BHF Weekend Women’s A & B Hockey Results

March 18, 2014

This past weekend saw three women’s B league and one women’s A league hockey matches played, with two wins and two draws on the final score sheet.

Longtails vs Canaries B [Mar 14] – Final Score: 0-0

Both teams played well and had their chances to score. The Longtails’ star player Maya Palacio wasn’t feeling well, so Selina Whitter had to step in to be the play maker and she did a fine job. Despite efforts from both teams, the match remained scoreless at the final whistle.

Budgies vs Bluebirds B [Mar 15] – Final Score: 4-1 to Budgies B

This match saw a very balanced game between the two teams as they fielded their strongest sides. The pace of the game commenced with much aggression, skill, and determination, with plenty of great passing between each defensive area.

The Budgies first field goal came in the 17th minute off of a Francesca Cacace solo run near the 50 metre area as her shot at goal rebounded off the Bluebirds’ keeper’s pads, putting her team up 1-0. The Bluebirds’ Jo-Ann Smith scored a field goal in the 28th minute by receiving the ball on the run from the 25 metre area and outpacing Budgies’ Jasmine Patterson and controlling it into the defensive zone for a successful shot at goal, and the first half ended with a 1-1 tie.

The second half commenced the same way as in the first half with some really nice set plays. There was also fantastic play by Bluebirds’ goalkeeper Vicki Johnston as she saved numerous shots that found her on the move running back and forth defending her goal.

The Budgies scored their second field goal several minutes later by a hard push by Cacace into the ‘D’ to find an unmarked Jessica Almeida on the left post, who slipped the ball into the right of the Bluebirds’ goalkeeper in the 46th minute.

The Bluebirds’ Jo-Ann Smith was fed a ball by Paula Few who was running towards the circle, but just missed the mark for her second goal despite her effort to stop the ball. Budgies were awarded a penalty corner and Keishae Robinson’s shot from top circle was saved on the line by a Bluebirds’ defender, but the loose ball was tucked in by the Budgies Kaitlyn Miller in the 66th minute, bring the score to 3-1 for the Budgies.

The Budgies last goal came two minutes later on a shot straight into the goal from the top by Keishae Robinson. With two minutes to go, the Bluebirds still applied pressure, but the game ended with the Budgies as the winners at a score of 4-1.

Wildcats vs Swallows B [Mar 15] – Final Score: 0-0

Both of these teams played with a few players missing and their strategy was to play quite high up the field and to feed long balls up and down the pitch. The Wildcats team of Ryce Trott, Alecia Holder, Gemma Godfrey, and Pier Simons played well with their passes to each other and there was an occasion when Pier Simons got into the circle, but the Swallows’ keeper cleared away any loose balls.

The Wildcats’ keeper had a somewhat quiet game with only three touches on the ball from Swallows attack. The Wildcats tried tirelessly to get a goal, but Swallows sweeper Kelli Nusum was very solid at the back and their efforts were unsuccessful.

The match remained scoreless at the end of the 70 minutes.

Longtails vs Budgies A [Mar 16] – Final Score: 3-2 to Budgies A

The Budgies’ Keishae Robinson slammed home a shot at goal from the top of the circle after being awarded a penalty corner in the 22nd minute to open the scoring.

The Longtails’ Selina Whitter tied things up when she executed a penalty corner in the 30th minute.

The Budgies’ Jasmine Patterson’s goal was thanks to an assist by Francesca Cacace, who crossed it from the left side of the Longtails ‘D’ and scored a field goal in the 44th minute.

The Longtails’ Maya Palacio then scored a field goal in the 66th minute which tied the game of 2-2.

Finally, the Budgies’ Francesca Cacace’s field goal gave her team back the lead. The Budgies had control of the ball within the Longtails ‘D’ and Keishae Robinson crossed the ball to the far right post of the goal; when the ball looked to be going out, Tse Minors had sprinted from the top of the circle, connected with the ball and crossed it back along the line when Francesca Cacace banged the ball home, deciding a 3-2 win for the Budgies.

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