Bermuda CrossFit Team Finishes 24th

May 23, 2014

CrossFit Bermuda competed in the Latin America Regionals for the 2014 CrossFit Games, finishing with a score of 165 points, placing them 24th out of 29 teams.

The first event was the rep-max hang squat snatch; Team Bermuda finished in 24th position. The second event, a max distance handstand walk, saw Team Bermuda finish tied for 12th place.

The third event, dubbed nasty girls v2, saw Bermuda finish in 17th place, followed by a 21st place finish in the fourth event, which included 10 rounds of a legless 14-foot rope ascent and 200-foot sprint.

Event five, consisting of 64 pull-ups and eight overhead squats, left Bermuda in 23rd place, followed by a 24th place finish in the sixth event, a second place finish in the seventh event, and a 19th place finish in the eighth and final event.

Team Bermuda consisted of Marc Tucker, David Middleton, Mathew Macdonald, Jenny Malcolm, Sally Wombwell, and Tiffany Dawson.

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