TN Tatem School Not Ready For Students Return

September 5, 2013

The Ministries of Public Works and Education this evening [Sept 5] advised that T.N. Tatem Middle School will not be ready to receive students tomorrow morning when public schools return from the summer.

Following receipt of concerns from staff, joint representatives of the Ministries of Public Works and Education inspected the school and agreed that there were outstanding matters that must be addressed before students can return. Therefore, it is intended for Public Works staff to remain on site today to address those works to ensure the safety and health of students.

A Ministry spokesperson said, “These works include repairs to water damage, plumbing and flooring. While assurances were given that these works would be completed in time for opening, circumstances did not allow for this objective to be met. Once these works are complete, custodians can then complete their cleaning.

“This will mean that teachers will be required to report to work tomorrow to continue their preparations but that students will now report for their first day of school on Monday, 9 September.

“The joint Ministries apologise for this inconvenience to parents, staff and students but agree that these matters require immediate attention before students return”.

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  1. mixitup says:

    Now help me to understand this?! Who is running this ministry? Officials so busy running their mouths in press conferences that they forget what they are there for? I want to see heads roll! Pathetic!

    • Seriously.... says:


      Too busy talking and covering their tracks to do the real things that matter.

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      Mixitup, can you remind us exactly how many “heads rolled” in 2010, when two schools were late opening?

    • Ho Mama says:

      The problem is with bad/no management by the Dept of Parks. Tail is wagging the dog there and has been for quite a while now. Time for a new dog at the top of that Dept.

  2. Good Stuff says:


  3. Come On Man says:

    The ministry obviously doesn’t have a preventive maintenance program. I just finished speaking to a government worker about this. They the previous and the present government neglect the government buildings. Many many buoltdimgs around the island are in a bad state. Schools should be checked every year for cracks etc. Many government buildings have a coat of paint covering bad structure damage. Its time to hold these civil servants accountable they have been slacking their responsibility far too long.

    • Bermuda Male says:

      What your friend has told you is absolutely true. Government, no matter who is in power, seems to be completely reactionary when it comes to maintenance of Government owned assets. Just look at Tyne Bay and the Lighthouse for recent examples. They simply wait for it to be broken, before they fix it

      • Seeing Red says:

        no money left to fix anything

        • Hmmm says:

          But the PLP spent billions on infrastructure….why is it falling apart now.?

          • Family Man says:

            Infrastructure at the Playboy mansion.

          • Come On Man says:

            You mean that dock up in Dockyard?

          • New Bermudian says:

            New construction is better press. No one gets their name in lights for simply being prudent and looking after what they have. The press conferences for fixing a roof that’s leaked for 20 years would be much more poorly attended than the ones where the relevant Minster is cutting the ribbon on a building. It really is that simple. Wrong, for sure, but simple.

    • Tramsparency for Real!! says:

      Those building were neglected under the UBP government, and many are older than my mother. The building are doing well considering their ages. I think you need to some research on them, and than comment.

      • Yeah sure says:

        Yeah sure…next!

      • Mike Hind says:

        Let’s make sure everyone forgets that the past 15 years occurred and, you know, blame the UBP for it!


      • I agree with u on that. But the problem lies with one the ministry, and 2 lazy civil servants, school was out for 2 months. U mean to tell me they were doing nothing and gettin a pay cheque.

  4. Kim Smith says:

    This is unacceptable, let’s just be clear about that.

  5. SoMuchMore says:

    Parents should drop their kids off to the min of Ed and let them watch them for the day. Pathetic, really pathetic.

  6. Seriously.... says:


    • Come On Man says:

      Let’s see who gets over it if some ones child gets injured from a poorly maintained building.

  7. Marge says:

    We need to hear from the minister ASAP !!!!this is not acceptible.
    I feel so bad for the students, OBA get your act together….you promised us a change.

    • frank says:

      all summer why not use prisoners from westgate resort to help get the schools ready

    • Quite frankly it may be due to things not being completed but I think it was a crazy idea to start back on the last day of the school week in the first place.

      Needless to say the school staff is not to be blamed or at fault, someone has dropped the ball from W&E to the department of education, to say it direct this is piss poor.

  8. Errin Butterfield says:

    More of the same. This after the decision to make the school year shorter. Can I hear what The Minister of Education, The Permanent Secretary of Education and/or the newly appointed Commissioner of Education has to say? When did the work commence? What was the work production/time schedule? When did they notice that the work was behind the schedule? What steps if any where taken to make the necessary adjustments? Could they have informed the general public earlier of the possibility that the school might not be ready to “receive students”? Etc. Maybe it has something to do with the previous government administration. Can someone take responsibility, stop playing politics and tell the public exactly what did or didn’t happen?

  9. RawOnion says:

    The problem isn’t with the OBA, it’s with the Ministry of Education and W&E. The MoE knows what schools need what repairs before school finishes in June and W&E should be there the day after school finishes addressing the maintenance issues. Also, the slow pace the W&E work at contributes to work not being finished on time. Keep in mind the OBA inherited these issues and if they don’t get this island on track financially then next years repairs may never get done.

    • mixitup says:

      “Keep in mind the OBA inherited these issues”…..WHAT chubble are you talking!! The OBA ran to take charge of and correct these issues..The Minister who overseas Education and the Minister who overseas W&E are indeed accountable for this foolishness!

    • Mazumbo says:

      So you mean if PLP were in power it wouldn’t be their fault. LMAO

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        Mazumbo according to you the PLP has nothing to do with anything that’s a problem despite them being in power for 14 YEARS. You really are a joker you should take you show on the road like say India or how bout Africa since you’re so desperate to get back there…………..

        LOL Jokers you Transparency for real(aka Betty no one can keep track of all her/their screen names like it’s a communal sign on at Alaska hall)keep it up with your 2007 election tactics 102 does a great job and it’s so transparent what the PLP are trying to do. Question are they accountable on any topic common 14 YEARS in power and the OBA are so magical group that can sweep 14 YEARS of economic injustice that the PLP visited on this country…pathetic.

  10. Daquan says:

    They should have had school star that day any way one day of. School then the weekend come on

  11. Someone who knows says:

    The problem is that schools are not given the attention that they need. There is limited funding for these buildings not to mention there is not enough workmen that are allocated for the schools. The money can only be described as a band aid budget so you will never see major improvements until some real money gets thrown towards the schools. If it’s going to get better the private sector must be allowed to be pArt of the workforce. Government alone cannot keep up with the demand…..

    • Seeing Red says:

      I agree with the fact that there is no longer money to do work as needed. However, the problem may have more to do with how the money the schools get is spent or wasted. I understand that the cost per child, per year spent on a public school system pupil is far higher than the cost per child spent in a private school here in Bermuda. So therefore it would seem that the private schools are able to do more and get better results with less. Where has the money been spent…or wasted??

      Im not sure who was contracted to do the work on the schools, but if it was W&E or if the project was managed by W&E , there should be no surprise that the school is not ready.

      Has anyone noticed the sidewalk on Northshore Road near Government House that W&E has been building since at the very least early July (maybe sooner). They tore down the brush that lined the road, trenched using machines and had to then set some poles into concrete and make a sidewalk some of which was made using prefabricated sidewalk edging stone. That project is still not finished and is costing us tens of thousands more than it should. The workmanship is poor at best. All that was required was a little form work, rebar and a few cement truck with concrete. THat project should have been completed in two weeks – MAX.

      W&E should not be responsible for any work if they cant put pride in their work and be competitive. If they are going to be slow – at least be neat. The wall is not straight, uneven, and rough concrete which should have been floated smooth.

      • Mazumbo says:

        There’s a saying women ,children and fools shouldn’t see unfinished work, which category are you in? LMAO

        • Bow Wow Brown Cow says:

          Mazumbo, the point the poster was making was about the length and cost of the project, fool! The point about the quality was brought because it is taking so long. Read slowly idiot “If they are going to be slow – at least be neat.”.

          Are you saying that a job this simple SHOULD take 2 months and be that sloppy! It is no wonder that you are a supporter of the PLP !

      • Yeah sure says:

        What a waste of a project. WTF did they chop down all those good trees. a$$es!!!!

    • Mazumbo says:

      For your information they have more sub-contractors (private sector) working on schools then Govt. workers.

      • Bow Wow Brown Cow says:

        Mazumbo: Read the posters comment. SLOWLY. Hooked on Phonics Worked For Me!

        A) the question was about TNT Tatem in particular as they are the only delayed school. Was this job private sector. If yes, who? And great , if the work is delayed, I trust there will be a penalty clause. Not the kind that the PLP used when building Berkeley though, you know the millions of dollars EXTRA paid to that contractor.

        b) the comment asked if W&E were doing the work or overseeing the work, which you did not answer. I trust they (W&E) were managing the project. You seem to know it all , so answer, we would love to know all the details.

  12. Terry says:

    We have reaped what others have sowed.
    Blame your civil servants; not oBA.

    • Mazumbo says:

      So when PLP was in power you blamed the Minister now you want to blame Civil servants? Typical ubp/OBA hypocritical supporters.LMAO

      • Bow Wow Brown Cow says:

        If you do not notice a HUGE problem with the inefficiencies of the W&E, then you never will my friend.

        W&E unfortunately like most (not all) Unionized companies is a bloated, inefficient mess that will be very difficult to fix and make efficient because as you know it is difficult to let anyone go no matter how bad their work ethic is , and no matter what they do.

        You do remember the strikes after DUI ferry pilot was disciplined when he crashed the ferry into the dock! How about the bus driver that refused to be tested and disciplined. What happened, oh yes – strike! What about the bus driver that was found on drugs, or the one that verbally assaulted to members of the public. Strike! If we have trouble firing people that transport our children, what incentive would any other worker have to actually work.

      • mixitup says:


        • LOL (original TM*) says:

          This is a dumb comment for you Mixitup not feeling well today? You and the fool above want to blame the OBA for this mess really, I think I’ll wait till they have been in for at least a year. If the PLP sunk all OUR money on infrastructure seeing how the kids are this country’s future after 14 years of government can you tell me why these buildings are crumbling given the importance to the countries wellbeing? A government with any future plan that does not include schools as a priority is misguided at best. Guess you would rather a government that spends all their time and money stroking its own ego and their supporter’s egos then actually having the country at the heart of every decision they make like the former Premier Dr Brown. The OBA have five years lettem at it and I’m not saying don’t keep them accountable but by all means do but don’t impede them with in a what 10 months that’s all the PLP PR machines are doing like Magic. Talk about being balanced it is the new RG for real.

          still to early to judge but a day in politics is a life time

      • Mike Hind says:


        Oh, wait. I’m not allowed to ask that, am I?
        We’re just supposed to take you at your word when you make baseless accusations..

  13. Family Man says:

    Time to privatize W&E and hand out contracts on a best bid basis to private contractors. More efficient, faster work at lower cost.

    • Mazumbo says:

      Did we have this problem with PLP?????????????????????

      • Family Man says:

        You mean like the Great Wall of Warwick that took something like 9 months?

        Nah, it was all efficiency and light under the plp.

        • Mazumbo says:

          Were talking about schools being delayed for opening????

          • Sandy Bottom says:

            Yes, we did have delayed school openings under the PLP. Definitely.

          • Zombie Apocalypse says:

            Mazumbo, get a freakin grip man. In 2010 two schools – Paget Primary and Clearwater – had delayed openings. I agree it’s not great, but this is one school delayed by one day. It’s still better than the PLP did, if you want to look at it that way. You’ve posted about 10 times on this story trying to make it look like it never happened under the PLP. It did.

      • Trump says:

        No we had a whole middle school, Berkeley that open late and I think 40million over budget. Thanks but I would rather stick with a government that opens a school 1 day late.

        • Mazumbo says:

          I tried not to respond to ignorance but anyway Berkeley was built by private sector not Govt. workers. DUH

          • Sandy Bottom says:

            Berkeley was built by the government. Derrick Burgess was ‘in charge’ of it. They selected a contractor with no experience and it over-ran, with the final cost about 2x the original budget. The BIU underwrote a Performance Bond that should have paid but didn’t; something that normally would be regarded as fraud.

          • Sad says:

            But it was a Govenment project

        • Tramsparency for Real!! says:

          trump, I see your in love with the person called Betty Trump,if not why use her name. She writes some good powerful stuff….folks love her, but it looks like she is on the opposition political fence from you !! she is correct !!

          • LOL (original TM*) says:

            People love her?!!!! you and mazumbo are a hit take your show to the furthest reaches of the world …… aka as far away from this country as possible.


      • Bow Wow Brown Cow says:

        Mazumbo, think before you speak! The answer is simple, the problems we are facing today are a direct result of the PLP! FACT.

        • LOL (original TM*) says:

          “Mazumbo, think before you speak!” come on man you know thats an impossibility for PR people they say what they are paid/pogramed to say thinking is not wanted by the boss………


    • Mazumbo says:

      Contractors work on schools every year .Next option. LMAO

  14. Rockfish#1and#2 says:

    Waiting for Warren Jones to hold a press conference on this issue!

  15. God 1st says:

    There is no spinning out of this oba/ubp.

    • Trump says:

      How horrible. Bad OBA you opened a school 1 day late, so what close he school one day late to make up the day. his really the end of the world?

      God 1st , did you complain this much when the PLP built and overspent the Berkeley / Proactive project by 40 million. Or did you benefit from that contract, or just conveniently forget. Imagine what we could have done with that money! Maybe if we still had that money, we could have done some real upgrades.

      • Mazumbo says:

        Maybe if pigs had wings they would fly. LMAO

        • LOL (original TM*) says:

          Brillant, bravo, bravo seriously man you might even get to do your show at the Apollo………………


      • Tramsparency for Real!! says:

        Trump stop I see your in love with that person who calls themselves Betty Trump, I follow the comments. She/he is good, but on the opposition political fence from you…I suggest you write as she does, maybe it would be better.

        • Yeah sure says:

          its also spelled tra(N)sparency you moron. no wonder you can’t get a job…

        • Come Correct says:

          Because the similarities in the way you type coupled with the horrendous spelling and grammar is just a coincidence, right? Silly plp die-HART, tricks are for kids.

  16. Come On Man says:

    It’s getting so ridiculous that I’m gonna start a wager for next year. Place your bets now on which school you think will not be ready for the start of the school year.

  17. Tramsparency for Real!! says:

    OBA have fallen down on this one. They do not have our schools ready. This is not acceptable and it was not acceptable under the PLP as the fans of the OBA cried out loud. The government of the day is responsible not the workers. Stop failing to accept responsibility OBA, which is what the OBA always attempts to do.

    • Bow Wow Brown Cow says:

      One school is not opening – just one, and by one day! Stop making a mountain out a mole hill. You just sound desperate!

      • Thank you ,”Bow Wow Brown Cow’
        What the people need to be complaining about and seeking answers for is, “where has/are all of the millions of(thus far)unaccounted for Bermuda Dollars.

        • Mike Hind says:

          I disagree… those are questions for a later time.
          The questions we should be asking now is: How the hell are we going to get out of this mess?

  18. Johnny says:

    I can see this happening – it’s 2015 and some people are still saying “it’s the PLP’s fault”

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      Who’s fault was it in 2010, when tewo schools had delayed openings?

      This is one school delayed by one day. Is that better than the PLP’s performance in 2010, or worse?

    • Mike Hind says:

      Only when it applies.

      I note you have no problem with people still blaming the UBP, 15 years later…

  19. Ummmm.... where's the boat? says:

    Just my opinion: This should be a “Principal/Administrator’s” call of duty to ensure these items are adderssed before opening their doors. They get paid $$$’s to manage a learning institution and ensure the safety and well being of our kids, nieces, nephews and grandkids are taken care of.
    Whether that means ensuring “you” as the Principal/Administrator contacts the Ministry once a week until the Govt or Private sector contractors are onsite, conducting services to ensure your school is worthy to “OPEN” on Sept 6th.

    We all understand that Finances will continue to be the issue because budgets are tight, however with that being said fix your crucial items in Phases in order to ensure that children can start their school year in a safe environment without delays.

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      Just do what the Port Royal family does the PTA raises funds and pay for upgrades themselves because the PLP did not help and the principals other half ran in the election…………………go figure

      LOL disclaimer this is not a reflection of the principal or her family they do an immaculate job with the students and the in the community this comment is dedicated to the PLP government and how they spent the money which could have gone to schools.

  20. Winnie Dread says:

    Totally unacceptable, who is in charge here and supposed to be responsible. How long has school been out ??

  21. Prayerful says:

    Not one blogger has expressed concern about whether the children will be roaming the streets today/

    It is ridiculous how we just play this blame game. It happened, now get on with it.

    By the way I am not OBA

    • Mike Hind says:

      One would assume that… you know… they have parents, so… no. I don’t think ANYONE thinks that the children will be “roaming the streets”.

  22. Truth is killin' me... says:

    I can see this happening…it’s November 2012 and the Government is still complaining about the UBP…oh snap…THAT DID HAPPEN! BTW Bernews, whatever happened to the news story about those covert camera’s that were found spying on the girl’s bathrooms at TNT Middle School. That all went quiet!? Was anybody caught Mr. Commissioner?