Bean: “Cabinet Shares Collective Responsibility”

May 20, 2014

MARC BEAN (1)The Premier did not act alone yet he alone is being held responsible and Minister Shawn Crockwell and AG Marc Pettingill “share responsibility with the disgraced Premier and should also do the honourable thing and resign,” Opposition Leader Marc Bean said.

Mr. Bean was speaking after Craig Cannonier’s resignation last night [May 19], which will result in Michael Dunkley being sworn in as the new Premier of Bermuda later this morning, which you can follow on our live blog here.

Mr. Cannonier — whose career in politics began only a few years ago and saw him fast tracked to the position of Premier — resigned amidst a scandal surrounding “JetGate” and a donation from U.S. real estate developer Nathan Landow.

Speaking after his resignation, the former Premier said “Nothing illegal was done, but I accept there was a failure over time to be completely transparent.” Mr. Cannonier — who is heading off on vacation today — will remain a backbencher.

Mr. Bean said, “The resignation of former Premier Cannonier was wholly appropriate, but he was not the only OBA official that has violated the Ministerial Code of Conduct, and through omission, deceived the people of Bermuda.

“Minister Shawn Crockwell and AG Marc Pettingill share responsibility with the disgraced Premier and should also do the honourable thing and resign.

“The Premier did not act alone, yet as it stands today, he alone is being held responsible. Under the Westminster System, the Cabinet shares collective responsibility.

“For 14 months Cabinet Ministers spoke in defense of the now disgraced Premier and supported his efforts to hide the truth from the people of Bermuda.

“They defended the indefensible, deflected questions, and made excuses when they had the power to resolve this issue on the first day it became public. They have shirked their obligation to openness, honesty and integrity all in the hope of clinging to power.

“The Cabinet shares in the former Premier’s culpability in one of the most disgraceful episodes of Bermuda’s political history, and must be held accountable.

“Last night’s events are just another example of deception and cowardice on the part of the OBA, and a continued pattern of rejecting the principles of transparency and accountability,” added Mr. Bean.


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  1. Onion says:

    So presumably the whole PLP Cabinet should have resigned after Pay to Play.

    The PLP can’t criticise the when the PLP was 100 times worse and nobody resigned.

    • flikel says:

      So your argument is essentially ‘the PLP did it, therefore we can do it’. This is one of the fundamental problems with politics in Bermuda. We judge the ‘rightness’ or ‘wrongness’ of an action based on who is performing that action.

      Two wrongs do not make a right. You cannot excuse bad behavior simply because someone else also did it, and possibly got away with it.

      • anon says:

        No what I think he’s saying is that the PLP supports should have been brave and spoken up during the PLP administrations during all their wrong doings and fiscal mismanagement. No one is saying shady behavior is acceptable, ever but it’s hugely disappointing to only hear from the rank and file now.

        • Al says:


          It is not okay. It has never been okay.

          But for the PLP to demand the resignation of the whole Cabinet is the height of hypocrisy.

          • Jim Jones says:

            Agreed. I remember a certain Premier harping on and on about “Moral Authoriy” when the 2007 election was called.

            Well, I can certainly say the the PLP rank and file have absolutely no moral authority to be criticizing anyone over this. The selective outrage is almost as amusing as it is infuriating.

        • Come now, you are all “astute individuals”are you? As Bermudians had once said, “even Lance Hayward could see it / what’s coming”.
          As soon as the “House” goes on vacation for its annual summer recess we’ll see A.G. M. Pettingill and possibly, Minister Shawn Crockwell both step down but not before this session is up…It will only give / allow the Opposition (Progressive Labour Party) an opportunity to call for a vote of no confidence in the O.B.A. Govt. and as we lot say, “that just ain’t gonna happen”.

      • DarkSideofTheMoon says:

        Exactly, thats all OBA people say. Yes, the PLP screwed up, but all of this justification for the OBA to do even worse is a deflection.

        • BETTTY TRUMP says:

          Yes, The OBAubp must hold the others on JETGATE 3 responsible. Mr. Cannonier should not be the only one walking the plank and taking full responsibility. THE AG and Crockwell must also be made to hold some kind of responsibility for what has happen.

          If Mr. Cannonier was able to count on any one in his Cabinet to provide him with sound advice and direction, it should have come from the AG.

          However, this was not the case. Crockwell seem to throw him under the bus on the talk show, when the fan hit the ceiling. He was busy saving himself. This seems to now look like a set up to remove the Premier by an means necessary and make way for Dunkley. Look who was standing by him last night. If Dunkley wants full respect, he must call the AG and Crockwell out on this Mess as well.

          The OBAubp have to come clean on this matter. The other JETGATE 2 must be dealt with as well, and not just Cannonier. IF not this was merely a well executed plan by the OBAubp.

        • Onion says:

          I don’t think I’ve seen anyone justify that it was ok.

        • Mile High Club says:

          How is what they did worse. They were not the government at the time the funds were transferred. $0 from the public purse was missing or spent. Those that donated have not received any contracts or benefited.

          How is this worse than what the PLP did? Explain. may I remind you of Grand Atlantic, T-Street, Proactive, TCD, Emissions, Tuckers Point, Bda Cement Company, Coco Reef, Whites Island and on and on and on.

      • Mike says:

        You are right – you cannot excuse bad behavior simply because someone else did it.

        Mind you, now that the PLP have essentially rubber stamped the standards required going forward, goodness knows how they will behave if they are returned as the Govt at some stage in the future.

      • Mile High Club says:

        Yes you are correct, you cannot excuse bad behavior. The problem that many people called for the PLP party members to step down, resign, and that never, ever happened. Had the PLP party members done the right thing even once, then perhaps people would say they led by example. But the fact is that they didn’t!

        There is no need to list the endless scandals here that the PLP were involved in. Tell me once where the PLP did the right thing?

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        While I agree with your statement, I would also add that if you are unwilling to actually live by your words, they you shouldn’t speak them. And Mr Bean has shown repeatedly he does not believe in what he says, he would no sooner willingly call for an internal investigation into PLP misdeeds than he would resign had he been found committing them. I’m quite Mr Cannonier did not going willingly, but in the end he did, should the investigation determine that Mr Pettingil and Mr Crockwell need to resign whether willingly or by force they will. But for now, the man who brought this down on himself, whether through dark desires or good intentions, has stepped aside so that Bermuda can move on. I am sure the OBA will put out as polished a report as they can, but in the end, it is certainly more than the PLP did for this country.
        Mr Bean should make sure his garbage is cleared out properly, before he starts to criticize others garbage disposal. Care for the list Mr Bean

    • Hmmm says:

      So the PLP should all resign over Spicegate, Scaurgate, planninggate, Berkley bondgate, Trustgate, Alcholgate, speechgate, Grand Atlanticgate.

      BEAN, how about you live up to your own words and resign. Bermuda is waiting to see if you a man.

    • Mr. Bean I have to agree with the onion, and caution you to tread lightly, as the great doctor did make all of you look like damn fools more then once.

      The Canon made a great mistake along with Crock and Petti,they should do the right thing and sit the hell down.As you know 24 hours in politrics is a long time to mess up and more to come.

      So don’t go over the embankment with them, It is a good thing that people are not sleep at the wheel and Bermudians are speaking out more on the issues, and not just from emotions, cause you know what they say about the plantation folk.

    • Hot Button says:

      Lie a few Ministers did resign

    • Hot Button says:

      That is not true.PLP Ministers did resign

    • Thanks Onion…”What’s good for the goose should be equally good for the gander as well”.

  2. J Herald says:

    The Premier resigning is what is known as taking responsibility.

    This would never have happened under a PLP government. They would have deflected and pulled the race card.

    Sad thing is it worked for the PLP.

    • Onion says:

      It worked right up until people got sick of it and threw them out.

  3. Nancy2 says:

    Mr. Bean is 100% correct on this one. “The Premier did not act alone yet he alone is being held responsible and Minister Shawn Crockwell and AG Marc Pettingill “share responsibility with the disgraced Premier and should also do the honourable thing and resign,” Opposition Leader Marc Bean said.”

    It is difficult to accept that Mr. Cannonier is the only way made to take blame for this entire Jetgate situation. This makes the outcome of this situation difficult to fully accept. He did not act alone, yet he is the only one whom step down. He should have received the proper advice from the AG Marc Pettingill, but instead was mis-lead and deceived by him. If anyone should have known how to advise him, it should have been the AG. The many errors made by the AG over the year, speaks to his high level of incompetence.

    If no other actions to the others in Jetgate this entire matter comes across as something set-up by the OBA to remove Mr. Cannonier by any means necessary, and make way for Mr. Dunkley. The OBA must continue to do a full investigation and hold their other MPs accountable and transparent.

    • Sofia says:

      @Nancy 2: “This makes the outcome of this situation difficult to fully accept.”

      Nancy, there has been no “outcome” of this [Jetgate] situation other than Cannonier’s resignation. The investigation into the matter has not been completed and Joe Public still doesn’t know whether there was any illegality involved. It’s astounding how quickly people can be pilloried over accusations, manufactured and unbridled rumours and simple mean-spiritedness, not only by opponants but by people who relish in another’s downfall or simply want a good story to tell. Unfortunately, this is so typical, in every strata of Bermuda society, and far too often accusations prove unfounded.

  4. Ann says:

    Amen! How quickly they forget all the disgraceful things they did in 14 years, and have never had the guts to admit to any of them! Please can we move on now PLP, let’s get some work done for our country .

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:


      Mr. Cannonier is made to look like the fall guy in regards to this MESS of JETGATE. Why is he the only one held accountable, while the other JETGATE 2 have been allowed to walk away? The AG should have provided the Premier with solid advice, after all he too was on that trip. But instead we have him still holding a Minister’s post and with no reprimand. This is not good !

      The Cabinet shares collective responsibility, so why not hold the others to the same level as Mr. Cannonier? This makes this entire situation reap of wrong doings and a set up by the OBAubp to remove Mr. Cannonier and make way for Dunkley.

      If the OBAupb want to be truly transparent and Honest, the others involved in JETGATE must also be dealth with as equally.

      • daughter of the water says:

        ultimately the leader takes the responsibility. and he has done that. now let’s move on.

        you really have no idea what you are talking about 99% of the time. AMAZING how you turned a blind eye to all the unbelievable crap pulled when the PLP was in government, but now you’re a virtual expert on what’s right and wrong – really quite amazing.

        none of it was a set up – you are so un-evolved it’s staggering. people like you are part of the problem, not part of the solution. that’s for sure.

  5. Yahoo says:

    I don’t disagree with Bean but it’s hard to take him serious when the PLP had many, many gaffs and not one single resignation (except maybe Bud, if memory serves, but he should never have been given a Ministry in the first place)….

    • anon says:

      Who was Bud?

    • Hot Button says:

      A number of Ministers resigned under the PLP. Get your facts right.

      • Sandy Bottom says:

        Wrong. Roban resigned. The rest of the cabinet remained. Furbert and Zane, who benefited from the deal, remained. Cox, who in charge, remained. What happened to “collective responsibility” then?

        • Serengeti says:

          “Collective responsibility” is something the PLP first heard about after the OBA became the government.

  6. Enough says:

    You really are some piece of work Bean. Can you not accept that the right decision was made just because the PLP would never have made a decision like this??

    Your whole party is based on issued and screwed Bermuda over many times yet I don’t see anyone in your party taking any responsibility for it? Why don’t you actually man up and start having your members resign their positions, or better yet, give back the money…..

  7. el says:

    Mr. Bean you have been spot on so far hmmmmm.. we await your next syllable with baited breath!.

  8. Let there be hope says:

    Really!!! “Cabinet shares a collective responsibility” So that means all the millions that are alleged to have went missing under Brown administration your party will take responsibility for. And as for transparency and all the other shenanigans under the PLP reign. Then you too should come forth and enlighten us be transparent…

  9. Serengeti says:

    Someone remind us. When Bud resigned for an act of dishonesty, how many other PLP cabinet members resigned based on the idea of ‘collective responsibility’?

    • Onion says:

      …and he was back in Cabinet in what 6 months or was it 7?

      For those not familiar, “Bud” is a nickname for Walter Roban (that he gave himself).

      • Spittal Pond Skink says:

        George Costanza had wanted T-Bone seems only right that Walter give himself Bud.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      No answer to this I notice. Another “devilish” comment according to EB.

  10. watchfuleyes says:

    Absolutely, you are correct Mr.Bean-
    One for all and all for one, which means that others should share in the blame. Both Crockwell and Pettingill should go. @Hmmm… Bermuda is waiting to see that happen!
    And OBA don’t think because you threw us a bone(the Premier) that that will make us content, not so,heads should roll and it shouldn’t just be Craig’s,even though we all knew he was ruling on borrowed time.

    • anon says:

      Resign for taking a ride on a private plane to go to a meeting which would be in Bermuda’s best interest? You should resign from posting.

      • clearasmud says:

        @anon- you have no idea what happened at that meeting or if any of it would have been in Bermuda’s best interest. He did not resign willingly he was forced out because he intentionally mislead the House for almost a year. He gets no credit for being forced to resign. Also from the very beginning he claimed to have taken legal advice from the AG who was also in breech of the Ministerial code and said NOTHING for a year. Mr Pettingill as the top legal officer for the country who sat quitely while this mess unfolded , should also be forced to resign.
        I do not believe that the entire Cabinet should resign! they can only be held responsible for decisions that they take collectively and they have already stated (Mr Gibbons)that they were unaware of the trip prior to it happening!

        • lovemyisland says:

          Do you know what happened in that meeting? Where you there? Please stop making assumptions based on false accusations from others…they are called rumours!

        • Jim Jones says:

          your misunderstanding of this entire affair is astounding

  11. Enough says:

    Can we please just have a Godly government for once!? How many arrogant, politicians who think they are better and wiser than God Almighty do we have to have before they and we realize that His wisdom is greater and higher than ours?!

    • campervan says:

      separation of church and state. one of the hallmarks of modern democracy.
      The crusades were “godly”

      • Enough says:

        The crusaders were not following God campervan. Can i assume by your comments that you also believe that you’re wiser than God?

        • Keyboard says:

          It’s difficult to be wiser than a fictional being.
          But widespread ignorance seems to be paramount these days.

          • Enough says:

            And you’re showing your ignorance right now. Romans 1:22,23

            • J Herald says:

              You may as well quote from Harry Potter or Peter Pan. They are all fiction as is the Bible.

  12. campervan says:

    The gay basher is after more blood.

  13. Steve Davis says:

    So let’s just get everything straight:

    A political party was given a donation. They internally claim they did not receive the money, So this is an internal party issue.-None of this was public money and the OBA were not Government at the time.

    The Premier and others fly via private Jet to discuss a possible venture in Bermuda during a time of economic importance. – No public money was spent.

    Meanwhile the country continues to be downgraded by Moody’s due to our debt. – We now know that $800m is unaccounted for under the PLP administration and thy used Bermuda as their own personal credit card.

    So in reality this was a load of hot air, no contract was granted to the developer and no public money is missing. This is an internal OBA issue from start to finish.

    So according the PLP, there should be disclosure of all political donations? – Let’s have it! I would welcome it!

    Something tells me that the PLP, in their inability to be more than a dedicated smear campaign of personal attacks, have overstepped the boundary.

    Forensic accounting evidence is surely about to drop the greatest political bomb on the previous administration that this Island has ever seen. As Bob said, “it is coming”. this is why the OBA really are not bothered by simpletons like Bean making statements like this. Because it is all about to blow up in their face and they asked for it.

    On the other hand, the political system in Bermuda simply does not work. It resembles the Cold War.

    • No Need to be Coy Roy says:

      So let’s just get everything straight: EVERYTHING

      A political party was given a donation. WHICH CC DENIED HAPPENED INITIALLY.

      They internally claim they did not receive the money, AND THOUGHT THAT WAS STRANGE AND WORTHY OF INVESTIGATING.

      So this is an internal party issue. IF IT NEVER CAME UP IN THE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY

      None of this was public money and the OBA were not Government at the time. THEY WERE THE GOVERNMENT AT THE TIME WHEN THE THEN PREMIERE STOOD UP IN THE HOUSE AND LIED ABOUT IT.


      Meanwhile the country continues to be downgraded by Moody’s due to our debt. – We hear that $800m is unaccounted for under the PLP administration and thy used Bermuda as their own personal credit card. EIGHT HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS THAT THE CURRENT ADMINISTRATION HASN’T TALKED ABOUT OR REVEALED ANY ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT EVEN AFTER LOOKING UNDER THE PROVERBIAL HOOD.

      So in reality this was a load of hot air, no contract was granted to the developer and no public money is missing. This is an internal OBA issue from start to finish. EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT IT CAME UP IN THE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY WHICH IS THE PUBLIC DOMAIN.


      • Steve Davis says:

        What is there to Focus on?

        My money was not spent or squandered and nothing illegal happened. If you truly believe that deception and politics do not go hand in hand, then you are naive. We accept it, the voting public always has. You just need to be smart enough to know what is real and what is not.

        But I know first hand that proverbial hood has been looked under and a very strong financial witch hunt is about to take place, how many PLP members are we about to see burning at the stake in the coming years? It is coming!

        Just to put it in perspective, EB gave faith based tourism over 300k of PUBLIC money and it was embezzled. It is just a spec compared to the ruin the previous Government flung us into.

        I am not saying two wrongs make a right, but in my opinion. No public money was used, nothing illegal happened. So Craig may have to answer to his party internally, but that is for the OBA to sort out.

      • JUNK YARD DOG says:

        It look like in future that Politicians are to be denied Consultants; Advisers ; Secretaries ; Butlers; Accounts managers; Medical Advisers ; Interpreters; linguists; Chauffeurs ; Batman; Porters; Social Directors; Man Servants ; Hair stylists: Wine tasters; Foot men; Kitchen staff; Bible bearers; Court jesters; Heralds; Flag bearers ; Photographers; Media consultants and Map readers.

        I understand that the US president has two jumbo jets to accommodate the entourage with all their names on the manifest.

  14. joank says:

    I believe it’s a simple case of arrogance. How did he think he could possibly get away with this? I am very disappointed due to the fact that he worked very hard to get himself and his party into power, the people of Bermuda were waiting and hoping to restart our Island with fresh ideas, clean, transparency and were tired of being ripped off by the previous party. Why would he want to bring himself down to their level of doing things? Be HONEST even if it hurts you. I hope they’ve learned a valuable lesson that you can climb up very high and be at the most successful point in your life, but you can drop with a thud without warning. Remember how you reached the top; by the people that voted for you, be truthful. Please guys/gals, don’t drop the ball! You have a wonderful opportunity to do a lot of good for the people of this beautiful, blessed Island and we are depending on your forthrightness. I wish Michael Dunkley and the rest of the OBA only the best for our future.

  15. Oh yah..!! says:

    Um voting PLP…straight !!

    • coolieh says:

      You are crazy! The economy will crumble if they were to get back in!

      Ask any businessman! Most of IB would execute their plan B to leave the island.

      They already know what the PLP is like!

      You must be blinded by color?

      • shirley Richardson says:

        Yeh! and we know what the UBP is like, they are willing to sell Bermuda to the highest bidder. Cannonier ,was so naïve,did’nt he know that Michael Dunkly had Kim Swann,and Wayne Furbert,s back Let,s just admit it The UBP is back in power for the moment That was the plan all along.

        Pettingill,and crockwell needs to go as well. This Government does not have an ounce of credibility

  16. Spittal Pond Skink says:

    Ministerial Code of Conduct … Phfftttt !
    That’s rich coming from the PLP!

  17. Proud2bBermudian says:

    Mr. Bean, what would you have done if your leader asked you to accompany him on trip to discuss possible investment in Bermuda? I’m sure you would have gone. Even if you felt a tad bit concerned about the fact that you were travelling on a private jet, with the assurance of your leader you probably would have got on that plane with the best interest of the people at heart.

    I don’t know what Pettingill’s stance is on the issue but I heard Crockwell say that he did not know all the details that have been made public over the last few months and had he known what he does now he wouldn’t have gone on that trip. Perhaps this is true for the Attorney General also. I would hope so.

    The former Premier did not ‘take the fall’ for his colleagues. He took responsibility for his actions. If anyone knew the full story behind “Jetgate” it was Craig Cannonier. And while this may have been a result of his political naivety, it is not excusable. The funds transferred into this mystery account without the knowledge of OBA executive members is what disturbs me most – much more than “Jetgate”. And while the finances of any political party are private, it would cause me great disease to know that the leader of my country was involved in obtaining funds deceitfully. That is, in my opinion, why Craig Cannonier needed to resign. It had nothing to do with Pettingill or Crockwell. This whole issue has brought into question the integrity of our former Premier and I for one do not want a leader whose integrity is not intact. Our poor island has seen enough of that kind of leadership.

  18. ABC says:

    2 BE CONTINUED………………………………….

  19. James Rego says:

    I smell sulphur burning, Marc Bean must be nearby.

  20. Navin Johnson says:

    You have to laugh at Bean…nothing he says does anything to help Bermuda and he babbles on about the behavior of the OBA compared to the missing millions his party is responsible for…….the PLP proved their incompetence for 14 years and he says that with regard to the OBA “the people of Bermuda are not stupid” Excuse me? The people of Bermuda voted for the incompetent lot that is the PLP…. I believe Mr Dunkley will make Mr
    Bean regret the departure of Mr Cannonier

  21. Coffee says:

    Go after them Marc . Chase them crazy bald heads out of town !

  22. plp is a curse says:

    the only serious damage ever done to Bermuda is the plp bunch of hoodlums..they created epic financial MESS and has left us dry to the bones..totally ruined! if anyone should resign is the entire lot from this group of this dodgy element..

  23. plp is a curse says:

    it is time for mb to go ..he is a disgrace to the island and to the party he represents..His obvious salivating to rule or should ruin Bermuda is frightening.

  24. Dr. the Hon. Ewart F. Brown says:

    As long as the passionate supporters of the OBA continue to base their conclusions on the devilish trilogy of lies, allegations and distortions, they will continue to send the message that they prefer war over peace. They have indicated time and time again that they have no interest in meaningful conversation. They say nasty things about EVERY PLP leader. Their comments are frequently insulting to PLP supporters. They are not working on a bright future for themselves and their children.

    • Starting Point says:

      Nice to hear from you, how is our former part time Bermudian Premier doing these days?

      or are you American again now to suit your personal interests?

      • Dr. the Hon. Ewart F. Brown says:

        Hi Starting Point/Hooded Ones: I haven’t been a US citizen since 1998 when the PLP was preparing for the historic election. I have no plans to become an American citizen again. Does my being a Bermudian bother you?
        Have you guys not figured out yet that the “scandals” were manufactured by my political enemies ?
        When you get a moment read the Bible story about Haman and Mordecai. It shows what can happen when devilish folks concoct allegations (cedar beams, theft, etc). They are hanged from the gallows they built for others.

        @Bermuda Boy: I don’t need a boat. My brother and many friends have boats and they take me for lovely rides whenever I feel like doing that. The “Hon” before my name was approved by the same folks you respect. Tell them to take it away (smile).

  25. James Rego says:

    Go away Ewart!

  26. Bermuda Boy says:

    Brown, why do you put the Hon before your name, we all know it isn’t true. Instead of writing here, go for a ride in your boat.

  27. laugh or cry says:

    Where was mr Bean during the Ewart years? Maybe if he had been so vocal whilst Ewart ws taking us blind, we would all be better off. But of course! It was Ewart who put Bean where he is right?

    Well done to the OBA! They stood together as a party for the good of the country and forced Craig out. The PLP would have juat closed ranks for the good of their party. As was evidenced by the many Ewart scandals.


  28. Prayerful says:

    For the PLP it was 14 years, while for the OBA it was only 14 months. 14 years and 14 months of deception. Because the PLP did it for 14 years it does not make it right for OBA to do it for 14 months.

    Mr. Pettingill you must go. Mr. Crockwell, I am sure you are shaking in your boots wondering when your turn will come.

    • Mr Pettingill and yes, Mr Shawn Crockwell will both step down, but not before this session of the House is up…When they return to the House after the summer recess there will be others taking their position and the One Bermuda Alliance will be conducting business according to their plan prior to the elections back in Dec. 2012