has a building on Front Street but there are also many other buildings owned by many other people that will benefit not to mention the many locals who will be provided jobs by the construction and then the casino and the ancillary businesses. It looks better than the one City Hall envisioned, will be far less intrusive on the harbour and will cost less.

    I say we go for it. All the naysayers and haters, take a break. This Island needs an injection of life of we are all dead.

  15. justsayin says:

    Finally!!!!! Bermuda needs this now!!!! Brilliant!!!!!

  16. Opressed says:

    So, everyone wants to rebuild the Hamilton waterfront. Why hasn’t anyone come up with a plan for the Causeway? There can’t be too much life left in it. It’s an eyesore, and truthfully, unsafe.

  17. Grubster says:

    Whatever the plan, having car parks on prime waterfront in Hamilton is ridiculous. All my foreign friends who visit all want to know why there isn’t a park there or small cafes and bars for waterfront eating and drinking.

  18. Deliverance says:

    Good plan but move the docks to St Davids/St George. Keep Hamilton for small cruise ships and luxury craft.

  19. joe dirt says:

    looks good Sir John, hope it becomes fruitation.

  20. thinkfirst says:

    Nice idea hope it works out well
    Great idea for adding a market
    Nice for showcasing local fruits and veggies as well as crafts and art
    the entertainment areas are great to !! local entertainers can show off their skills. I can see a good bit of jobs appearing which is great !! The old buildings will be a miss but Change is good !!!
    Time to look into the future !!

    for you guys complaining its a shame !! Some of you Bermudians need to open ya minds to better things and stop thinking small.

  21. here's a thought..... says:

    I love it. I have hated every single proposal up to this one. This is stunning.

  22. wheres whites island? says:

    looks nice john, way better than the evil quango with a thousand year lease, lotta money to be made there for the already rich but nothing there for the poor man or the lil white van. my point is, the poor and middle are in trouble, not the rich. im voting against gambling until govt spends a billion on the bermudians who aren’t loaded for a change.