PLP: “OBA Has Failed To Address The Issue”

April 15, 2014

“Today, the OBA’s version of the truth has been blown out of the water and now our people, beaches, our sea life and our tourism economy are paying the price for their lies and inaction,” Shadow Minister of Health Zane DeSilva said today [Apr 15].

Mr. DeSilva’s comments come after what Health & Environment Minister Trevor Moniz called “greaseballs” were found washed up on Grape Bay Beach in Paget.


Mr. DeSilva’s full comments are below:

The OBA has once again been exposed as having lied to the people of Bermuda regarding the environmental conditions surrounding our island.

The environmental safety and security of Bermuda is paramount, not just to maintain our viability as a tourism destination, but for the safety and well being of everyone who calls this island home. For the OBA to engage in a coverup of this problem is part of a pattern of deceptive behavior.

The ongoing environmental nightmare playing out over the media is not just embarrassing to Bermuda but represents a clear and present danger to our very standard of life. It is obvious that this problem requires a swift and decisive response designed to target and punish those who are contributing to the environmental crisis.

So far the OBA have deceived the public, failed to address this issue, failed to get tough with the people causing this issue and failed to be honest with the people of Bermuda about the true state of our environment.

It took a United States travel advisory for Bermudians to become aware there was a problem. Instead of recognizing the problem existed and addressing it honestly, the OBA claimed that there was no problem and that somehow the US government was wrong on this issue.

Today, the OBA’s version of the truth has been blown out of the water and now our people, beaches, our sea life and our tourism economy are paying the price for their lies and inaction.

The Bermuda Progressive Labour Party proposes:

  • Substantial increases to fines and increased monitoring of grease in the corporation of Hamilton
  • Requiring all restaurants and others who handle organic waste to have a proper waste disposal policy in place
  • Taking immediate action to devise short term and long term solutions to eliminate the ocean dumping of waste
  • Consideration by the City of Hamilton and the government to identify a suitable site for a proper waste treatment facility to bring an end to the disposal of sewage in Grape Bay [the facility at Wedco is a appropriate model to follow]
  • Make public all the results of testing done on the South Shore area to rebuild public confidence

“It is time for progress, not promises on this issue and we cannot accept inaction by the OBA any longer.

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  1. Unbelievable says:

    i don’t see why Zane is even talking about this. This was the same thing when he was Minister of Health. And don’t no one tell me this is the first time that grease balls have shown up on beaches.

    • Inquiring minds says:

      Absolutely correct the ministers could even be bothered to attend policy, planning and strategy sessions in 2002 ,2008. 2010 2012′,too busy I guess on more important issues.

      • BETTTY TRUMP says:

        The Government fail to address this matter effectively and swiftly. They were delayed in their actions, and only acted after the USA govt exposed this situation to their citizens and Bermudians.

        The reality is this problem dates back as far as the time of the UBPoba government. There was never a word over the years by the than Opposition, in regards to this matter, so they are just as much to blame and have to also accept the responsibility for this situation Bermuda is currently faced with.

        The reality is the current Government has failed to response to this situation in a quick and swift manner. The current government has acted in an incompetent fashion in this regards, and managed this situation very poorly. If the USA govt did not bring this to the attention of USA visitors, we Bermudians would still be sitting in the dark.

        The Government can not throw this problem back into the laps of the PLP, as they failed to handle the situation with efficiency and accuracy. To play the “Blame it on the PLP” game will not excuse the lack of positive actions by this government. It is a poor way to escape their lack of effective action.

        Last time I checked the govt of the day is the OBAubp, they must address and take full responsibility for the current situation we have. The matter was overlooked, and only addressed as the USA EXPOSED this situation to the world-media.

        Come on and get on with an alternative plan to address this urgent matter, as the dying pony of tourism is in need of clean water and air to stay alive.

        • BETTTY TRUMP says:

          Trying to blame the PLP for this will not fix the problem, nor is it a smart move. Folks see beyond such nonsense.

          Last I looked the government is the OBAubp. Learn OBAubp to accept the hard blows that come with being the government of the day. Get on with actions required to change the situation, rather than sit back home and cry out the “PLP made me do it or did it,” REALLY …You are the govt of the day, so stand up and do what must be done, rather than always seek to remove yourself from accepting responsibility, like a spoil child often does.

          As the fans continue to use such a lame rationale to excuse the OBAubp for lack of action, it beginning to look weak in many folks eyes now. will NO longer continue to be an effective political strategy,…its strength is losing it power..REALLY

          • And??? says:

            The PLP had 14 years to fix the problem so trying to lay the blame on the OBA is one of the dumber things that Zane has done.

          • Joonya says:

            Shetty Betty, you need to get your spectacles updated because the governtment of the day is called OBA (One Bermuda Alliance). Furthermore, if your beloved PLP had not spent all the money and had some sort of spending controls in place the current government would have been able to address this immidiately with funds avalable to design and build a treatment plant ASAP. Even though I think this thing has been blown way out of proportion, because Ive been swimming in Great Bay/Hungary Bay for years and Im just fine, we should ensure that whatever is dumped into the ocean has been treated, so yes, it should be addressed now.

    • Raymond Ray says:

      Zane, you have got some nerves bie’To think the Progressive Labour Party were in the “drivers seat” for 14yrs. knowing this pollution problem existed yet treated it as if it had been yet another one of them elephants in a corner and no-one was to see or know about it:-(

  2. CBA says:

    Please PLP, dont make this political nonsense. This issue is far too important to play political football with

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      This problem has been in place since UBP time as govt now the OBAubp. SO lets not attempt to twist the facts. The reality is all are responsible, nor did the than Opposition speak out against this matter or bring forward a solution. We all are responsible as I did not hear one word from anyone in this regards. But BEST said it was little that Bermuda could do in regards to this problem. They have not been very loud on this issue. SO the reality is now that the OBAubp are the government…WHERE IS THEIR SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM….

      • 1minute says:

        As you said, the problem dates back to the UBP era. so what did the PLP government do about it in their 14 years? You are expecting a new government to fix something in 16 months that the previous government ignored for 14 years?

      • inna says:

        so then shutup!

  3. Starting Point says:

    Zane is the farthest thing from a Bermudian i could imagine. To use this issue which existed for the entire time the PLP were in power, an issue which has a very limited solution for the PLP personal gains is an insult to the entire country. The current PLP would rather Bermuda fail and crash into turmoil than for this government to succeed.

    Their solutions are the identical things the government is doing yet they portray that they could fix this overnight.

    Any Bermudian who lacks the basic intelligence to see through this mindless insult to our country really deserves everything they and the PLP would get.


    • Kangoocar says:

      Couldn’t agree more!!! Not sure were Zane is from because no country with ethics would accept him as one of them!!!

      • Protocol says:

        That’s HONOURABLE Zane Desilva to you!
        By the way, does anyone know what an oxymoron is??

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      Holding the government accountable is key, this is the action that being pushed forward. The reality is the government is failing to come forward to address this situation in a swift and effective manner. So it is never an insult to hold a government accountable, or to ensure they address a manner of great significant. So therefore Zane is correct, to push the govt to address this outstanding matter, after all the government is in the drivers seat and they need to lead the way forward.

      • Then??? says:

        Why didn’t you hold the PLP accountable when they were in power? After all, if the problem dates back to the days of the UBP that means the PLP managed to ignore it for 14 years.

      • Raymond Ray says:

        My, my, my are the words of the great Joe Brown. He often say them when there is a situation one can not deny and the P.L.P. supports like “Betty” are diehard supporters that can not tell the difference between a 6 and a 9 and are unable to deny the facts!:-(

  4. cicada says:

    The sewage system in question has been operating the same way for decades. The PLP had 14 years to deal with the problem. All of these points should have been addressed as our economy was growing, not left until now.

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      Lets say it been that way since the time UBPoba was the govt, it goes way back. So the responsibility sits with all the MPs in the house, on both sides of the floor..:Lets not spin it wrong and forget it…what happen before 14 years ago…REALLY

      • cole says:

        Zane isn’t sharing the blame. That is the point.

  5. cicada says:

    Note the research done in the mid 2000′s. One would expect those reports made recommendations about dealing with the sewage problem many years ago.

  6. Kangoocar says:

    Zane, your nerve even surprises me!!!! How on earth can you with a straight face say what you just said???? Your parties inaction after you were told and the results proved all the bad policies that your plp were doing and you did nothing to repair it??? The carnage your party caused makes this look very minor to say the least!!!! Why don’t you try apologizing and then shutting up??? This is just more of your plp’s fallout caused by not investing in our infrastructure when your party was in power!!! You and your plp squandered the money instead on yourselves!!!!!

    • frank says:

      the pipe belongs to the corporation of Hamilton start there

  7. OKAYMAN says:

    Please just for one moment can the PLP stop thinking about political pointscoring and work with the government to deal with this problem. Which is a Bermudian problem. For the record I live near Grape Bay and the sewage has been there for as long as I can remember.

    By the way a useful cheap and efficient way of dealing with this problem is using UV light. However if we really wanted to solve 2 problems at the same time we would look at what Singapore has done in treating sewage so that it can be SAFELY reused. Helping to solve water shortages as well.

    See another more overcrowded island has already given us the answer.

  8. Really says:

    We all know a great all when we see one

  9. squirt says:

    Zane, you are an A.. !!!!

  10. Unbelievable says:

    Complaining about a problem without proposing a solution is called whining – Theodore Roosevelt

  11. nuffin but the truth says:

    Zane is another one that needs to RESIGN!

  12. Tony Brannon says:

    Go back in your cave..

    You (PLP) didn’t do anything about this, the UBP didn’t either.
    This is a BERMUDA issue. It needs to be fixed.

    Under your watch you allowed ROUNDUP to poison the food chain, animals and humans…..

    SO, now we have to fix this……no one should ever treat the sea as a toilet bowl. No one should ever pollute the land.

    This needs to be fixed and laws and policy passed that bans GMO’s and all harmful pesticides…..
    OBA – step and and DO THE RIGHT THING.

  13. Enough says:

    Zane these have probably washed up as a result of all the sh*t that spews out of your mouth. This has been going on for years and the PLP did nothing about it.

    Didn’t actually take you as one that really cared too much about our beautiful island. Keep your mouth shut!!!!

  14. Coffee says:

    Well the people voted for change , they got it . Now they got a change of wind and current , they don’t want it . Make up your mind people , what do you really want , change or no change ?
    As a rule a mans a fool , when it’s hot they want it cool , when it’s cool they want it hot , hell, they always want it when
    it’s not .
    The OBA team are wishing for this problem to float away , but it won’t wash away , it won’t drift away and it won’t sink away . They’ll have to clench their collective cheeks and throw a $&it load of money at it . But they won’t ! They’ve given it all to Hanbury .

  15. Take it Easy! says:

    The PLP know nothing about how 2 maintain infrastructure! Just look at the roads, buses, ferries, lighthouse, its just another category the PLP failed Bermuda! So just help Bermuda with one of your cranes and dig us out of this sewage problem Zane! Put ‘politics’ aside for once and show us that u r a bigger man! This is not the PLP nor OBa problem its all of us BERMUDA!!!

  16. Chingas! says:

    How ironic, the “truth has been blown out of the water.” The opposition is doing a great job, but really, let’s work together to help our 21sq mile island; God forbid no being able to enjoy the beaches this summer! Dang!

  17. Common Sense says:

    Perhaps Zane could provide us with a list of all the actions taken by the PLP Government whilst they were in power to address the sewage issue. Could he, or someone who knows the truth provide us all with any reports/recommendations submitted to the PLP Government and provide us with their collective responses.

    It would be interesting to see how seriously the PLP Government took this issue while in power for 12 years, and it is relevent because Betty is trying her level best to blame this whole matter on the OBA Government which has been in power for how long? Is it less that 18 months?

  18. JUSTICE says:

    What I am about to say isn’t a joke and therefore should not be taken lightly. In case you haven’t noticed, this island is DYING due to reasons which are too numerous to mention. In view of this, I suggest that all of you stake out your final resting places. Amen!

  19. X man says:

    The BLAME GAME – seems to be a very visible component in Bermuda. – in almost every issue!
    Some people say things to cover up somthing and others say things to stir up things.
    It’s just another day of a person making noise and looking for attention.
    Govt. of the day – just adress the problem as efficiently as posible and move on to the next phase of economic reconstruction.

  20. tricks are for kids says:

    This is NOT a PLP, UBP, OBA issue….It is NOT a political issue so why don’t you ALL just STOP with the back and forth….Instead of laying blame offer solutions if you can..I’m no marine expert so I honestly cannot offer a solution…However, there is one thing that I KNOW for a FACT and that is bickering and blaming is not going to get it fixed…..Let’s go people get along for once….work together….

  21. watchfuleyes says:

    So we have determined that it is not ambergris? it is whaling season.

  22. Alvin Williams says:

    Whether the former PLP government did anything about this problem is neither here or there; the facts are the stuff has hit the fan and the OBA is the government. It’s in your court now and the future of Bermuda’s tourism product in on the line or do you think that international business is going to continue to save Bermuda economically?

    • Unbelievable says:

      What the hell are you even talking about?? “Neither here nor there”???

      You’re insane and blind if you believe that. I guess we should should just forget that the PLP made monumentally bad decisions on governance.

  23. Realize & Legalize says:

    PLP try to find everything they can to throw at the OBA. This problem should have been addressed years ago so why is Zane acting as if it just arose…

    Just because you couldn’t find a solution doesn’t mean you can blame the next party. Makes you look weak bro

  24. Mumbo Jumbo says:

    Biodeisel……we need to recycle the greese….lengthen the pipe….it is too close.Google greese recycling,anyone …even govt. could start this buisiness venture…so could Belco…turn the waste into energy….maybe this makes too much sense …i dunno…but …

  25. Mumbo Jumbo says:

    Anyone one no listen …needum ballywambaah!

  26. Joonya says:

    Can someone please get a sample and test whether it came from a whale or(for example) Zane’s @rse?

  27. Marge says:

    I am so sick of Zane,he has no credibility…