Videos: Convening of Parliament, Throne Speech

November 10, 2013

Scores of people packed the Cabinet Grounds on Friday [Nov 8] for the Convening of Parliament, which saw the Governor deliver the Throne Speech which outlines the Legislative Agenda for the year ahead.

Apart from a slight hitch which saw a man escorted off by police after crying out “Hallelujah” and clapping profusely, the proceedings went smoothly.

The Throne Speech contained a number of highlights, including having a referendum on gaming in early 2014, requiring mandatory ID checks for bars and nightclubs, producing a public consultation paper on marijuana decriminalization, amendments to the immigration act to provide pathways to Bermuda status for persons born in Bermuda and more.

The announcement that the major grocers will increase their Wednesday discount to 10%, and plans to allow liquor sales on Sundays appeared to be well received by many people, with Bernews readers leaving 500+ “likes” and/or retweets on the posts across the website and social media in a 24 hour span.

Not everyone was impressed, with the Opposition Progressive Labour Party dismissing the Throne Speech as “lacking in substance,” and saying the “OBA seem overwhelmed and unable to put together a plan to get Bermudians back to work.”

Governor George Fergusson departs:

Bermuda Regiment marching:

Governor reads the entire Throne Speech:

Premier Cannonier’s Post Throne Speech press conference:

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  1. Paul says:

    Why the the hell do we have the likes of L. scott being paid so much money per yeat for doing absolutely nothing ??? she spends more time on facebook…. then she does anything else….. I have e- mailed her a few times , and she never responds…….O.B.A. GET RID OF THIS WOMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!