Men’s And Women’s Hockey Weekend Results

February 18, 2014

The Bermuda Hockey Federation [BHF] has seen a busy week, with several matches played and decided on Wednesday, February 12 and Sunday, February 16.

Results from those matches are below:

Budgies vs Canaries [Feb 12] – Final Score: 5-1 to Budgies

The Canaries’ Jenni Crayford scored a field goal in the 17th minute, while goals for the Budgies came from Keishae Robinson in the 39th and 51st minute, Jessica Almeida in the 43rd minute, an own goal by the Canaries in the 60th minute, and Tse Minors in the 62nd minute.

Ravens vs Budgies [Feb 16] – Final Score: 3-0 to Budgies

In this match, the Budgies’ Jasmine Patterson scored a field goal in the 11th minute, with Kaitlyn Miller scoring field goals in the 27th and 30th minute.

Budgies vs Longtails [Feb 16] – Final Score: 8-1 to Budgies

The Budgies’ Tse Minors scored field goals in the 19th and the 51st minute by beating the defence and completing a slip pass the keeper. Akila Beckles scored a penalty corner in the 23rd minute from the penalty spot which had broken down.

Budgies’ Kaitlyn Miller scored a field goal in the 25th minute, while teammate Brittany Farias scored a field goal in the 32nd minute.

Budgies’ Melanie Fullerton executed penalty corner strikes from the top of the circle in the 41st and 66th minute, before the Longtails’ Rebecca Gibbons replied with a field goal in the 47th minute from a miskick by the keeper.

Budgies’ Jessica Almeida scored a field goal in the 60th minute to close the scoring.

Canaries vs Wildcats [Feb 16] – Final Score 2-1 to Canaries

Wildcats’ junior player Ashley Steede scored a field goal in the 7th minute which deflected off the keepers pads, opening the match’s scoring.

The Canaries’ Grace Edy replied with a field goal in the 53rd minute, before Joanna Stapff scored a field goal seconds before the final whistle in the 70th minute to give the Canaries the victory.

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