Police Officer Injured In Road Traffic Collision

August 18, 2013

A police officer riding a police motorcycle was injured on Saturday [Aug 17] when he was involved in a collision with a car and bike on North Shore Road in Devonshire.

Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines said: “First responders attended a report of a road traffic collision that took place on Saturday around 8.30pm on North Shore Road in Devonshire in the area of Cable Hill.

“It appears that a car was traveling west on North Shore when the driver stopped to allow a bike out of the Cable Hill junction. Meantime, a Police Officer riding a Police Motorcycle was traveling in the opposite direction when he collided with the car and cycle.

“The Police Officer was taken to the hospital were he was treated for minor injuries and released.

“A Traffic Collision Investigator was called to the scene and an investigation into the events surrounding the collision have commenced. Police are appealing for anyone who may have seen the collision to contact police on 2950011″.

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  1. LOL says:

    What he cant ride?

    • micro says:

      Was probably too busy speeding to a “emergency” to notice.

    • JAWS says:

      Not funny these officers risk their lives every day to protect cowards like you everyday.

      Someone like you will be the first coward to call the police for help when someone like me is beating on ya punk A$$. Next ya going to call a lawyer and take me court because I beat on you to much.

      • Bermudian says:

        @ JAWs

        No one doubts that the police risk their lives doing their job. Pretty tough talk over the internet with an anonymous name. The officer obviously wasn’t paying attention to his surrounding and I believe he should get a driving without due care and attention ticket for causing the accident. It’s known that the police abuse their powers on the road with speeding. Seen it loads of times.

  2. Django unchained says:

    The best riders unfortunately get in mishaps.

  3. Just input says:

    I’ve seen it way too may times where cycle cops are speeding in excessive just cuz they have 750cc’s; nonetheless hope he’s alright

    • Albert says:

      Um how do you know that they are speeding…just ‘cuz’…???

      • Come Correct says:

        Because Johnny Barnes is the only person that does 35k….

  4. Xman says:

    Unpredictable Bermuda Roads.
    were famous for sudden stops – many have gone down – and unfortunatly many more to go.
    it’s time for a new law to deal with this problem.

    • Truth is killin' me... says:

      I agree with Xman. A car or bike on the main road who suddenly stops to allow a car or bike out of a side road and who causes an accident should be charged with due care and attention. The law needs to be changed! Hope the cop makes a full recovery.

      • Stop Tailgatin says:

        If a vehicle in front of you stops and you can’t stop in time to avoid hitting it then you were either going too fast or following too closely. No matter what the reason for the car stopping in front of you, if you run into it from behind then you are at fault.

        • Zombie Apocalypse says:

          That is true, but the fact remains that stopping to let people out is dangerous. It creates an unnecessary road hazard.

    • micro says:

      “It appears that a car was traveling west on North Shore when the driver stopped to allow a bike out of the Cable Hill junction. Meantime, a Police Officer riding a Police Motorcycle was traveling in the opposite direction when he collided with the car and cycle.

      Car was travelling west.
      Bike came out of Cable Hill – on the left side of the road heading west.
      Officer was riding east on the opposite side of the road.

      This was not a case of somebody stopping short to let somebody out. The officer was not paying attention. How he managed to hit both the bike and the car is amazing; must of been on the wrong side of the road to begin with…

  5. Prayerful says:

    A real “hotspot” North Shore Road and Cable Hill, Shell Service Station. Hope the officer is well enough to carry out his next shift.

  6. RDS says:

    it drives me crazy (excuse the pun) when people stop let other people out. it’s not considerate, it’s bloody dangerous, if you did that in your driving test anywhere else in the world you would fail!

    • bir says:

      yup just like when people stop short to pick up someone off the road and gives no signal they are stopping and on a yellow line going down a steep hill and two cars back the second car did not know that was going to happen and blam into another car from behind and he is at fault. How can that be he did not cause the damage or accident the car in front did by stopping short with no signal because you hit someone from behind you are at fauLT BS not in this case.

      The Police need to be aware of things like this and that lady in front who caused the accident should be fined

      • Actually says:

        While stopping in this manner is inconsiderate, consider if instead of letting someone in or out the car n front stopped for a child running out in the middle of the road. They would not have time to signal their intention. The car behind would be at fault.

        The person behind should always be following at a safe distance. A distance at which if the vehicle in front of them (vehicle A) were to come to a complete stop suddenly that the following car (vehicle B)could stop before hitting the car.

  7. E$ says:

    non rider smh…

  8. longtail says:

    @RDS – Fully agree with you, this is type of driving is both bloody inconsiderate and dangerous… if I read the article correctly the car driver stopped to let a cycle out of a side road when there was oncoming traffic (the police motorcycle). Both the car driver and the cycle rider (who apparently did not look to see if the road was actually clear!) would seem to be at fault here.
    Interestingly there is a new scam in the UK where a car driver will slow down, signal to a waiting car to pull out, then ram the car as it pulls out to claim inflated insurance costs, time lost from work, etc, etc from the insurers of the car that ‘failed to stop’.

    • Thomas Mahoney says:

      “Both the car driver and the cycle rider (who apparently did not look to see if the road was actually clear!) would seem to be at fault here”

      – unless the cop on the bike was speeding (see it all the time)

  9. M. Saltus says:

    For the officer to hit what was on the opposite side of the road implies that he was in fact speeding or not paying attention.

  10. Sound 2 me like Due Care!

  11. Feel the Love says:

    Ok, so I witnessed the accident first hand…allow me to tell you how it unrolled…a green ford fiesta was traveling in a westerly direction along Northshore Road, Devonshire parish…As the green ford approached Cable Hill they looked in their mirror to make sure there was no traffic too close behind and indicated to turn left. Upon approaching, on the opposite side of the road travelling in a easterly direction was a motor bike who had also indicated to make the same turn onto cable hill. Being there was no traffic behind the green Ford the driver stopped and allowed for the bike to turn. As the bike made the turn a Police motorbike traveling also in a easterly direction overtook stationary vehicles and collided into the bikes rear end and then eventually colliding with the green ford fiesta on the opposite side of the road…

    • Thomas Mahoney says:

      thank you, obviously no fault of the car driver, but of the police officer. I know someone who had the exact same thing happen to them at the turn into Jennings road from north shore, except it was a police car that was overtaking. The police need to drop the mentality that they own the road.

    • Come Correct says:

      According to the logic of a few others on this thread you aren’t supposed to stop in the road no matter what. So according to them if I’m traveling in a westerly direction on north shore and want to turn into cable hill, which means there’s a possibility I may have to go onto the other side of the road to make the turn since its such a narrow entrance, I need to drive all the way to the round about to return in an easterly direction so I can make the turn without disrupting their auto-pilot daydream driving. These auto-pilot dreamers also need to realize if I want to I can do 40k until I’m 10ft away from the entrance I want to turn into and slam breaks to make the turn and if you hit me from behind you’re too close and the fault lies with you. Remember indicating is a courtesy not a law. On a side note, why does at least one of the police scramblers need a performance exhaust? If you’re trying to catch gangsters on an 80cc bike you do know they make bikes that do over 200mph stock right? You should try your luck with one of them, or does pushing your skull into your chest have a fear factor attached? The police are allowed to speed because they have their own driving test but can’t catch guys who haven’t passed their test. Anyone that really knows how to ride / drive knows its not the vehicle but the operator and that breaks are for p***ys. 750cc is far too much for our roads.

      • Dave says:

        The police Honda motorcycles here are not 750cc, they are 800cc…