Video: PLP Press Conference On ‘JetGate’

October 18, 2018

[Updated with OBA response] The Progressive Labour Party [PLP] is holding a press conference this afternoon [Oct 18] where they are discussing the ‘JetGate’ matter, and comments made by Opposition Leader Craig Cannonier. We will have additional coverage later on and in the meantime the live video is below.

Update: The live broadcast has concluded and the 9-minute replay is below

Update 1.50pm: A statement from MP Rolfe Commissiong said, “After 4 years, questions still surround the JetGate Affair. A scandal that saw the only Premier in Bermuda’s history to resign in a corruption scandal. A scandal that is still under police investigation.

“When first appointed Opposition Leader on September 24th the former Premier Craig Cannonier said that when it came to the JetGate Scandal, ‘There will be information coming forthwith.’

“After almost 3 weeks, no further information has been produced by Mr. Cannonier. In fact, instead of more information, Mr. Cannonier has provided contradictory information.

“In an interview with Bernews on October 10, 2018 he stated that the JetGate trip had ‘nothing to do with gaming.’ This contradicts what he said in an interview with Bernews on May 31, 2013 where he claimed that the meeting was about gaming.

PLP press conference Bermuda October 2018

“Truth and honesty are the hallmarks of good governance. If we cannot get a straight answer out of the former Premier on what the trip was even about, how can we trust anything he says?

“There is one Premier that has been driven from office in disgrace in Bermuda’s history and that is Craig Cannonier, and after 4 years, questions surrounding JetGate remain such as:

“The former Premier has claimed first that the JetGate trip was about gaming. Now he claims it was about ‘infrastructure’. What exactly was the trip about?

“He claimed that Stephen DeCosta, his business partner, was just ‘hitching a lift.’ Yet he ended up attending meetings with the investors. Why was Mr. DeCosta on the trip and included in the meetings?

“Mr. Nathan Landow, the developer at the center of the JetGate scandal, has admitted that he sent $350,000 to the OBA via an entity called the ‘Bermuda Political Action Club.‘ It was never revealed who this entity was or their relationship with the OBA, but the then OBA Chair Thad Hollis claimed that the OBA never received the money. What happened to the money?

Recent international media coverage surrounding the JetGate scandal has damaged Bermuda’s reputation and reinforced the need for the full story to be revealed.

“Mr. Cannonier promised that there will be information coming forthwith, yet the only information that has come out contradicts what he has said in the past and leaves many long-standing questions unanswered.

“There is one document that could shed light on the JetGate affair and possibly on the investigation being conducted by the Police Financial Crimes Unit; the report produced by the OBA from their internal investigation. A report suppressed by former Premier Michael Dunkley and a report that saw the OBA’s then Chairman Thad Hollis resign in protest.

“Former OBA candidate Ray Charlton has been persistent in his questioning of Craig Cannonier’s fitness for position due to Jetgate. And Michael Dunkley also articulated the need for Mr. Cannonier to release all details on Jetgate.

“It is time for the OBA to do the right thing and release the full, unedited report into their investigation into the JetGate Affair.”

Update 2.03pm: Opposition Leader Craig Cannonier said, “Unlike Mr Commissiong I can read from a script and that script reads – increased taxes, increased health care costs, falls in every major economic indicator under this Government and no new jobs.

“So-called Jetgate is gone, it is in the past and I am focused on changing course for the OBA, concentrating on fiscal and social responsibility and holding this failing Government to account on behalf of every Bermudian, not just family and friends. I will not be diverted from this course despite the PLP’s mud-slinging.

“What Mr and Mrs Bermuda really want to know is: why are they paying more in taxes, why the rich are not being taxed in the same way and why $1.2m was paid to a former PLP Premier – essentially robbing the poor to pay the rich.

“They want to know why there have been more than 400 bus cancellations this month alone, they want to know when Fintech jobs will actually be created, when the promised Fintech training will actually happen. Businesses want to see progress on immigration reform. People want to know why health care costs have risen despite a PLP pledge to bring them down.

“What Mr and Mrs Bermuda also want to know are the reasons for the Four Seasons trip.

“When I issued a statement asking to see a plan to address Bermuda’s worsening economic situation, how did the Acting Premier respond? He chose to attack the messenger – not once did he address the core issue: that the economy is significantly worse under this Government.

“That the PLP wants to concentrate on so-called Jetgate shows that they are just using their tried and tired tactic of deflection, to deflect from their own broken promises and failings – failings to the people of Bermuda.”

Update October 19, 10.20am: A PLP spokesperson said, “The only Premier in history to be driven from government in disgrace may say that Jetgate is over but the Bermuda Police Service apparently disagrees.

“The Opposition Leader asked many questions in response to our press conference, but still won’t tell Bermudians why his Jetgate story keeps changing and he won’t give voters all the facts.

“In his resignation speech, he said it was because of “a failure to be transparent”. Three years later he hasn’t learned his lesson – and still refuses to be transparent to the people of Bermuda.

“Why should any Bermudian trust an Opposition leader, that 3 weeks ago promised to tell all, and 3 weeks later can’t keep that promise.”

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  1. Double S says:


    Falling retails sales.
    Negative GDP growth.
    Employment income down.
    Real estate market all but dead.
    Business confidence through the floor.
    Healthcare costs increase with >$1mn paid to their ‘former’ leader.

    But hey lets have a press conference on Jet Gate.

    Distract and deflect all you want PLP, the facts won’t go away.

    Now lets have a press conference on:

    Port Royal contract
    Dame Evans Court building contract
    TCD contract

    • Jt says:

      25-11. Why are they so concerned with the OBA?? It’s because they don’t want to talk about all those negative indicators and don’t have a clue what to do about them. The election is over. Get on with it! And don’t ask what the OBA plan is. Their job is to watch you. They don’t need to present a plan until the next election.

      • Mike says:

        Because they are in deep do-do, so they have to create a diversion.

        Crass politics

        • Facts over Political hats!! says:








          • Anbu says:

            Yes in other words……… GET THE HELL TO WORK ALREADY!!!!!

          • Atomic Idoit says:

            NO achievements to highlight!!!!!

          • Hey says:

            “David Burt has remained tight-lipped over documents that provide details of a planned trip he was going to take with Zane DeSilva, Mark Pettingill and Shawn Crockwell to New York the day after Mr Crockwell was found dead.“

            Was reported in the media…Is this the jetgate the PLP are on about.

          • Navin Johnson says:

            What plan?

      • Kevin says:

        They send two muppets to try and play the smoke and mirrors game….fact plp are failing this country …they want Craigs plan …why because they don’t have one …we are only getting by because of the economic successes of the OBA. The well is drying up boys and girls Burt and his travelling circus will actually have to perform one day , …don’t hold your breath ….an empty vessel make the most noise…..

    • Well Cannonaire threw rocks, and he left his glass house unprotected.
      I remember Milkman saying JetGate is deadgate, now he wants answers, I think OBA are in shambles.

      • Double S says:

        Don’t know about the OBA, but the economy is in shambles.

        But I noticed just like your political masters you ignore the facts. Typical.

        PS: What’s your thoughts on the contracts I noted above (ie. Port Royal etc.)?

      • 2 Bermudas says:

        Looks like some bies got de mic after consuming too much titty milk!! ha ha ha!!

        • Facts over Political hats!! says:

          You need some titty milk to strengthen this NON EXISTENT OBAUBP OPPOSITION….


          • Anbu says:

            Ya and then plp spent every cent the oba made. Why am i even bothering with u? Ur paid to shoot off your mouth. (Sorry, fingers). 300+ million into the economy. Your stupid 25-11 will never trump that. Lol

          • Double S says:

            You know things are getting sticky when Betty Trump makes an appearance.

          • JAYBIRD says:

            That’s right PLP stand strong! Your record of achievement speaks for itself!
            1 -Improved Bus service
            2 -Improved trash collection
            3 -Improvement in quality of public education
            4 -Improved Labor Relations
            5 -More equitable tax system
            6 -More employment
            7 -Increase in Business Confidence
            8 -Immigration reform
            9 -Reduction of national debt

            You should be very proud of these achievements!

      • red rose says:

        Just as cannonier says – tired and tried tactics of deflection … SMH. #lemming

      • Wahoo says:

        Hypothetically speaking if I robbed a a bank and fired a shot could I be forgiven?

    • While I do agree that the whole truth has not yet been revealed about the Jet Gate saga, I to am a Bermudian, that thinks we need to hear the hard core facts and the truth about every intrigit detail surrounding the matter, and while we are at it, as a Bermudian I would also like to have the full truth concerning The Uighurs, what was the real agreement with the former President of the United States of America and our former Premier at the time. Hw did Bermuda benefit, or was this another secret deal struct were only a selective few benefitted.

      It is still far to much secretcy that has kept these and many issues from the public eyes, and it is a far cry that we can pick on Jet gate, and be very selectve and not reveal all past errors of secretcy that needs to still come to light for the public.

    • steve says:

      Somebody tell me how a bank-robber can sit in front of a camera and connect dots between onether mans past skelotons VS future trustworthiness?

    • Brown Started It says:

      Funny how the always conveniently forget to mention Dr Brown getting on the Private Jet belonging to Globalhue and then afterwards awarding them the Tourism Contract – TWICE.

      Cannonaires flight cost Gov $0.
      Browns fight ended in the awarding of a multi-million dollar contract for Tourism.

      Things that make you go hmmmm

  2. red rose says:

    amazing – whilst the economy tanks all the PLP can do is talk about this? WOW! Cannonier asks you what plan you have for the economy and you go ahead and try and muzzle the messenger.

    Unbelievable. really truly pathetic. What about the unanswered questions on the four seasons trip?

    • Double S says:

      Or the jet ride by their ‘former’ leader by a firm that ‘coincidentally’ received a multi-million dollar Government contract.

      • ace bie says:

        Banyon? Port Royal? Lahey? Debt? Buses? Jobs?

      • ace bie says:

        four seasons?

      • Toodle-oo says:

        Yes . Globalhuejetgate !
        The one and only REAL plp jetgate .
        Amazing how poorly informed so many people are on this rock .

  3. alistair maclean says:

    hahahahaha! he cannot even read from a script!

  4. Sorry Sir says:


    LOL! How long y’all gonna beat this dead horse?

  5. Truth is killin' me... says:

    A game of euchre and benny’s been exposed. They’ve been exposed for having all the answers while in opposition and no answers while the Government.

    • inna says:

      One of the first rules i was taught when learing Euchre was to “never trust the benny” !!

      Bermuda really is another world!!

  6. sandgrownan says:

    It’s laughable, rather than address the really serious questions posed, they come out swinging. And badly.

    Port Royal Gate, Berkeley Gate, Cedar Beams Gate, Flatts Property Gate, Over invoicing for kings wharf gate…global hue gate and on and on and on. Unreal.

    Meanwhile the economy tanks

  7. Onion says:

    Did Jetgate’s Derek Green work for the PLP last election?

  8. Retro says:

    Very smooth presentation ! If you want people to take you seriously with allegations of corruption you are going to have to address the PLP controversies. Otherwise, this is just silly politics. The “ your on live” bit comment from one of the journalists made the hole thing worthwhile though. The Ron Burgundy of local politics.

  9. Navin Johnson says:

    Just not news anymore..when you have nothing positive to say just keep dragging up old news.

  10. red rose says:

    No new evidence and quoting from a disgruntled ex OBAer who posts on facebook, wow. LOL!
    What I want to know is why my bus was cancelled; why I cannot afford proper health care, why I am paying more in taxes!
    You start explaining that – and I will start to listen. That is what I want to know about so stop your stupid jetgate talk and fix this economy!

  11. Carlton says:

    find out where the cedar beams went to we need to know please

    • DeOnion says:

      and the $1.2m

    • wahoo says:

      Hmmm they could be in the Vineyard or at Martha’s place perhaps they are not beams anymore…..closet liners perhaps?

  12. campervan says:

    This does not put bread on my table. More guff.
    What the Hell are you doing to get our economy out of a nose dive?
    Focus PLP, you are piloting the plane, and we the passengers need assurances that you have a plan to get us out of this mess.

  13. Pea ell pea says:

    “Recent international media coverage surrounding the JetGate scandal has damaged Bermuda’s reputation and reinforced the need for the full story to be revealed.

    hahahahaha! You mean like TittyGate in the London Evening Standard circulation in print and on the website of some 2 million people!

  14. dunn juice says:

    Berkeley, port royal, dock yard, TCD, the new hospital, the new court building, ordering titti milk, beyonce, global hue, 75k to somerset cricket club, 1.2 mill to the master. cement cilos,
    We havent received the reports or cost of the govt vehicles that have been mashed up the last couple months.
    More hot air!

  15. Triangle Drifter says:

    OMG!!! Again? Is this the best that they can come up with? A plane ride & something that did not cost the taxpayers apenny. The PLP is really desperate for deflection material.

  16. DeOnion says:

    Are we supposed to believe a person who cannot even read from a prepared statement!? Hilarious!

  17. MsFedUp says:

    This lot has nothing else to do?!

    • inna says:

      They are like the kid caught with their hands in the cookie jar! Tired soo hard to get there, actually got there, and no aint got clue one on wot to do!!

  18. Wahoo says:

    How can they keep a straight face when they do this?


    You have a jetgate of your own and a lot more gates. What busses aren’t running today?

  19. WSP says:

    They are clueless about fixing the economy so they have a press conference about jetgate,what a complete joke.
    I thought the PlP would be a little better this time around but just WOW.Burt stateside again with his cronies and economy spiralling downwards.

  20. Disaster Recovery 101 says:

    Trump 101. Ignore the facts and deflect. Since the election, education has become a joke, buses aren’t running, garbage collection has been dropped to once a week, all the economic indicators are pointing done. The only thing that has gone up is the cost of health care, taxes Ewart’s bank account and THIS is what they’re concerned about? We are so screwed.

  21. Deflection Now! says:

    Well timed Politricks to:

    1) pick up an old drum beat–they think its consistency;
    2) Counter the popultion report, which is a disaster for the country;
    3) spin attention away from the nsty economic situation we are in; and
    4) spin attention away from the SSM failure that the PLP Gvt is going to endure and the associted waste of taxpayers money.

    Its time to act liek grown ups folks–its about our country’s future not scoring devisive points. PLease grow up ya’ll

  22. Acegurl says:

    OMG, selective amnesia. And when we are on the subject, what about ‘ rob the bankgate’? Judge not lest you be judged. Is there credibility to what you say…probably yes, but in your position, you need to keep your mouth shut and show even just a little humility. Incidentally, that press conference was a fiasco.

  23. Deadhead says:

    Sorry is this Comedy Central,Rolf please stick to other things buddy.Press conferences are not your forte.

    • Did you boss give you.. says:

      the go ahead for this?? He is off island in Miami–perhaps you took it upon yourself to try to get some lime light?

      Amatur hour–its embarrasing that this is avaiable for the world to see!

  24. John E. Thorne says:

    What a joke of a press conference! I am more concerned about the unaccounted for 800 million under the PLP Government and why we the tax payer are paying Ewart Brown $1.2 million! As I have said before we the tax payer got screwed under the UBP, then the PLP big time, again under the OBA and now again under the PLP! We need to get rid of all 36 MP’s and party politics once and for all! Is there anyone out there who agrees with my last statement?

  25. sandgrownan says:

    Just watched this…crikey it’s like the Two Ronnies, it would only have been funnier if one had said “It’s goodnight from” and the other “it’s good from him”.

    What a pair of clowns.

  26. chart says:

    What are the plp doing wasting time on this?

  27. clearasmud says:

    This was clearly a waste of time exercise to tell us what we already know. That said, Craig still needs to be held accountable for his own actions. He promised to reveal all and has since which made excuses which include blaming his situation on others.

  28. dunn juice says:

    Ernie and burt show is back.

  29. facts of the rock says:

    pair of useless Muppets

  30. Simply…useless as tits on a bull…and…from the least trustworthy person in Government…ok…we believe!!!

  31. Navin Johnson says:

    Globalhue? How about why did Kurron receive a contract over Johns Hopkins…..10% comes to mind…..

  32. Hmm says:

    Since we are so fixated on history, maybe the good puppet who is now infamous for robbing a bank during the “Commissiong” of that crime would care to be of some assistance to Bermuda police in explaining how the gun of choice made it into the island illegally…


    Glass houses are fragile sir. And if you have changed, IF, then are you the only human in politics capable of changing and maturing?

  33. question says:

    Global Hue Gate. From memory the combined value of the Globalhue contracts were about $60m. 10% of that would be $6m.

    Paula Cox cancelled the Globalhue Hue contracts the first chance she got.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Now compare that number with amount spent on the AC, and the return. It tells you everything you need to know about the PLP

  34. Realist says:

    Omg what a stupid press release. What’s the release? Get on with governing this island! Jet Gate is of no consequence to what needs to be directly addressed today. I’m so sick of these clowns!