Near Drowning: 2-Year-Old In Stable Condition

August 18, 2013

[Updated with condition change] A 2-year-old little girl is in critical condition after nearly drowning at Shelly Bay beach on Saturday afternoon [Aug 17].

Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines said, “Police and first responders attended a report of a near drowning that took place around 4:12pm on Saturday in the waters around Shelly Bay.

“It appears that a 2 year old girl was in the water supervised when her guardian took their eyes off of her for just a few seconds. It was then noticed that the little girl was in the water in a non-responsive state. She was rushed to the hospital where she presently is listed in critical condition.

“Police are appealing for anyone who was at the scene who may have witnessed the events surrounding this unfortunate incident to contact police on 2950011.”

Update Aug 18, 7.15pm: The little girl’s condition is no longer critical; as of 7.15pm on Sunday evening she is now listed in stable condition. A police spokesperson said she is “steadily improving.”

Update Aug 19, 2.22pm: The 2-year-old remains listed in stable condition.

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  1. RawOnion says:

    I don’t get people, when my ‘kids’ are swimming i’m on them like a hawk and i’m no more than 3 steps away from them and none are in the water without some form of floatation device. Also, there are many floatation devices out there for 2 year olds that are designed to float a child upright so that his or her head is always above the water.

    Please people, lets not learn the hard way.

    I hope for the best for this child and her family.

  2. Really?? says:

    Lord please watch over this baby that she makes it through, I’m praying for her. Family keep the faith

    • Swimming onion says:

      Prayers for this toddler that she recovers with no after effects.

  3. Kraken says:


    Why did the ‘Lord’ decide to not watch over the baby while in the water…?

    • hubby29 says:

      100% agreement with the above words.

      we have had children die before because adults turn their head a way for a so called few moments…that’s B/S and nothing but an excuse!

      DONT want to read any B/S remarks about this either,so don’t waste your time typing.

  4. SNS says:

    First, I hope and pray this baby girl pulls through! But this makes me so mad. Why would you take your eyes off a 2 year old, even for a second!! Especially in the water!! Someone should have been right next to her watching every move. Completely avoidable!!

  5. Floyd Pitcher says:

    It takes more than a few seconds for a child to enter an unresponsive state!!!

  6. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Terrible news. I hope she makes a full recovery. To the parent or parents, please learn from this.

  7. Linda Wales says:

    God I pray for this little child, please bring her body back to good health. Please comfort her family and encourage them to have faith that God will pull her through this terrible ordeal. <3

  8. Amazing says:

    If you can help yourself…there is a family struggling with this crisis. Please, if you don’t have a positive word to say to the family or anything uplifting…find it in your heart to remain silent and don’t type anything…where is human compassion gone these days?

    • Linda Wales says:

      Thank you very much, my sentiments exactly. Please show some compassion.

    • SoMuchMore says:

      I was thinking the same thing…

    • Bullseye says:

      Do you want to know why people’s first impulse is shame on the parents? Do you really need to know why?

      That is the impulse of a responsible parent. Later they will come to their senses and try to ease the pain of the family but as soon as I read this I wanted to strangle the parent. Every time I go to Shelly Bay I am playing with other peoples kids I dont know along with mine and their mothers are up on the beach smoking and keeping a casual eye. I am REALLY PISSED OFF this happened!!!!

      That is why initial reactions here were towards the parents! WTF were they doing!?

  9. Second says:

    God please look down on this baby and her family, take them in your bosom and make the baby good as new. Thank you. Blessings to the family!

  10. Linda Wales says:

    First of all please let me just say to those of you making all your negative comments of why? should have, and so forth, the family and friends don’t need to hear all that at this time. Rather than making your negative comments why not give them your support and words of encouragement. I’m sure they feel bad enough as it is and they certainly don’t need to hear your negative opinion of why it happened and how it could have been prevented. This is a terrible tragedy that no one should have to deal with, so please have some compassion and keep your negative comments to yourself and give thanks to God it wasn’t your child.

    Once again I pray, please God watch over this precious little girl. Praying for the family as well. <3

  11. Future says:

    There are lessons to be learned here. Aside from the quality of care required for every 2 year old in the ocean, I also continue to note how people park for their convienience in front of the clearly sign posted emergency gates at this beach. Seeing as emergencies aren’t planned, folks need to cut that nonsense out.

  12. James says:

    Please pull through little one.

  13. Django unchained says:

    This is so sad. It makes my cry just thinking about this poor defenseless child who is solely dependent on the adults responsible for her. The people commenting asking for others to show compassion need their heads examined. This is a child a baby a toddler who cannot protect herself and is dependent on adults. Trust me whoever was responsible for this child neglected her plain and simple. First of all why would an adult let a toddler go into the ocean without a floatation device (assuming that one was not in use). I have a two year old child and once she gets anywhere near the water she must have on armbands and I must be near her at all times as she cannot fend for herself. This is a tragedy that almost surely could have been avoided if the adult responsible for her at that time was in fact a responsible person who understands how vulnerable children are around water. I pray that this child pulls through with no lasting effects. I also pray that the persons responsible for this child have learned a valuable lesson despite it being reported that they turned their heard for a second or two, You know it was much much longer than that.

  14. Bermy says:

    All the best to the little pickny and her family at this time. A tragic accident and just that an accident. No one I am sure is to blame, god had nothing to do with it and lets all hope she has the stregth to pull through this. I see people reaching out to god, and others saying ‘how could they look away for just one second” but as a young, devoted father your kids become a part of everyday life, and with it destiny’s design. Stuff happens. Again, nothing but good vibes to the little yout and all the people stood behind her. One love berry.

  15. Bermy says:

    *strength and one love bermy! Auto correct is not my friend.

  16. Kami says:

    Asking your so called god for help will not help the lil girl out… that’s a bunch of crap! Praying is a waist of dam time!

    • Um Jus Sayin says:

      SHUT UP!!!!! Ppl need to have faith at times like this. Respect their views and keep urs to yourself. Please. Not the time or place to express your views.

    • Nani 1961 says:

      Kami, you’re entitled to your opinion lovie, but don’t knock someone else’s beliefs! I do hope that the family DON’T see all of this nonsense on here – you people are VERY nasty and have no concern for others….. and then wonder why the world is the way it is.. First put yourself in their shoes and see how you would feel if people were talkiing about you like this.

    • Gandalf The Grey says:

      @Kami and others: I agree with you and you have every right to point out the ridiculousness of those sentiments. However, I do support the right for those expressing them to do so.

      Intercessory Prayer does nothing for the person receiving the prayers. This has been backed up in several studies.

      I understand exactly where from where your comments originate and I know that they were not intended to wish harm on the innocent victim.

      I am sure that you and, everyone posting on this thread, is hoping that the 2 year girl recovers fully from her injuries. Faith is not required for this to happen. What she really needs is good medical attention, a loving and supportive family….and a little luck!

      • likely says:

        Where do you think ‘LUCK’ comes from? Out if thin air? If one doesn’t believe in GOD then you can’t believe in luck. Someone ha to line the stars up!

        • Sandy Bottom says:

          You’re hilarious. You use one baseless superstition to justify another baseless superstition.

  17. swing voter says:

    I only have one child. whenever she was with either or both parents, we kept an eagle eye out, even at home. I hate it when children are harmed …. jus hate it …. I hope I wasn’t being too negative.

    • Nani 1961 says:

      To the family of this precious little girl I hope all works out well and I will keep you all in my prayers! Accidents happen EVERY day and for people to judge whomever was watching her is very insensitive to the situation. Two year olds are very busy and NO-ONE is to blame for an ACCIDENT! None of these commentors were there and to pass judgement is so so WRONG!!If Bermudians were to pass LOVE as quickly as they do NEGATIVITY, we would be an AWESOME island with so much going for us (happy families, abundance of tourists, International business – money going around), however what DO we have now!!! Hello everyone wake up and smell the LOVE – it surpasses ALL. God bless you all!!! One love…

      • Protect the Children says:

        @Nani To call this an accident and say that nobody is responsible for what I would call “an unfortunate “incident”, is just ludicrous. I also take issue with the police for reporting this as an “accident” before conducting an exhaustive investigation.

        You appear to be blaming the 2 year old with the statement: “Two year olds are very busy and NO-ONE is to blame for an ACCIDENT!”

        As parents, we are morally obligated to ensure that all manner of safety precautions are taken before allowing children so young to go near the ocean or in swimming pools. I am not blaming the guardian or parent in this particular situation because I do not have all of the facts.

        I am a little irritated over your comments because I think that child safety in Bermuda is not taken very serious. How many of us continue to see children being carried on motor cycles without proper restraint? (i.e without a proper passenger seat or on the front of the bike)

        It’s time that child protection be taken more serious in this country.

  18. Observer says:

    I was at Shelly Bay last week for a family event and my cousin commented that the black beaches don’t have lifeguards just the poles with the orange floatation devices attached to a pole. It got me thinking…. Families with small children frequent this beach shouldn’t there be a lifeguard stand and a lifeguard during peak summer months?

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      So that parents don’t have to supervise two year old children?

      It’s not the “black” beaches that don’t have attendants. It’s the ones that tourists don’t frequent. Sensibly, we have attendants where it might benefit tourism. On ither beaches a parent is supposed to actually supervise its children.

    • Kraken says:

      Just a note, I saw a white person trying to use this beach the other day. Is #Observer available to do a citizens arrest?

      also: don’t try and fool us with the ‘got me thinking’ statement, no one on here believes that is possible in the slightest.

      • dthtoo/ says:

        What I have observed for eons is that whites go to the beach when it’s far too cold for melanin-rich. One thing you must understand is that they are the people who originated from the ice-box of europe. We, on the other hand, are a people who originated from the land of the sun–Afrika. Therefore, whites cannot handle the sun and we cannot handle the ice.

        • dthtoo/ says:

          error correction: when it it far too cold for the melanin-rich people–Blacks.

          • Come Correct says:

            So why is it that I never use sun screen/block and don’t burn, extraordinary goddess with an uncanny wisdom?

        • Sandy Bottom says:

          Dthtoo, great sweeping generalisations there. I guess you think all Asians are good at maths, all Europeans are rich from inherited wealth, and all black people like fried chicken.

        • Sandgrownan says:

          We all came from the Savannah of Central Africa dipsh!t

    • Jane says:

      ok let me comment after all this i have read. First lets stop with the racists remarks. There are no BLACK beaches in Bermuda. I was on the beach from twelve until five and I am a white lady. This incident did not happen on the beach it happened at a private function to the back of the beach in a inflatable pool in the car park. Stop pointing fingers unless you are aware of all the facts. LIfe guards on the beach would not been aware of this incident. We were unaware of this until we heard talk when we were packing up to leave.

      I am not a racist person.

      • Um Jus Sayin says:

        This incident happened at the beach, I was a part of the private function with the pools, and none of the children at the function was harmed. get your facts straight! She was at the beach with her family, not at the private function. You need to get all of your facts!! They brought the girl up from the beach to await the emergency crews.

      • FYI says:

        So you just listening to talk and heresay. The children in the inflatable pools were under constant adult supervision. And the adults at the function were CPR and First Aid trained.

      • FYI says:

        Just so you know I was at that private function and the incident did not happen in our inflatable pools! It happened on the beach. Get your facts straight! The children in the pools were under constant adult supervision. You are obviously unaware of all the facts. This was a sad incident, and I do hope the little girl makes a full recovery.

      • Nani 1961 says:

        Thank YOU Jane – typical Bermudians – yack, yack, yack before they know the story! I’m outta here as all this negativity can wear a person out.

        • FYI says:

          @ Nani 1961, Jane should not have posted if she herself did not have all the facts. The police officer who arrived questioned the ppl on the beach, and not once did he come to question ANYONE at the private function, where Jane claims (INCORRECTLY) the incident happened.

    • Maggie May says:

      What’s a black beach?

    • Albert says:

      Lol you and your cousin are something else… ‘Black beaches’… Ridiculous……..

    • Nani 1961 says:

      Shelly Bay is a BLACK beach – blow me down? I have seen all sorts of races there many, many times – take this up with the Parks Department because you could call Clearwater a BLACK BEACH too, but there is a Life Guard on duty!!! Hello stop being racist…

    • Colourless says:

      When a two-year old is in the water, the parent/guardian should watch the child every passing second. God will heal this child, though it may not be the healing that is longed for.
      Beaches with lifeguards are usually the ones with rip tides and sudden changes in depth – has nothing to do with ethnic differences – how pathetic a thought!

  19. Bush says:

    This is not the first almost drowning experiences.I guess parents didn’t learn any lessons or take heed in the other almost and drowning incidents with other people experiences!!!!All other parents that are reading this please learn from it and don’t make it your experience!This could have been your child!Everytime I go swimming.I think of the child that almost drowned earlier this summer because it my recent memory of the dangers of swimming!!!!!All in all I hope this child makes a full recovery!!Prevention is better then a cure!!!

  20. Truth is killin' me... says:

    @Observer…race ain’t got nothing to do with this terrible accident. You got good black parents and good white parents raising children on this island. Some a– has always gotta bring race into the mix! Peace out Bermy!

  21. Um Jus Sayin says:

    I do hope that the little girl is OK! ALL parents, please be more aware of your child’s actions, and as a parent, I know that it is hard to watch them all the time, but when at the beach exercise some extra vigilance.

  22. watchfuleyes says:

    Black beaches, black parks, black sports, black schools, it may sound quite strange to some but I think we all know what people mean when they use those terms, lets not be na├»ve, for example white beach = concession stand,changing rooms, clean bathrooms, life guard,equipment rentals as opposed to Shelly Bay Beach. @Bush, there are no dangers in swimming,it takes is a keen eye,(on currents and undertow) use of common sense when diving,and CONSTANT supervision! Parents we have been charged with the responsibility of keeping our children safe, they are on loan to us for such a short period of time, please let us be always vigilant. @Kami, I do pray for the child’s fast recovery, and that is my prerogative.

    • Come Correct says:

      Last I checked horseshoe was a public beach meaning everyone is allowed to go there. Never once have I seen a sign saying whites only. I believe it has all these extra accessories due to its popularity and attraction to tourists.

  23. nana says:

    Please keep the person that was caring for the child in your prayers. I know it must be difficult for the parents as well as the caregiver. It’s certainly nothing that was planned and it could happen with any of us. May it also teach us all a lesson that we can’t take our eyes of these children while swimming. My prayer is that this little girl will pull through and all who is connected to this child will accept Jesus Christ into their heart. I say rejoice rejoice Jesus is the healer.

  24. Real Talk (original) says:

    Thoughts and prayers go out to the family for the full recovery of this precious child.

    • blessings says:

      I pray that God would guide every step in ICU and give the staff the skills, wisdom as well as direction in assisting with the toddlers recovery. Please Lord save this child, heal and strengthen, nourish and replenish the cells, rejuvenate the lungs and every organ vital for life. You are the Master Physician.
      Comfort the parents as well as the caregiver. Take away any bitterness and hatred in the name of Jesus Amen.

  25. faith says:

    To all youpeople that don’t believe in prayer and having faith,I will pray for you because I experienced firsthand that faithfulness and prayer surely does save lives, God doesn’t sleep so when the time comes that you need a saving grace I hope you appreciate the prayers, they don’t go unanswered…..may God watch over this baby girl and heal her so that she can live …..GOD BLESS!!!!!

    • Kathy says:

      I agree and I think a LOT of people were praying for this little one and for this family! AMEN!

  26. Truth (Original) says:


  27. Wow! says:

    Amen.. She is stable!
    There’s Nobody like Jesus!! He is awesome!

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      Where was he when the little girl was in the water?

    • Billy Mays says:

      Unless Jesus is the name of one of her ER docs, he had nothing to do with her recovery.

  28. James says:

    Awesome news.

  29. Heads Up says:

    Bless this baby and forgive yourself for letting your hawk eyes drift. God was protecting this child and will continue to do so no matter what.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      But God was apparently not protecting her while she was in the water. Sounds like he was negligent.

  30. Kathy says:

    So happy to hear that she is stable now! I have been thinking and praying for her and her family all weekend.

    Sometimes God presents these horrible situations as a lesson for the rest of us. Let us be vigilant with our children around water. If they have not yet learned to swim, they should have arm bands on at ALL times when near the water.

    I am sure these parents can attest to the fact that it only takes a second and a child can be taken from us! Children of this age have a breathing reflex that forces the air way to close forcing the water to enter the stomach. It can be such a strong reflex that it doesn’t reopen causing a what is called a “dry drowning”.

    Please everyone put arm bands on your children until they know how to swim.

    I am thankful for the result in this case. Thank you God!

  31. likely says:

    WTH??? Why can’t i ‘like’ certain comments on Bernews. Com’on Bernews, you need to update your website and connect it to facebook. I need to be able to like’ a post when I see one. I don’t always like to ‘reply’. A simple ‘like’ is all I need to do.

    • Bernews says:

      We intend to add a “like” button for comments, it’s one of the things being worked on now, but we never intend to connect our comments to Facebook in anyway. We are specifically avoiding that for a few reasons!