Photos: Vehicle Found Crashed In St George’s

April 19, 2014

[Updated] A vehicle was found crashed into a side railing on Wellington Street in St George’s today [Apr 19], and at this time details surrounding the collision are unclear.

The railing penetrated the front windscreen, and there is also some foliage inside of the vehicle. We came across the collision scene earlier today, and at last check the vehicle is still there. We have no further details at this time, or any information about any possible injuries, however will update as able.

Update April 24: A police spokesperson said, “Around 5am on Saturday, April 19th police officers attended a reported single vehicle collision on Wellington Street in St. George’s in the vicinity of Penno’s Wharf.

“It appears that a car was being driven along Wellington Street when it collided with a wooden railing. Apparently there were no reported injuries; however the vehicle was damaged.

“Inquiries into this collision are ongoing and any witnesses are encouraged to contact PC Anthony Thurab at the Southside Police Station on 293-2222.”

Car Accident Bermuda, April 19 2014-4

Car Accident Bermuda, April 19 2014-6

Car Accident Bermuda, April 19 2014-3

Car Accident Bermuda, April 19 2014-5

Car Accident Bermuda, April 19 2014-1

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  1. Raw Onion says:

    This person is lucky he/she wasn’t skewered with the car.

  2. Family Man says:

    That vehicle looks crucified.

    I guess they’re waiting till Sunday to see if it rises from the dead.

  3. Awake says:

    …and no one saw or heard a thing…

  4. D says:

    The person. Probably has no drivers lincence that’s why they. Left the scene

  5. James says:

    Perhaps Works and Engineering should revise the design of their wooden fencing. I have always thought they would do exactly occurred here. Skewering the car is a good description! A few inches to the left and the driver would have been skewered.

    • Goodidea Badidea says:

      Perhaps people should stay between the middle of the road and the side of the road rather than using the rails as bumpers. Accidents are accidents, re engineering the entire road system would cost money we really don’t have.

      • Yellow Line says:

        @Goodidea Baddidea Have you ever had an accident. Many of us have and I hope your mother, father, son, daughter don’t become a victim of this. You/ They can be crossed off the road, hit and driven into the railing, swerve to avoid a child or animal that runs out in the road.

        This is a horrible design that can be fixed easily to avoid decapitation and cost very little. I often wonder who at W&E comes up with these ideas. There are a ton of dangerous railings like this around the island, unfinished projects, not to mentioned these stupid speed bumps on the main road. I know a 62 year old woman that is suffering from head and neck pain after she drove over a speedbump on the corner before Knapton Hill and hit her head while driving one Evening. I saw a young girl wipe out in Flatts after hitting one of these surprise bumps. I know of another individual that was rear ended after he had to slow down for the speed bumps on Berkeley Hill. Three people injured and two vehicles damaged because of something that is supposed to make our streets safer.
        All of these speed bumps should be painted a distinctive color with reflective paint.. or at the very least have warning signs painted on the road before you approach them.

        • BlueFamiliar says:

          I’d be hard put to come up with a design that when hit with a vehicle couldn’t cause some sort of danger to life and/or limb.

          And while I am not a fan of speed bumps, perhaps is people drove the speed limit and paid proper attention to the roads, these speed bumps wouldn’t be a surprise or cause someone to hit their head on the roof. As to the person who was rear-ended, the speed bump wasn’t the cause, the person behind them tailgating or not paying attention was.

          As for painting them in warning, shall we do the same for long standing pot holes?

    • Family Man says:

      Someone should tell that driver, we drive on the other ‘left’ over here.

    • D says:

      That’s a good walking area W&E should put up. Metal fence

      • Steve Biko says:

        Not in de budget.

      • Yellow Line says:

        The money to fix it is there. When you drive by a W&E crew that is just hanging around or cooling out in their trailer – they are still getting paid!

        Those that don’t work or do half ask work – fire them, use that 50-60K to fix stuff.

    • Elmersglue says:

      It a good thing James doesn’t think to often….

    • ole Onion says:

      I agree ! The Design of these wooden rails me to be reviewed for driver safety ! Not the first time I e seen or heard of them doing this to a vehicle !!
      But I guess the so call Road safety Council and Dept of public works don’t have the sense that’s common to atleast

  6. squirt says:

    How the hell? U gotta be kidding me!!!!!! For crying out loud….lmao

  7. It is what it is says:

    With all the houses right there across the street someone obviously heard something. Im sure it was dealt with and just not reported as a big new story is all

  8. Lennie says:

    Anyone see Wolf of Wall St…This is similar. I am sure the driver hadn’t a drop of alcohol in their system.

    • Mike says:

      LOL… and thought he got home completely unscathed.

  9. somuchless says:

    You know the saying, stick a fork in me? Well in this case they musta said stick a pole in me. Sad

  10. And you need a vehicle livin St.Georges, what goods a passport to Hamilton if you have to catch a bus to utilise it?

  11. James Rego says:

    Sorry but Bermudians have to be some of the worse drivers after dark. When you drive to work Monday mornings, have a look at the damage that occurred over the weekend. Every weekend! I am no angel, but…….

    • Yellow Line says:

      I agree, every Monday there is a wall, railing or hedget that was taken out along the North Shore over the weekend. The thing that irks me is that they are never repaired by those that damage them! Why are these individuals, or their insurance companies not forced to pay for damage done to public property!!!!!!!!!