T.N. Tatem Middle School “Cleared To Reopen”

February 17, 2017

[Updated] The Department of Education today has confirmed that T.N. Tatem Middle School has been “cleared to reopen on Monday, 20 February.”

“This morning, the Acting Commissioner of Education, Dr. Freddie Evans received final reports from the Bermuda Government Safety and Health Coordinator regarding mould, air quality and maintenance work at T. N. Tatem Middle school,” the Department said.

TN Tatem Middle School Bermuda dec 2016 (3)

Quoting from the report, Dr Evans stated, “This is to confirm the progress and re-inspections conducted at TN Tatem Middle School on 16th February 2017.

“All areas cleared have returned significantly lowered and acceptable levels of mould and respective species counts. Areas cleared are deemed to pose no immediate or significant threat to the health, safety and well-being of students or staff at this time.

“Some minor works are still in progress; such as re-installing ceiling tiles in some classrooms, as well as, final painting works and associated undertakings. These works are to be expedited and are to be completed by the week-end, ending 18th February 2017.

Update: Audio excerpt of the exchange about TN Tatem in the House of Assembly today:

“However, TN Tatem Middle School may be scheduled for re-opening and occupancy. The following areas shall remain out of bounds with no access permissible to students or staff until remaining construction work, final mop-up and routine cleaning exercises are completed:

  • Rooms – 223, 234 -side room, 251
  • Store Room Adjacent to Room 314
  • 3rd Floor Southeast Female Bathroom
  • The Gym
  • The Machine Shop Section [Classroom 139 and adjoining workshops]
  • Education Therapy Side Office
  • The Cafeteria

“All remaining construction works for the above listed restricted areas must be undertaken outside of and or after regular school hours [late evenings or week-ends].”

Dr Evans added, “I wish to thank the Principal, Deputy Principal, teachers, staff, parents and especially our students for their cooperation and patience during this period.

“It has been a challenge but together we have managed to work through this and in the end we have a safer and healthier environment for T. N. Tatem family.”

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  1. NO MORE WAR says:

    Huh? Make the whole damn school ready before you place our future back in that damn building. Oh sorry I forgot it’s not the airport or of great interest to the Premier. So it’s ok to put our young children back in harms way.

  2. Didnt Craig tell us 2 weeks ago that it was ready then.
    Time to roll up another one.

  3. Hey says:

    Where are they gonna eat?

  4. sage says:

    Cleared to reopen but not finished being repaired and cleaned, typical, bet the Cabinet building will be fully completed before they go back in, no expenses spared. Did anyone see Cannonier say this school was ready (but needed demolishing and rebuilding) last week on the news? Also, how can the St. George bridge budget still cover the expense of shipping all the steel back to be properly drilled, then back here again? Who messed up? Couldn’t we have flew in a drill and operator for less, none of us are qualified or experienced enough to drill steel beams to spec I guess. Is Harbour Rd the new venue for moto-x races or will that ridiculously pathetic patching job be the final product?

  5. wahoo says:

    Who was doing the work? This is preposterous! Can we not find a reputable company that will do a good job in a timely manner?

    • sage says:

      The minister needs to take responsibility, that’s why he is paid so much, the buck stops with him.

      • wahoo says:

        Oh right like the ministers from long ago who accepted responsibility for fiascos such as Port Royal, cruise ship terminal, dame Lois B.E. building etc etc. Like that?

        • sage says:

          True but if they weren’t held accountable, the then opposition is at least partly to blame since it was their job to expose things like that as it happened, maybe organize protests, not sit back and giggle as the country got fleeced so you could say “we told you so”, all the commenters moaning about it now, where were you then?

  6. fedup nana says:

    ok ok ooo k guys, Nana says, just give them another chance.

    Please note: TNT have a GREAT PTA Body.

    “much luv for this school”