Premier: “The World Has Lost An Iconic Figure”

December 5, 2013

Matthew Willman 008“Today the world has lost an iconic leader; to some a brother, to many a friend, to all an inspiration – former South African President Nelson Mandela,” said Premier Craig Cannonier this evening [Dec 5].

“On behalf of the Bermuda Government, I join with the people of Bermuda in expressing our deep sense of loss at his passing. His lifelong struggle against the forces of repression and darkness embodied the very best of the human spirit.

“Though we mourn his departure, we can also celebrate the meaning of his life and draw strength and encouragement from his example.

“Mr. Mandela will be immortalized as the man who, by his actions, words and presence, led the fight to abolish apartheid in his native South Africa and then replace it with a multi-racial democracy.

“He was an inspiration to people everywhere, no moreso than following his release from prison in 1990 when he turned the other cheek to steer a traumatized and divided nation toward peace instead of war; toward forgiveness instead of retribution.

“He was a man whose actions and words set an example for a better world. He saw more completely than most the flaws in human nature and sought more effectively than any other voice of his time to overcome them.

“Mr. Mandela’s life was a triumph of perseverance over surrender, of hope over despair, of unity over division. He made his enemies his partners and challenged all of us, by his own example, to be better – to live with love in our hearts, no matter how challenging that might be.

“His quest transcended all our differences, to glow in our hearts as a beacon to reconciliation, forgiveness and brotherly love.

“He is the role model for humanity, and a towering source of pride and inspiration for oppressed people everywhere, who can know by his life that justice follows injustice, that good can prevail over evil and that the light shall follow the dark. Nelson Mandela – a just and righteous man; surely touched by God.

“May he rest in peace and live long in our hearts, ” concluded Premier Cannonier.

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  1. X man says:

    Nelson Mandela is among all great people those who fought for Civil Justice and made a positive change
    in South Africa and the rest of the World.
    Unfortunatly the fight for equality goes on.

  2. Respect says:

    Premier: “The World Has Lost An Iconic Figure”

    With due respect to the sentiment above, this day had been long-approaching and the fact is that our World remains a better place for what Mr. Mandela gave us through his important life (and continues to give us in his passing). Those leaders who pattern themselves after his style and teachings will also hold an important place in history.