Marc Bean: Crockwell & Fahy Should Also Resign

May 23, 2014

MARC BEAN (1)Minister Shawn Crockwell and Minister Michael Fahy should join Craig Cannonier and Mark Pettingill and also resign, Opposition Leader Marc Bean said last night.

The Opposition Leader was speaking after Mr. Pettingill tendered his resignation as Attorney-General, paving the way for him to accept a job in the private sector, which is reported to be at Clarien Bank.

Mr. Pettingill’s resignation followed after that of Craig Cannonier, who stepped down late Monday evening amidst controversy surrounding his role in “JetGate” and the $300,000 donation.

While they have tendered their resignations as member of Cabinet, both gentlemen will remain in the House of Assembly as backbenchers. Michael Dunkley has replaced Mr. Cannonier as Premier, while Trevor Moniz replaced Mr. Pettingill as Attorney-General.

In a statement issued last night. Mr. Bean said, “The resignation of Mark Pettingill was a necessary step to bring Bermuda together and move Bermudians forward. Yet the dubious actions of the remaining JetGate 2, Ministers Crockwell and Fahy must be addressed.

“Minister Fahy collaborated in setting up the mysterious $300,000 account and sat silent when his honesty could have saved the OBA and Bermudians from being subjected to this ongoing political train wreck.

“Minister Crockwell violated the Ministerial Code and participated in over a year of deception and deflection over the JetGate scandal.

“The people and justice demand nothing less than their immediate resignations,” added Mr. Bean.

“Interim Premier Michael Dunkley, repeatedly stood in defense of the JetGate 4 and assisted in their efforts to mislead Bermudians. He has an obligation to fire Ministers Crockwell and Fahy if they fail to do the right thing and resign.

“Bermuda’s progress is being held ransom by the acts of the remaining participants in JetGate and for Bermuda to move forward, Ministers Crockwell and Fahy must join Mr. Cannonier and Mr. Pettingill and resign.

Mr. Bean concluded, “Failing that the Premier has an obligation to remove them from his Cabinet.”

Neither Minister or the OBA responded to our request for comment.

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  1. Hmmm says:

    Marc Bean, please resign …. Scaurgate, Spicegate and Gamblegate.

    Unacceptable. You are a vote loser for the PLP as you don’t practice what you preach.

    • flikel says:

      I think the OBA supporters, at least those who post on these message boards, are too focused on the PLP.

      The tendency to overlook the OBA’s transgressions and labeling the PLP as hypocrites, when they highlight OBA misdeeds, will not help the government in winning a second term.

      To ‘shoot the messenger’, instead of properly addressing the message is the wrong approach, in my opinion.

      I do find some of the commentary from the OBA supporters as offensive. I am not a PLP supporter, but labeling these people as ‘sheep’, ‘kool aid drinkers’ and implying they lack sensible decision making abilities will not help the OBA to gain votes…in fact, it may do the opposite.

      • sonso says:

        if i could insert a picture that showed me playing the smallest violin in the world, i would do it, but i cant.

        would you also like a cookie and a glass of milk with that pity pie?

      • Blaque says:

        I totally agree with you @flikel. As the Opposition leader… Mr Bean is doing his job.It is getting quite boring with all the back and forth from party supporters.

        My fellow country men and women… when will we wake up and stop bickering over spilt milk and start finding solutions to our issues?

        • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

          “stop bickering over spilt milk “..!!!!?? are u saying that people should just forget and expunge the PLPs record and jus move on..? Have you lost your mind?? or, did you even have one?? i’m hearing nothing but a mirrored echo from ALL OBA haters ever since day one of recovery…then when things start to look better for YOU…then you just retort disrespectfully “oh its about time” or “oh its just propaganda”…waah! waah! waah!…that’s where the impression of “Entitlement” comes into view…It’s not ONE persons job to sell BDA or its wares…it’s MY job and YOURS, its EVERYONES job, and YOU must remember, YOU are not having a backyard conversation…YOUR words are heard LOUD n CLEAR , INTERNATIONALLY!!! but i see that thought never entered your head that is why BDA will never succeed…so just go ahead and pull everyone else down with you…thanks

      • JustAskin2 says:

        Not to mention the fact that all of this name calling has racial overtones which appears to be sanctioned and encouraged by OBA supporters.

        • Hmmm says:


        • haha says:

          Yeah sanctioned….you are a moron!

        • LOL (Original TM*) says:

          No they don’t and they have had the orijins of the names have been hashed out many time as people like you (is that racist) seem to want it too.


      • Bold man says:

        Please start discussing the needs of the people, needs of the Island. Have you forgotten what you did while you were there for 12 years? All suffering from short memory syndrome?

    • Uncle Bob says:

      Like you do…lol…..smh…OBA?UBP supporters all of a sudden think they are as perfect as Jesus…aaah no your not…just saying

    • The Dark Knight Returns says:

      I voted for the OBA and am not. Supporter of Mr. Bean but under these circumstances I would have to agree with him. These other two men should resign or be forced to resign. Or commence a criminal investigation to ascertain where the $300K went.

      • LiarLiar says:

        Criminal investigation?

        Don’t know too much about the law then huh?

      • lucky 7 says:

        It wasn’t TAXPAYERS money!!!!! It does not nedd an investigation. Its actually no one’s business, ppl can do what they like with their own money, at least it wasn’t YOUR money they were using—it would’ve benn had they been PLP.

        • lucky 7 says:


        • lovemycountry says:

          Welcome to the unfair world of being a British overseas tretitory. You will now see how the people in the Turks and Caicos are being treated. Justic bought for some of certain colour and race. Some names could never be called. They always wanted to get their claws in your county to distroy.
          Nothing nice is going to happen in your counrty, follow the news to see how we are being treated. Now you will understand, you didn`t before.

          • LiarLiar says:

            Yeah..sure…cause Misick had nothing to do with your financial predicament…yawn

          • Hmmm says:

            What are you banging on about? How does it relate?

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        The constant attempt to make this donation illegal is quite tiresome. There is nothing wrong with a person or organization making a donation to a political organization, so long as that organization is legally recognized as being able to receive one. As for whether the monies went to the OBA or was spent by the political club is a matter of business between said club and the OBA, not of the police. The only thing the donation and a plane ride achieved at this point is a meeting to discuss potential development, no contracts have been awarded, no favors granted. By any and all accounts, the money is a clean donation, the sin has been the lack of transparency over the matter. I wouldn’t call Minister Crockwell the greatest Tourism Minister we have had, but he beats out a few over the last decade. I think there are better resources in the OBA to take this job, but that would be my reasoning for seeing him go. As for Fahy, keep him, his sin is far less than what others have remained for, and he is doing the best job there, than has been done in decades, that is the main reason the PLP want him out. I just simply find it impossible to agree with someone doesn’t practice what he preaches, I’ve said this before, Mr. Bean needs clean up his own garbage before he tries to preach about how others clean up theirs.

    • BeanResign says:

      When will Marc Bean resign?? We, the citizens of Bermuda, also demand his resignation. He has done nothing but trouble for Bermuda.

      • Anon says:

        Agreed. Mark Bean needs to resign

      • DarkSideofTheMoon says:

        Speak for yourself please…

        • Huh? says:

          DarkSideofTheMoon……isn’t everyone here speaking for themselves.

          • LOL (Original TM*) says:

            Nah the PLP regulars think they speak for everyone.. that looks like them of course


    • RE-SIGN - NO THANKS says:

      Mr. Bean – Those that live in fenced communities should not throw gates!

      To copy a post from another Bernews Poster and then add to it, I ask you or your followers:

      Who resigned over the millions lost at Grand Atlantic?
      Who resigned over the $800 million is unaccounted for dollars?
      Who resigned over the Bermuda Cement Co deal?
      Who resigned over the millions in screw ups at Berkeley?
      Who resigned over the TCD deal not going out to tender?
      Who resigned over the Bda Emissions deal?
      Who resigned over Tuckers Point SDO?
      Who resigned over Faith Based Tourism?
      Who resigned over Beyoncé Concert?
      Who resigned when the AG found person expenses paid for with the peoples money?
      Who resigned over Cedar Beams?
      Who resigned over Dame Lois Building?
      Who resigned over Coco Reef gift?
      Who resigned over SDO at Vesey Street
      Who resigned after the PLP minister forgot to sign the Cruise Ship contract?
      Who resigned over the cruise ship pier deal, overspending, gift contract and poor workmanship ?

      Anyone wish to add to this list?

      As a TAXI driver living in the East I add.

      Who resigned over GPS self serving deal?
      Who resigned over Club Med blow down the hotel and then nothing?
      Who resigned over closing down of St. Georges Golf Course?

      I await your response Mr. Bean!

      • Karma says:

        T-Street – Bda Housing Corporation Scandal – ZERO resignations.
        Dame Lois Bldg – zero resignations
        Illegal Lottery – nope nobody resigned there
        Online Swizzle Sales without license – nada – nyet , nope

        • hmmm says:

          What about the LED light mess up in Govt offices ?

        • Comebye Ahh says:

          Who resigned over Quigars deal?
          Who resigned over “We had to deceive you”
          Who resigned over Fast Ferry Deal?

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        Don’t forget the Global Hue contract or the hiring of the late Jullian Hall as a legal consultant at the same time he was consulting the BIU during the bond arbitration with government. Whites island, carte blanche granting of SDO’s while ignoring technical officers and let’s not forget that the high ranking members of the PLP government who we’re using the BHC to buy and sell personal properties at off market prices to their gain. Mr. Bean’s hands are far to stained for him the call on anybody else to resign, irregardless of his job as leader of the opposition, this is one of the reasons that it is plain the PLP have not changed their stripes and I could not trust them to enact any of this ideas they now profess to preach.

      • As Mr. Joe Brown would say, “My, my, my…” The face one sees in a mirror, they may not like :-(

    • Huh says:

      If only he the PLP had been held to the same standard during their reign of terror

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        PLP people dont make mistakes only white people but then they aren’t mistakes ……


  2. 1minute says:

    And so should Marc Bean for publicly dragging Bermuda’s name in the mud.

    • Uncle Bob says:

      But it was ok for the UBP/OBA to do it when they were the opposition..smdh…all the false corruption allegations, etc, etc….smh!

      So Typical of UBP/OBA supporters, totally brainwashed and confused, you just don’t know what you want for Bermuda.

      Bob Marley already done told you that the truth is an offence but no a sin.

      If the UBP/OBA said the sky is really purple but looks blue during the day, sure enough you would believe it….smh!

      • RE-SIGN - NO THANKS says:

        Did you only start reading the papers this year? Because YOU are brainwashed.

        Ask yourself , how much of the public purse was spent on this Jetgate thing? Answer $0. How much in travel expenses to meet Mr. Landow $0 in airfare since they flew on his jet. How many contracts awarded to him $0

        NOW, ask yourself the SAME questions about ANY government project in the 14 years before the OBA. Pick one , ANY one?

        Somehow, like always I doubt that anyone from the PLP with reply except with name calling. Amazing what you can pretend to not see when you force people to look the other way.

      • Karma says:

        When the UBP were in power we all had jobs and the economy was booming . In fact at one time during their time in power we had the lowest unemployment and almost always on the top 10 list of countries with the best standard of living and highest per capita income.

        Explain to me how you think the PLP improved on that. Was it the massive unemployment or the massive debt tat the PLP left us with that has you confused. My guess is that you are related to or part of the pay to play / friends an d family few that benefited from their contracts and awards.

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        Incorrect they did it mostly locally the PLP blog about it internationally see story on Roban and Daniels writing in online news papers internationally.


      • Navin Johnson says:

        Betty? is that you Uncle Bob?

  3. San George says:

    Set it on Marc!

  4. Navin Johnson says:

    Why not everyone resign and we can be lead again by the Magnificent PLP who only took the last 17 months to learn from 14 years of stupid mistakes…’s over now Mister Bean and you can now sit down again …….

    • Uncle Bob says:

      Why don’t you resign from posting and go cut the grass hanging over your picket fence…smh

      • Lovemyisland says:

        Ooo wow name calling, disrespect…same old PLP tactics! I think you don’t like hearing the truth!

        • LOL (Original TM*) says:

          Ya they have always been better at the hole “ya moma” thing.


    • Ian says:

      Oh yeah, the infamous 14 years over which Bermuda experienced its LARGEST GROWTH RATE… EVER. I dont necessarily credit that to anything special the PLP did however I’m not so naive as to ignore the fact that it was ultimately a global credit crisis and the need for companies to offset huge losses by cost cutting via staff reductions/globalization/redomiciling etc that was the most prominent factor placing Bermuda in the situation it is in now. As you all remember, personal and government debt, for instance, was a lot more “sustainable” pre 2008…

      • haha says:

        What did the PLP do in those 14 years that was really great for Bermuda Ian? Where’s all this infrastructure they had to build?! Keep on riding their train….see how far it really gets Bermuda.

        • Uncle Bob says:

          @haha…..Take off your shades and thou shall see the light…hahahahahaaha

          • haha says:

            Shades are off bra…as far as um concerned you can’t even give me examples of what I asked above. My point EXACTLY!! Dummy

            • Uncle Bob says:

              No your shades aren’t off…or maybe you’ve been blind folded…or maybe your contact lens aren’t contacting your brain…i just don’t know Bra…

              you sound pretty frustrated…OBA?UBP can do that to ya with there lack on communication skills…

              Have a happy holiday and enjoy the infrastructures PLP put in place for ya…:-)

              • Navin Johnson says:

                Thanks Uncle Bob…you too…think I will take the fast ferry into town if its working..

        • Ian says:

          Looks like you’ve completely missed the point again “haha”…

      • Hmmm says:

        Ian they borrowed money to pay for projects that had no way of generating income to repay the debt. they grew the government jobs way out of line with the needs of the country.

        Slow and steady growth is what needed to be managed. The PLP led us headfirst into an all or nothing spending spree, whilst a message of anti international business, anti white and anti expat was being spread.

        People left, money left and Bermuda was torn. Extremists now exercise their views on the internet, talk shows and try to pin blame on anyone but the PLP.

        International business in Bermuda weathered the 2008 credit crisis. The PLP didn’t and Bermuda suffered.

        • Uncle Bob says:

          and my Name is Orville Rednbucker…OBA?UBP gives you nothing popcorn talk complete with lolly pop dreams….really feeling sorry for the brainwashed UBP?OBA supporters…sad sad sad

          • hmmm says:

            Erm, OK. This is from my experience of the PLP speeches, press, their town halls , rallies and the PLP supporter comments on-line. My economics knowledge, experience and nothing to do with the OBA.

        • Ian says:

          IB weathered (and continues to)the 2008 credit crisis by shaving the fat off of operations. Its simple common sense that I have a hard time comprehending the lack of expressed by some of you seemingly self-perceived business saavy OBA/UBP supporters. People left this island on redundancies for the most part as these companies answer to shareholders that could give two damns about Colonel Burch’s sound bites. You people pretend you dont recognize that even as you watch banks and insurance companies continue to downsize well post OBA’s election victory. Its sad really, the denial. I have no doubt there were folks left on the basis they felt hard-done-by because they didnt get what they wanted when they wanted above and beyond their bloated compensation packages and subsidized lifestyles. But your not going to convince anyone with half a brain and an objective view that your account of things makes sense.

          • Sandy Bottom says:

            Oh right. Why did Cox bring the Payroll tax back down after one year? It was to try to repair the damage she did when she put it up without warning. But she was too late. By that time the exodus was unstoppable. Nobody trusted her.

            • Ian says:

              Lol you’re joking right.. Regardless of whether the brief payroll tax increase was silly, as an adult of (at least) average intelligence you really expect me to take you seriously on your views that was the driving force behind the “exodus”? Perhaps Paula Cox is the reason Endurance’s CEO axed a ton of jobs, and the banks continue to… Read a book Sandy and build your own perspective on how the world works, based on facts not your small town local political/racial/socioeconomic biases…

              • Comebye Ahh says:

                Not the driving force , but perhaps the final straw. Think about it Ian. These companies did not shut their doors – THEY MOVED! Ask yourself why and then reply back with a serious answer.

                • Ian says:

                  Not a whole lot to think about. Start with the fact Bermuda is the 3rd most expensive jurisdiction to live in. Again, I don’t really understand the extreme lack of common sense thinking here… Bermuda’s costs are manageable for the big boys, hence why the biggest, most successful operations never left.

                  • Comebye Ahh says:

                    The biggest and most successful moved large parts of their companies, entire departments – overseas to other areas. XL Capitals existence here is now almost non existent. Citigroup is another, BNY, STW, Old Mutual and so on.

                    The companies register shrunk under the PLP administration and has grown already under the OBA.

                    • Ringmaster says:

                      @Ian. You included one of the major reasons above when you said Bermuda is the 3rd most expensive place to live. Did the PLP reduce this? Payroll tax was 8% in 1998 now it is 14%. Who raised it? Are you OK with taking a 50% pay cut to reduce those costs? You have not mentioned other reasons for the exodus. Examples. Talk of “Sven and Johnny” meaning an employer has to hire a Bermudian for each work permit, then kick out the work permit after 3 years; wanting to implement a ratio of race to total employment; travel by PLP MP’s on private jets so business would be made easier for those companies. There are many other examples. Also why not mention 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina following which many large insurance/reinsurance set up shop here. Was the PLP responsible or was it fortunate that Bermudians prospered following these disasters? Did the PLP invent IB or was it already in place in 1998? Lastly, in 14 years, how many new pillars of the economy did the PLP create or have the opportunity to start, such as sea bed mining, and now are calling for the OBA to create?

                    • Ian says:

                      Ding ding ding ding!! Thats right YOU ARE CORRECT! They DID move parts of their operations. Now give yourself credit for having a shred of common sense and tell us why they did that! When companies like ACE are moving technical departments to places like India, why do you think that is??? When XL takes measures to downsize after their stock drops from a high of almost $84 to UNDER $3 in December 2oo8 how is that a shocker to you. And the banks you mention… You really need someone to explain to you when they would see the sense in shutting down their small Bermuda offices after a global credit crisis??? And those company registrations as of recent… Try explaining why they’re up yet there are pretty much zero jobs tied to them? Let me know if you need help with that one. Or maybe you can blame the PLP for that too!

                    • Ian says:

                      @ Ringmaster
                      Did the PLP do anything to reduce it?? What exactly does that mean. Increases in the cost of living in Bermuda since the 9o’s have been driven mostly by housing and food costs. Those have largely been driven be the presence of a thriving IB sector particularly leading up to 2oo8. Outside of initiatives focused on creation of affordable housing, what exactly should the PLP have to slow down or reverse trends caused by the successes of IB? As for payroll tax, a cost of doing business, you can cry about that all you want but clearly its no deal breaker for companies here in general. Bermuda is still one of the most attractive business jurisdictions at 14%. As for maintaining ratios I doubt you will get too much sympathy from the black population here when, even in this day, whites equally qualified get paid more then them, AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT. Same applies to women’s incomes vs men. Your mention of Katrina and 9/11 hits the nail on the head and supports my comments that I do not necessarily credit the PLP for the upswing but rather changes in market conditions. Markets experience highs and lows, a big low being post 2oo8 if you didn’t notice. On that logic you cant exactly fully credit the PLP for the ‘downswing’ either. Thats just simple common sense starting with the fact our small time local politics have less influence on your local economics than mach larger outside influences. Lastly, regardless of who introduces new pillars it needs to happen. There is nothing constructive about debating who should have do it and when.

                  • Ringmaster says:

                    I note you have carefully ignored most of my post, just cherry picked bit. Final word. You mention downsizing. Yes many companies downsized in Bermuda and guess what, they moved those junior jobs to cheaper places and the senior jobs to more expensive places. Why? The more expensive places welcomed the senior jobs with large welcoming mats because they are financially astute enough to know the senior jobs bring much needed revenue, and create even more jobs. The PLP went out of their way to make them feel unwelcome and create uncertainness as to what law or restriction they would bring next.

                    • Ian says:

                      You see the problem with you guys is you backtrack into a “reality” you have created whereby the starting point is “by hook or crook, this sh%t is ENTIRELY THE PLPS FAULT!!” In accounting for the 6ooo folks that have left the island, please list the ones who were senior executives that moved to “more expensive jurisdictions” because they felt that, beyond their bloated compensation packages and company-subsidized lives, Bermuda just wasn’t doing enough to make them feel warm, fuzzy and super duper special.

                    • Ringmaster says:

                      I never said the problem is ENTIRELY THE PLP’S FAULT. “You guys”; “bloated packages”; “warm fuzzy and super duper”? You are really showing your ignorance of reality and blind acceptance of the PLP PR machine. Ask Dale Butler if the work permit holders at MEF have “bloated packages”. Are you a Government employee? If so you are entirely dependent on IB to pay you and the continuing debt. Even if not, you are still dependent on IB. If IB downsizes much more then you will be eating onions and fish. Did you read Cyril Whitter’s OP ED prior to the 2012 election? Here’s a fact. Of your 6,000 number, a small minority have “bloated packages”. Bermuda is 100% dependent on non Bermudians and has been for probably 100 years. By the way, why don’t you try and copy Freddie Yearwood’s success?

          • Hmmm says:

            Ib weathered the low reinsurance rates by cutting worldwide costs, but that was in the last 3 years and nothing to do with the credit crunch in 2008 which wiped out a bunch of capital.

            • Ian says:

              Ok… you’re clearly no PHD on the subject…

      • Serengeti says:

        The trouble is Cox and Ewart maxed out the credit card buying groceries.

  5. Hmmm says:

    ah it makes sense now…PLP trying to disrupt the annoucement for St Georges.

    • Hmmm you might have a point here, cause you know how Ve Byes do ven vere down de road.just pass de super rat smoking challis back of de barn, ve conjur up a con cockion an stir up de pot so people don’t pay attention to de real deal comin down de pipe line, big nunsmin coming ba, about dem cats don east in no mans lan, st joe getting ready to blow a hoe so dem big dings a go on, cheekums an i daught i vas e lit terit, online course does lead you on a path to som vere, i just haven’t fig it out yet.

  6. Serengeti says:

    The PLP will do everything it can to disrupt any hotel development. They would rather Bermudians remain unemployed than to see the OBA succeed where the PLP failed.

    If collective responsibility is so important, why didn’t DeSilva, Furbert and Cox resign when Roban was forced to resign?

    • Ian says:

      Your 1st line is the dumbest thing I’ve head this week… Scary how folk like you actually convince yourselves of that hateful crap.

      • Sandy Bottom says:

        To most of us it’s obvious. The minute there’s any progress the PLP pull another stunt to try to derail it. They don’t care about jobs. They just want power.

        • Ian says:

          Oh yeah… MOST as that poll clearly indicated the other day illustration the OBA’s disconnect with the populous. Youre a hypocrite talking about desire for power as you support a party proven to be built on deceit, lies and a strategy designed (per the writing) to return the UBP back to POWER. And MOST are not surprised at how things have played out with the “power shift” within the party. Now lets all watch as the create and/or endorse any pathway for creating new “Bermudians” loyal to the OBAs goal of retaining power through subsequent elections.

          • Build a Better Bermuda says:

            The poll asked an opinion of perception, perception is seldom reality. The perception is is that the OBA are out to pander to big business, the reality is that business is required for us to grow again and the OBA embrace this. The PLP know this too, they just don’t promote it, they are entirely about image, they spend ridiculous amounts of money to maintain it. But it is just that, an image. The UBP built the infrastructure that created the successful business economy we had during the middle of the last decade, the PLP exploited it and failed Bermudians during it. Pre-2008 business was good here, for all, many Bermudians were able to be self-employed or have small businesses, because there was an influx capital into the economy producing work and job opportunities at all levels of society to support this entrepreneurship. The PLP failed because they never prepared for the possibility that it might go away and believed it would just come back after it did.
            There isn’t an economy in this world with a population base of Bermuda’s that can support itself locally, we have no industry, the only way for tourism to truly come back is to lower the cost of the product, and to do that we would need to be like other successful tourist destinations and pay hospitality workers next to nothing like the other jurisdictions. We need foreign investment, but the PLP won’t tell you that right now, they will not admit that if the OBA entertains foreign business and successfully bring it back, then work and jobs will come back as well. They are able to maintain the perception that actually touch with and care about the worker, but the OBA has the monumental task of trying to fix what was done out of neglect and inaction and to do so in a very different atmosphere than it was 5 – 10 years ago. Just don’t buy to hard into the perception that what they are doing means they are in touch with what the people need, the reality is they are, but they are also concerned with making sure that we have what we will need tomorrow. It’s not disconnect, it’s forward focus for our children. The reality is that the PLP never had a clue about building an economy for the future and still don’t, because they are more concerned with maintaining an image today and anybody that fully buys into their image seems to want to ignore what they did before now for the sake of an image they could never live up to.
            We still have hard times ahead, focus on reality, don’t get distracted by images.

  7. Sally Girl says:

    FFS Marc, have a seat. Have several seats.

    • Onion says:

      Better yet, give up your seat to someone who isn’t a joker.

  8. Yesterday when I said that Crock should do the right thing and resign, along with the silent person,you knew exactly who I was referring to and now he needs to do the right thing because he is just as guilty to have it gone this far. Mr. Cannonier along with all the rest did not have to resign if they were forth coming with the truth long before it got out of hand.

    The bad side is they all done a serious injustice to their own credibility by trying to cover up they must all do the right thing and the last two resign, don’t worry you can still come to the on Monday, just wear the gombey suit and you will fit right in.

  9. el says:

    when has Mr. Bean had an opportunity to practice what he preached, this is his first term as leader of opposition, this is a different administration, try to stay on point and deal with the present government who has the power, the opposition are doing a great job at opposing which is the official position of the opposition. It is to oppose,…So they can run circles around Oba when it comes to opposing, and even party conflicts, Plp have always had their own way of dealing with their issues as expediently as possible so that Bermuda doesn’t get too affected by the in-party situations..The Oba can certainly take a page out of their books on how to be a good opposition, they do seem to be wielding more power that the Oba, hmmmm wonder why?

  10. watching says:

    We are behind you Marc!

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Don’t say that, he won’t like it. He doesn’t like teh ghey

    • haha says:

      more like on ya knees in front

  11. Anon says:

    Mark Bean needs to resign immediately!

  12. Hey Mark….dat money has been donated to me….yes…i accepted it… is under my purvue……and no…u may not have a borrow…you may kiss my butt though ,u must use chapstick though.Mark ,just one more itsy bitsy favour would you please resign yourself asap…your shananagins are bad for buisiness,for the good of Bermuda.Did you know that people see your smug pug overseas?Honestly your not a good representative…people must think we’re all like you,and this I cannot abide!

    • Same ol same ol says:

      Love the name! Lol! Very creative ;)

  13. PBanks says:

    That’s actually brilliant, because if the OBA people were to follow Bean’s demands, then the PLP can follow up with “See, there’s nothing but UBP up there” afterwards. Shrewd moves, PLP leadership.

    On a serious note, the political game on this island continues to be ludicrous.

    • SBSinBDA says:

      Heap. That does seem to be the game plan. So sad really. Thought we wanted jobs, but we chasing it all away.

  14. Jane says:

    This is all political strategy folks. Let’s just continue to pound away at really isn’t that much of a big deal until we can get the entire party to resing and then we can get back in………………then what? I DON’T care who contributes to who and how they do it. What I care about is people having jobs to support their families. I voted for PLP the first term so I am not a person who clearly supports the party I wanted change and oh boy it was not the change I imagined it would be. I really think the OBA who is clearly business minded can take us forwad and that is why I voted for them. We have to run Bermuda as a business so we can feed it’s people. The PLP cannot do this for us, sorry Marc.

    • Johnny says:

      By your theory of the OBA running the country as a business, the money reserved for Bermudian expenses must be somewhere in petty cash, while spending on the rich and foreign must have the largest allocation of funds. E.g. Scholarships specifically allocated for people who need financing ($1500-$10,000 per person and now 4-30 people) cut to almost nothing. While scholarships for rich kids ($40,000 per year for 8 people) has not been affected. This is only one example of the OBA not doing things in the best interest of Bermudians.

      By the way, if you hire a contractor (PLP) to build your house (Bermuda), and things do not go according to plan with the contractor mismanaging funds and doing poor quality work in some areas. You decide to fire the old contractor and hire a new one (OBA) to get your house in order, and you hired them particularly because they told you of all the wonderful things they can do to fix your house and make it better than it was supposed to be. If the new contractor comes in and starts doing the opposite of what they promised, and in some cases screw things up worse than the old contractor, will you say ” that’s ok because my old builder done similar stupid things and I appreciate the hard work you are doing to f— stuff up, cause at least you are not that other guy.

      • Hmmm says:

        Show me the proof of all these scholarships for rich kids paid by the Government.

      • Jane says:

        @Johnny you get scholarships when you get good grades, end of story. You don’t get them because you are rich. I Know:)

        Talking about contractors, if I had an outdated, disconnected contractor that built my house the first time and did yes delivered poor quality then of course I would want a new contractor that has new ideas with new insight to build my house and that is why I changed my vote. I was tired of backward thinking and outdated ideas that took us no where.

  15. San George says:

    The House, The House, The House is on ….. we don’t want no water.

  16. Sad says:


    Who owned the land at Spice Hill that you wanted an SDO soooo badly for? (I know:)

    Why didn’t you answer the questions regarding the SDO you issued to your mate and PLP Senator to build his house on protected coast line? The same Senator that fought very hard to get you in the position you find yourself in today subsequent to the last election.

    Since you are one that seems to claim that you’re of a higher moral standard please explain why all of a sudden you are a big advocate of allowing online gaming to set up in BDA. Does it have something to do with your recently opened gambling business along with your business partner who was previously convicted of running an illegal lottery in the Bahamas? I mean your wife was quoted in the paper of praising your business partner stating, “He would come here and do well and help people. He would be beneficial to Bermuda” as well as her stating in the same article, “The company [Wellington] was incorporated for Mr. Flowers to expand his international ventures to Bermuda if he so chose to.” So can we assume it just one big coincidence that you and your team’s online gaming promotion just happened to coincide with your new gambling business and partner who your own wife is on record as stating that you have opened the opportunity for the Bahamian gentleman to expand his operations to Bermuda. Funny thing is I thought foreign investment was a bad thing in Bermuda according the foreign hatred espoused by the PLP and their followers on a daily basis. Why is your business partner such a welcome addition to Bermuda while others are nasty foreigners who are going to suck the blood out of Bermuda and eat our children?

    However, after thinking a little deeper I scrapped the ‘coincidence’ theory after reminding myself what you stated in the House on March 20th 2014, “It’s the contracts, that’s the real reason why you all fight and sacrifice to get into this House to have political power, cause that’s the gravy train. Yeah, hello for those of you who are just coming into politics, that’s Politics 101 around the world. “Again Politics 101, contracts… the gravy of politics is contracts.”

    So one can assume since the leader of the Opposition stated the above in the House (i.e. politicians are all about the contracts) that your whole team shares the same view as per the ‘collective responsibility’ drum you keep on banging on about. Therefore, based on your beliefs once can easily be led to the conclusion that all of the PLP elected and appointed representatives are only in their positions to try and gain financially as much as they can and to hell with actually trying to better Bermuda.

    Your failure to accept accountability and answer these queries in the interest of transparency, and the fact that your team supports your refusal to be transparent thus requires the you and the whole of the Opposition to resign. I mean it must be right, concerning your obsession with collective responsibility? Right? You’re not a hypocrite are you Mr. Bean?

    • Starting Point says:

      Take it even more grass roots and examine all the ‘help’ Marc and his mates on the far side of white hill field have done for the community.

    • 32n64w says:

      Mr. Bean must be sorely missing his Mirrors pay cheque as he knows FIRST HAND how taxpayer dollars can so easily end up in the hands of party faithful when the PLP are driving the money train.

      … as do Burt, Brown, Burgess, Correia, Commissiong, DeSilva … and that’s just the first few letters of the alphabet.

      PLP – betraying Bermudians and putting the Party before the country since 1998, one unemployed and undereducated voter at a time.

      • Ian says:

        That last line pretty much sums up the arrogance and condescending profiling of many OBA/UBP supporters. The only think he left out was ‘black’. Ooops, race card right?! What are you credentials Mr Employed, Overeducated voter??

        • 32n64w says:

          Highlighting the PLP’s abysmal track record on education (+8 education ministers in 14 years and a DoE in shambles) and thousands of unemployed people as a direct result of the PLP’s I’ll thought and poorly conceived policies is arrogant and condescending? Observing the party which put their core supporters’ interests ahead of the voters is somehow a racial attack?

          Give me a break. Your myopia and hypocrisy is ridiculous.

  17. Anon says:

    Mark Bean needs to resign

  18. Starting Point says:

    I am one of the people and do not want either to resign. Please stop speaking for ‘the people’ when you do not speak for all of them.

    At this juncture the OBA should actually take a note from the PLP playbook, laugh in the oppositions face and move on with the work of the day, I would not even entertain the motions in the house on this issue. Put forth legislation on: Conscription, medical MJ, Gaming, Hotel for St. Georges and Morgans point and dare the opposition to oppose them.

    As for the 300 K, it is not Bermudas money or the PLPs or the Governments, it is the OBA parties money to use as they please (according to Landow). They could spend 300K on a fireworks show for one of their kids birthday parties if they wanted to.

  19. watchfuleyes says:

    Marc is not resigning and neither should he !!!!!

    • anon says:

      He should resign because of the Scaur hill and Spicehill scandal

    • Tricks are for Kids says:

      Marc IS doing his job whether we all agree on it or not. He is Leader of the OPPOSITION and IT is his job to ask questions WHEN issues arise and are of concern. He HAS the RIGHT to ask NOW….why wait years down the road (like some of you are doing) and reap…

      • Tricks are for Kids says:

        You are free to “dislike” if you want…..”It is what it is”…If you want to CONSTANTLY reap and bring up the past your gripe should be with the opposition during PLP’s tenure. If they did question and were not persistent oh bloody well……whose fault is that???????. Part of OBA’s platform was accountability and that is what is happening they are being held ACCOUNTABLE….

  20. Joonya says:

    Oh Beanie.. stop ya noise bie..

  21. J Herald says:

    Starting Point you are correct. OBA should do what PLP would do:

    1. Don’t take responsibility.
    2. Laugh at the opposition.
    3. Accuse your critcs of being racist.
    4. Carry on as if you don’t care – cos you don’t.

    Worked for the PLP.

  22. Encyclopedia says:

    “No confidence” will come up soon. The question is will it win and if 2 OBA MPs cross floors?

  23. Big Boss says:

    I hear a lot of OBA supporters constantly deriding the previous PLP Govt for 14 years of bad goverance. Truth be told, the PLP did some very good things socially & fiscally for Bermuda during their first 8-9 years in power.
    However, when the economic slide started they did make some poor fiscal decisions, which led to their defeat in 2012. As it should have.
    I am not a supporter of either party, as both have good and bad on each side. As Bermudians, we must accept that no matter which party we like/support, neither is perfect.
    Our politicians do make it difficult to repsect them, with their child-like behaviour which is exhibited every Friday in the HoP. However, we did elect them, so lets show them respect for the positions that they hold, at the least, even if we can’t respect the individual/s.
    I am not a fan of Premier Dunkley, but he is the Premier, lets give him a chance.
    I hope that the PLP is learning and has learned some valuable lessons from their election defeat. That can serve the country better.

    • Joonya says:

      I agree Boss regarding “giving a chance”, but the PLP and its supporters think that 1 year is enough of a chance, and thats where the frustration comes into play as it will take a hell of alot longer to reverse the state the previous govt left us with. So people also need to bear that in mind, and once they accept that we can all move on and play nicely in the sandbox.

  24. Unbelievable says:

    I have voted for both parties over the years with my last vote going to the Oba but, the inability of OBA supporters to address the issue AT HAND concerning lying, deceiving corruption and obfuscation in their party is un fathomable! You can’t justify bad behavior by pointing out others bad behavior!

    • Tricks are for Kids says:

      Unbelievable thank you for that,….”You can’t justify bad behavior by pointing out others bad behavior!”………Because THIS is what the OBA supporters are CLEARLY MISSING……….

      • anon says:

        …errr two resignations isn’t enough to show that they are CLEARLY NOT MISSING it? Get a grip.

        • Tricks are for kids says:

          anon……Clearly THEY (OBA suporters) are NOT “getting it” if they are continuing to defend and reap…Maybe it’s YOU that needs to get a grip because I KNOW what I am referring to……Have a nice weekend…….

      • Unbelievable says:

        I did not submit that entry.

  25. Looking in says:

    There will be calls for PLP members to resign soon.Just wait and see!

  26. Uncle Bob says:

    Listening to the house of assembly…the OBDA?UBP has NO answers to give for anything!!…wtf….for the life of me how did these guys get voted in to be the Government?!?!?…

    Minister Crock-swell and Bob da Builder Richards are as usfull as an Appendix!!…Lord help please help!!..Amen

  27. Bermuda Boy says:

    Ok bean, time now to STFU, enough is enough.

  28. X man says:

    I believe that Marc Bean ego is so jacked up because he believes that it was HIS calling for CC to resign that had
    the most effect. — now it’s Pettingale gone – could Marc Bean feel that he so powerful at this time that he’s calling for more OBA MP’s to resign and basically getting his way.
    The big question is can the OBA bounce back and can it do all the things that it promised to the voters under so much pressure from
    what I believe is the most agressive opposition in Political Party history.
    There was supposed to be a push by both the OBA and the PLP to get Bermuda out of the state that its in but the politicians have resoted to and all out political war. — BLOODY SHAME!

  29. oh what a ratrace says:

    Can you imagine if Marc Bean ran this country! OMG!
    I know they are doing their job as opposition but rest assured if PLP got back in, he would be ousted by his own.

    • X man says:

      Yes I can imagine if Marc Bean was the Premier — you would have – a social and economic structure similar to the former USSR – or worse !
      Perhaps he would prefer buying Mig Jet Fighters other than pink Buses.

      • Dana says:

        XMAN,Bean would pass the marijuana law in a heart beat…Mark diction is terrible….for the life of me I can not imagine him as a leader of the PLP.

        • Ian says:

          Yet you had no problem supporting CC’s simple self as a “Leader” [because you knew he wasn't the one in control]. And this is why you OBAUBP supporters carry zero merit from a credibility of judgement standpoint.

  30. Spittal Pond Skink says:

    Marc, you should next call for Johnny Barnes to step down as I’m sure his waving to the Premier and the other ministers shows inclusion.

  31. coolieh says:

    Politics of Distraction. Hey Mark! Sorry, hey Ewart…? We get it!

    Biggest political mistake by PLP was to put Mark Bean (sorry Ewart protege) in charge! Lol!

    What about jobs, deficits and debt? Hey, hey! Can we have a serious conversation about this stuff? Are you listening???

    Hmmmmm! I suspect something’s about to go down big? Why is the Politics of Distraction being ramped up recently?

  32. Navin Johnson says:

    I believe Marc Bean is now calling it “backtodedrawingboardgate”

  33. Terry says:

    Happy 24th everyone.
    It’s still on …….right?

    • anon says:

      No the PLP asked Bermuda Day to resign as well because they think they’re on a roll!

  34. John Doe says:

    Marc, before you ask, please accept my resignation as a tax payer. Since I, like many others, pay taxes, we help employ the current government, I am responsible as well.
    Oh, while you at it, why don’t you ask for the resignation of the airport personnel who assisted in preparing the plane for take-off, the customs officers who cleared them, the W & E staff who paved the road which allowed then to travel to the airport, the car dealership staff who sold them the vehicle which transported them to the airport……….
    Where does it stop??? Seriously???
    And besides, how did we go from “1 down and 2 to go” article (which now 2 have resigned) to 4????
    Marc, please, get a life and stop being Mr. Negativity in everything single thing the OBA does. It seems the OBA cannot even pass gas without you saying they did it wrong…

  35. RachelW says:

    Crockwell sure, he’s up to his neck in it. But why a Fahy? In his case, he’s 100% legit and the differences are genuine ones of policy, in other words the cut and thrust of politics. Is he really that effective? Get a grip on yourself Bean before this comes back to bite you.

  36. Steve Davis says:

    Anyone interested in a public protest for Bean to resign? There is one being organized on social media as we speak.l

    I don’t know about you, but if this man ever got in power we all better have an exit strategy before our passports are revoked and and crab bucket closes in!

    • anon says:

      Yes please do let us all know where to sign onto the “Marc Bean has to go” bandwagon before he singlehandedly ruins the country. Please provide the URL if there is one

    • Starting Point says:

      No offence but please do not. Mr. Bean is leader of the opposition, it is their choice as to whom they have as their speaker. If the OBA wants to look into former issues within the PLP (personally think it is a waste of time) then they will. Folks marching will serve the opposition and their propaganda machine far more than the OBA or Bermuda. They will race bait a march like that and it will do more harm than good.

      • anon says:

        Starting Point. You are absolutely right. It’s just frustrating to have to sit back and watch this carefully orchestrated hysteria that’s been generated which could ultimately damage all our futures. It’s like suddenly the debt, budget deficits, and complete mismanagement of Gov. finances are OK. It’s like being on a bad reality TV show

      • Double Standards says:


        It is a silly and pointless exercise.

        I personally have had enough of the hysteria as it is just tiring and provides no progress to BDA and her people. So more publicity stunts will add just add to the ignorance that has currently engulfed the island. Argue your points but don’t copy the actions that is making you all riled up in the first place.

        And that should go for everyone. It is ok to disagree and still be civil, despite the pathetic examples being set by both sides of the House at this point in time. In the end everyone should want wine thing and that is the best for Bermuda as a whole and not for some self-serving and arrogant bunch of politicians.

        Come together people, cause it won’t get better if we don’t.

    • Navin Johnson says:

      We tried to get them to resign on December 17,2012 but they just won’t go away. ….electiongate!!!,,

  37. Take it Easy! says:

    Sorry bean jetgate is over we have a hotel to build and give work to bermudians considering u took the work from us! U resign!

    • anon says:

      I guess success would be the best lesson this Government could teach.

  38. enough says:

    Bean seems to be demanding everyone to resign!! He might garner more respect from thinking people if he tried to help solve some of the dire problems that we are facing. If he is so keen on resignations, then why didn’t he resign when he was a minister. I guess one rule for one person and another rule for other people.

    • Anon says:

      I think he realizes that he’s pushed the resignation thing too far (4 in all) and now it’s lost any credibility it might have has and has been turned into a joke. People are treating it as a farce “Resign here, resign there” and “-gate this and -gate that”…not a bad thing

  39. Looking in says:

    Mr. Bermuda a favor,try just once to help us!

  40. Kevin says:

    who remembers the quote “smoke and mirrors” well we have entered into a whole new era.The OBA are actually getting Bermuda back on track , i didn’t say they have been “transparent” and maybe right one or two need to move on and i think we have seen that and time now to refocus. The one thing the opposition can’t let happen is any success stories, it will show how inept they have been and to some extent are, as all they do is shoot down every proposal. If the OBA can turn this disaster around in any faction it will send the PLP into a death spin. They haven’t supported anything and being negative all day every day will send a clear message that failure is what they want. What a shame for what was the jewel of the Atlantic. Not sure what has got Bean so fired up he got everything he wanted up to 2 years ago there was a moratorium on gaming licenses but he got one .At least EB had a grudge to carry and carry he did he lives in the Hamptons and Bermudians are scratching to make ends meet.

  41. OnFire says:

    Dunkley has to lead. We need strong leadership and I think we now have it. But those tainted by this should indeed go. We have to distance ourselves from the stain of corruption, to have the community’s trust and investors confidence. There is simply too much at stake in our country’s future.

    • Ringmaster says:

      All you are doing is reposting the Marc Bean corruption story. Nothing has come out that shows any indication of corruption, just dumb antics. Marc Bean has 3 lawsuits against him for shouting corruption and bribes. Be careful what you post or you could be joining him.

  42. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    you know…this whole scenario that has played out in the political arena these past months, reminds me of the great attack with “Shock an Awe” hmmm i wonder if watchamacallit has been honing his skills in the dark…jus sayin

  43. Mark says:

    Empty cans always make the most noise. Bean and his puppet masters should look in the mirror.

  44. Rockfish#1 says:

    Bean is calling for resignations in order to force a few Ministers to quit the party as opposed to joining the backbench.

    This of course means the calling of bielections will be necessary. Given the razor thin Government majority he sees the possibility of the PLP regaining a few seats, which would propel them back as the Government.

  45. Lay Down! says:

    This from a party that brought us “We had to deceive you.” Lay DOWN Marc.

  46. fedup Nana says:

    “OnFire” must be one of those school yard playmates that clapped for Dunkley

  47. “The essence of wisdom is recognizing your own ignorance”-Plato
    “Too often we enjoy the comforts of opinion without the discomfort of thought” President John F. Kennedy
    I’m also “human” and at times do “come short”…like all others. (“Several excuses are less convincing than one”-Aldous Huxley 1894-1963)