Change In Prison Water Supply To Save $36-48K

August 16, 2013

The West End Development Corporation [WEDCo] worked with the Department of Corrections to make changes to the water supply that will save at least $36,000 – $48,000 per year, the Government said.

The Westgate Corrections Facility is currently connected to WEDCo’s Waste Water treatment facility for the treatment of their sewage waste. However, Westgate’s total water requirements are currently operating on potable water, including for flushing.

“The infrastructure expansion project has provided an opportunity for WEDCo to supply Corrections a reclaimed water line that they can use for their flushing requirements”, a spokesperson said. “In addition Corrections have an existing water tank that has been upgraded and is now sound and retaining water which will be converted for the storage of reclaimed water.

“Westgate’s water requirements currently far exceed their water collections [rain water] and the shortfall in supply is provided through the Ministry of Public Works via pipeline.

“The average dollar cost of their water consumption is currently between $8 and $10k per month or $100 – $120k per year. The connection and use of flushing water will result in a direct savings at least $3-$4k per month or $36 -48k per year.

“In addition WEDCo has also been able to correct a long standing challenge in the storage tank to ensure it no longer leaks. All of this was provided at no cost to Corrections and no additional cost to WEDCO’s infrastructure expansion project. On-going tank monitoring and maintenance will be the responsibility of WEDCo”.

Trevor Moniz, Minister of Public Works said: “This mutually beneficial arrangement has provided savings to both parties and reduced potable water consumption.

“This is a very positive example of several Ministries and WEDCo working together to ensure that infrastructure is improved in the most cost effective manner whilst also providing for substantial savings in the long term.”

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  1. frank says:

    turn westgate into a real prison them we will not have so many in the resort or start sending them to some of the caricom prisons and save some money

    • Mr. International says:

      Why send the local criminal to Caricom? I support the government sending them to England, after all England is our mother country. Stop your nonsense and ignorant comment of sending them to Caricom. Well done to all the stakeholders for finding ways in reducing the operational cost at West Gate.

  2. Truth (Original) says:

    Good work guys. Looking for opportunities to save. That’s what I like to see.

  3. Sandy Bottom says:

    No more Perrier for the inmates?

  4. Fed up says:

    How about you give each prisoner 1 bucket of water per day! They must brush their teeth, wash themselves, and flush their toilet with that 1 bucket. See how much money that’ll save us all. And if they don’t like it, too bad, they should have kept their a** out of there!

    • Um Jus Sayin says:

      AMEN!!! Why should they get certain liberties that we (taxpayers) pay for. We work too hard to have to support these criminals who only take from the community. And lets not talk about the foreign prisoners, just fine them the highest amount for their crimes and then ship their a@@es back from whence they came, then incorporate our own stop list. I don’t want to have to pay for local criminals and definitely not for foreign ones. Put that money into educating our children so they may not end up there. Make prison a place they are too scared to even talk about, let alone want to go to. Don’t talk about their Human Rights, they weren’t concerned for the rights of the people they committed their crimes against.

  5. WhoJahBless says:

    I’m confused, is it 36-48k or 100 a year???

    • tonya says:

      The current cost is $100-$120k, $36-$48 is what they will save.

      (From the monthly current cost, the yearly bottom range is $96k not $100k. I am not sure if it was a typo or they rounded up but no sense rounding up when they didn’t with all the other figures.)

    • tonya says:

      The $100-$120 is the current cost and the $36-$48 is what they will save.

      (It should be $96-$120 if you extrapolate from $8-$10. I am not sure if $100 is a typo or just rounding up but it doesn’t make sense to round on one figure when you don’t on the others. Oh, for that matter why would they put from $8 and $10 and the rest $100-$120 (‘and’ verses ‘-’) – inconsistent.)

  6. WhoJahBless says:

    Wouldn’t you be saving 72k? Just sayin

    • tonya says:

      No, the figures mentioned are what the old cost was and what the savings will now be (not the new cost).