Opposition Leader To Table Censure Motion

May 23, 2014

[Updated with video] Opposition Leader Marc Bean said that next week he will table a Motion of Censure against Minister Shawn Crockwell and MP Mark Pettingill, in relation to their actions in the “JetGate” affair.

Speaking in the House of Assembly this evening [May 23], Mr. Bean said, reiterated his call for Senator Michael Fahy and Minister Crockwell to resign, and said: “I will be tabling a Motion of Censure on the Honourable Members Crockwell and Pettingill. We will get to the bottom of this…”

Mr. Bean just finished speaking, and we will update with further information if able.

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  1. Unbelievable says:

    Marc Bean will never admit it when the time comes but one day he is going to realise he was on the wrong side of history.

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      I wonder hmmm?… when is Marc Bean gonna come under the microscope he so proudly displays..??

      • Black Soil says:

        The emperor has no clothes.

        • Hmmm says:

          Maarc Bean is doing everything he can to eat yp time with the aims of stopping the OBA getting bills passed through. Marc Bean is now damaging Bermuda.

          • Reality says:

            Marc Bean, all you do is shout down others, have you got any solutions? You are a bully.

            I trust Dunkley.

    • We can clearly see were this is headed and if we are going to pursue this any further, and to the depth and length of the way it seems to be heading, then I think it is owed to the public to also know the truth about the deal that Dr. Ewart Brown struck with the United States to bring in the Uighur’s.Along with some very other suspected questionable deals that went on during his time in office.

      • themaladjustedsoul says:

        WELL!!!!! Uncle Duane, I stand with you on that one.

        • Black Soil says:

          The OBA have confirmed that EVERONE is held accountable. The OBA leader is NOT an untouchable. If you mess up in the OBA ya ass is gone!!!! This is a crucial difference between the OBA and PLP!!!!

      • Bermudian. says:

        Guy, they are the “Government” of the day, as one want-to-be said, you really can’t spend all your time looking in the rear view mirror or under the hood.Yup, be careful what you wish for.

      • Huh? says:

        Uh, hello Bermuda, don’t you all know that the U.K. Government itself investigated the Uighur controversy and stated that there was no qid pro quo! Even wiki leaks stated that there was no pay to play and no special deals struck. Didn’t that that sham of a newspaper inform you of this? Or are some of you just feigning ignorance for political purposes?

        • 32n64w says:

          Please provide a link to the referenced Wikikeaks article confirming the above remark.

      • foldgers says:

        Ihave to totally agree. Especially when the donating parties have spoken out as to their shock of the events happaning so far. I was one who was extermely concerned as to the casual way the Uighur issue was allowed to just fade to black. I have since researched and i also keep abreast of the Uighur situation abroad . This issue was far more profound than the present day situationand I am amazed at the gall Mr. Bean has, to want to keep beating the now dead horse.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Bermuda suffers from neglect by it elected officials, and the main cause of this is Mr. Bean and the PLP wasting time with these actions in the house. It should becoming more and more apparent that the PLP are less concerned with the well being of the people of Bermuda and more concerned with regaining what the people took away from them. This latest move by them shows that they are not in touch with what we need, because what we need are for all the members of the house to grow up and get on with Government business.

  2. Unbelievable says:

    And….the Progressive Labour Party do absolutely zero to prove to the Bermudian public that they are a viable alternative to the One Bermuda Alliance.

    I thought politicians were meant to appeal to people. Even if you don’t have the same or similar philosophies at least make them like you.

    • Johnny says:

      And the OBA has done absolutely zero to prove they are a viable alternative to the PLP since they have been in power.

      • Onion says:

        Aside from:
        - Get hotel development started.
        - Dramatically reform the civil service.
        - Get the budget under control.
        - Restore confidence in Bermuda as a place to do business.
        …and dozens of others.

        • Eye of Horus says:

          a. Hotel development has only been proposed not start. The Green’s development was their own undertaken.

          b. Closing 3 insignificant post office is hardly considered a dramatic reform. They couldn’t even get public transport to be an essential service.

          c. Merely paying off interest is in no way keeping the budget under control. Our rating is Aa3 now & we don’t even have the transparency to know how much we’ve paid the BTA.

          d. The only restored business here is a few new IB workers in close to empty office buildings. Most of their business is still done abroad.

          Don’t get me wrong, PLP done jack all but OBA hasn’t done jack that will reverse the jack all.

          Dozen other things?

          Like what?

          We still have gun crimes & theft.

          People are still being laid off. Even the newly formed BTA has just laid off people.

          So tell us another tall tail.

  3. OnFire says:

    The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (US) or the Bribery Act (UK) has to be relevant in circumstances that a bribe is offered or accepted. The silence for months also causes me great concern, especially when so concentrated in former BDA members without the knowledge of former UBP members. The fact that nothing was apparently gained by the potential bribe does not help these facts. The question is was there influence exerted by way of money or consideration in kind. I am sad to see the OBA in this mess, but I think the right thing to do is to purge those responsible and then quickly get on with governing. I wish Mr. Dunkley well.

    • Ringmaster says:

      Please provide the information to support your point about bribes, or potential bribes. Do you have proof to back up such a statement? If not I’m surprised Bernews printed your comment without an “alleged” to it. You are correct in your references, but there have been no allegations or corroboration of corruption since those made in public by Marc Bean. This is a skeleton that Marc Bean seems to have overlooked.

  4. hummmmmm says:

    i think the PLP shout open up their Books and lets call a spade a spade

    • hummmmmm says:


      • Coffee says:

        It has come to my attention that $300,000 was spent by some members of the OBA to….. People like you better hope to God Almighty that the PLP don’t pursue this line of questioning . But wait … They have , they are asking about that in the HOA already .

        The tainted members of the OBA will affect the house proceedings for a very long time to come .

        • Redo says:

          It hs come to MY attention that “how many dollars” went missing under the PLP? Lets get answers to both questions while we’re at it.

          • Tricks are for Kids says:

            It’s not about the PLP right now. It’s about the OBA. Stop with your weak line of defense; o well the PLP this or the PLP that…..if it was such an issue with what they were doing the than opposition should have perused their wrong doing with as much rigor that the now opposition is doing…don’t wait Years down the line and continuously bring it up…history cannot be undone but what we CAN do is PREVENT it from happening again….

            • Many thanks for your comment!! They keep coming up with what the PLP did, last time I checked OBA are our government

            • Bda diva says:

              The difference is that there are, in this OBA scandal none of the peoples monies missing of unaccounted for. The PLPs scandal has left the island near economic ruin that will take decades if not generations to crawl out of!

        • Coffee says:

          …. To influence certain people to vote contrary to their…….

          • LOL (Original TM*) says:

            If they did then that was wrong but as this is politics I know the PLP most likely did the same as it takes one to know one. I seem to remeber a health policy that only some got into at a much lesser rate, free this free that none of which ever came to pass.

            LOL politics neither party have any moral foundation to stand on the only difference in the eyes of those like you is well the color of their skin face it.

        • 32n64w says:

          The Premier took responsibility for not keeping the House or the public fully apprised of the facts. What Mow is there to investigate?

          Unlike Messrs. Bean, Brown, Burt, Correia, Commissiong, Curtis or DeSilva (and that’s just the start of the PLP insider alphabet, who are well know from the public record, often after the fact and in the absence of a fair, competitive bidding process, received in aggregate taxpayer money) please confirm in detail the quantum of taxpayer funds or Government resources which personally benefited any OBA member or MP at the expense of taxpayers?

          • 32n64w says:

            “What more is there to investigate”

            • Johnny says:

              Why do you all keep saying “you should investigate the PLP? The PLP were investigated, and found to have done no wrong. I guess in your eyes certain people are guilty until proven guilty. If Dunkley can tell us to “get over it and move on” about the Jetgate scandal, surely you can get over it and move on when it comes to blaming the past government for the current government’s woes.

              • LOL (Original TM*) says:

                The PLP have never been investigated so stop lying.

                shady deals to enrich colleages (SDOs and contracts
                TCD no tender (who owns the company)
                parking meeter (who owns them)
                BHC went all the way to the privy council to stop the poeple from finding out shortly after fires broke out
                court building to a blind trust (come on)
                no bid contract through MoT
                the docks
                cruse ship contracts no signed (guess that was just an oversight but our elected officials)
                Deals on the airport merchants (very unprofessional to hang up on a business call)

                I could go on

                LOL just so you dont think Im all one sided the UBP airport construction was mested up
                the incinerator and such.
                Jetgate doesnt phase me though like it did you guys butI guess its all on who is doing it
                I really could go on

              • Furby Logic says:

                Just when were the PLP were investigated, and found to have done no wrong?
                I must have missed that

              • Toodle-oo says:

                The current government has not put us in 2.8Bn of debt ! That’s the difference .
                Do you know how difficult it is to take a small island that was an economic miracle for 400 years and do that to it in just 14 years ?
                If that’s hard to fathom now try to imagine doing it on sheer incompetence alone WITHOUT any crooked or ‘suspect’ dealings. Your brain should be exploding any second now .

              • 32n64w says:

                Where exactly did I say “you should investigate the PLP” Johnny?

              • Cleancut says:

                Tell the Auditor General the PLP did no wrong. Just unable to prove it. Masters of deception!

        • nuffin but the truth says:

          go drink a lot more of the green kool aid and then ask yourself where all the money went under the plp reign of terror that lasted 14 years before people saw them for what they really were and then ask yourself why there is no work here,I’ll tell you why,the plp chased away a lot of good employers…next ask yourself how long before people figure out that that plp are ONLY interested in their own pockets!

          • Johnny says:

            This after the premier has resign after 300,000 allegedly went missing.

            • LOL (Original TM*) says:

              What 300K should there not be wire transfers to show where it went I sure its not that hard to find. People dot just give that in cash. But I do not expect any critical thinking as people thoughout history love a good which hunt ehhhh… If it is true then let charges be laid. No Mr. Bean wants this in the court of your opinion and not legal hmmm why is that..?


            • Anon says:

              Really…the $ “went missing”?let’s wait until we facts come out before you start making stuff up.

            • 32n64w says:

              Who claimed the money went missing?

              What laws were broken?

              Shop the hysteria Johnny.

          • Johnny says:

            And I guess for you some people are innocent and it don’t need to be proven

            • LOL (Original TM*) says:

              proof of guilt must come from the accuser so far no proof has come forth.

              LOL guess some take the word of some due to some aligning factor and dont care if its true or not eh Johnny

  5. Navin Johnson says:

    Tough to admit it Marc but you have lost face with each desperate motion…give up and try to help Bermuda out of the mess your party caused…it’s over dude…..

  6. John Thorne says:

    The problem is we are stuck with the OBA like it or not because we cannot go back to the PLP as that would be suicide!

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      yes this is the problem we face the hate between the groups threatins us all

  7. What a waste of time and effort as a selection was made of another developer!! Marc find something else to worry about. We even have comments from the overseas people on this issue.
    Instead of getting us moving forward Marc and Co will try to bring the forward motion to a stand still and then everyone suffers as we did under the PLP!!!

  8. Terry says:

    Section 3.
    Pressure Cooker ……
    See section 4 as read with Article 7 of said.

    Evil hands at work here.

    Hahz yah bouyfran Beyoncé……………………………

  9. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    Marc is a Kamakazi pilot right now…what does he have to lose ..? nothing. He’s a Puppet jus like whoever YOU think is a Puppet…someone is pulling his strings and we all know that the Puppeteer never gets seen. Marc is the strongest voice in the team right now…plus they are not in ruling power so they put him on the Frontline(expendables list)jus like CC, no different. This will be the Pinnacle of Marcs career…how he ousted the Ruling Party with his tenaciousness an untiring tactical maneuvers. only half the story has been told …hahaha.

    • Anon says:

      This has Ewart Brown written all over it and you’re right, Marc is nothing more than his puppet

    • lol says:

      So you have finally come to terms about Craig Cannonier. That’s a step in the right direction oba.

      • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

        “step in the right direction”..? i dont know if this was directed at me personally but im already at my destination…where are you..? still following lost souls are you? tsk tsk

  10. nuffin but the truth says:

    MB it’s OVER boy…your defunct and failed plp are FINISHED!.
    no one is really interested in the nonsense that spews out of your mouth!

  11. Sound Track! says:

    this is so boring now! OBA Get bermudians working plz! U cant change stupid!

  12. Coffee says:

    You are doing the right thing Marc . Press ahead . Premier Dunkeley will not do the correct thing because he has no backbone . Unfortunately it is up to you to put your foot up his backside in order to get results. Be that as it may , put your boots on and break both of your feet off into the scandal ridden OBA .

  13. mixitup says:

    I am beside myself and stunned that these same folks yelled from the top of the hills for transparency and integrity when the PLP was in Gov’t, now they want them to shut up about it. So please help me to get this.. Are you concerned about transparency and openness? Do you not want the Gov’t to be accountable to the people, because 2 years ago you did? It’s mind boggling (well not really).

  14. shirley Richardson says:

    Some of these posts are not only dumb but sad . What is the role of the opposition? If the PLP were involved in this Jet Gate scandal, the UBP/OBA would be demanding that they come clean, and tell the whole truth. Did Craig Cannonier resign, because it was the right thing to do?
    or was he forced to step down,becaus he was exposed for being un-truthful. The same applies to Pettingill.

    For those people who say they want transparency, honesty, and integrity,
    it seems those principles, only apply to certain people. If Dunkley say
    we should move on, his first order of business, should be to get rid of all those, who were involved in this fiasco. Some take the Bermudian people as deaf,dumb and blind. Those who believe we should just forget this whole, disgraceful saga, needs to look in the mirror, and ask themselves, Is this the type of government, that should be in charge of our country?. To continue to talk about E.Brown, and drag his name through the mud, does not vindicate C.Cannonier, S.Crockwell,M.Pettingill,and M.Fahy. Now I’ll wait for responses from the haters.

    • We the People (1st!!) says:

      I agree.

      • Evie says:

        So do I. Premiere Dunkley why should they continue to receive monies from us the stakeholders (tax payers).

        After months of outright lying to the people of Bermuda. We are not accepting this behavior from the OBA or the PLP the time has come stand up for something or fall for everything. No More

        While you politicians smile for the cameras your people are loosing their homes and are being thrown under the bus.

        It will not be business as usual in Bermuda until you do the right thing. SMDH

    • Sandgrownan says:

      What is the actual scandal here? We’re public monies misappropriated(like we saw under the PLP administration), sure CC made a naive mistake, but I really don’t see any scandal.

      • Of course you don’t see any wrong doing, most of you OBA/UBP supporters won’t!! Don’t worry you fooled us with your new Govt. propaganda but time reveals all and we can see the UBP are back clearly— but not long

        • 32n64w says:

          Answer the question.

        • Toodle-oo says:

          What I’d like to hear is the answer to the question as to what was so very terrible about the UBP’s 30 year term .
          We had unparalleled economic growth for everyone , the black middle class didn’t just grow , it exploded. More black millionaires were created in Bermuda than proportionately any other place on the globe.
          Blacks were starting businesses , owning homes and sending their children away for schooling like never before in our history. And they were traveling the world while doing it.
          So exactly what was it that was so very terrible about the UBP ?

          Come on all you moaners and history revisionists . Let’s hear some facts. REAL facts , not a lot of emotional gobbledegook that can’t be proven.
          And ‘ I didn’t get anything given to me ,and blah blah social programs’ don’t cut it .

      • Evie says:

        You wouldn’t SMDH

    • Sandgrownan says:

      And Shirley, you brush under the carpet the maladministration of 14 years of utter disaster. So, easy on the hypocrisy …it makes you look stupid.

      • Ian says:

        Your account of the last 14 years makes you look stupid. It was hardly 14 years of utter disaster. Perhaps the years post 2oo8, following one of the worst global economic events in history, uuuh that the PLP caused of course…

        • LOL (Original TM*) says:

          Ian again how many times have you been told that most don’t believe that the PLP cause the comlpete melt down of Bermuda. They were A contributing factor. The problem is they did not head any warnings about it coming.

          LOL Im not here to educate you but clearly you are here to miseducate your own cause only plp supporters are listening.


      • foldgers says:

        I totally agree. I am not a fan of either party… but I will not accept that people are suppoed to just accept and ignore the damage that was done over 14 years , then on top of that, listen to the outright hypocracy being spewed now. No the PLP is not in power, however neither are they in a position to offer advice about how to get out of the situation they themselves put us into.Nor do they have they right to be acting with self righteous indignation as if they never had a scandal during their reign.. its laughable. Will someone just be mature enough to lead . Please

        • Sandgrownan says:

          What is it? Tell me. Spell it out.

      • shirley Richardson says:

        To Sandgrownan, actually I’m not offended by your comments, in fact I expected this kind of push back by folk like you. either you are for right or wrong, The fact that the present gov’t has been caught with their pants down, has nothing to do with me or the PLP, it appears that It’s ok for some people to do wrong, but when they get caught, everyone else is to blame.

        with the recent revelations, concerning this Jet Gate situation, it is very easy for some people to just wish it away, and to blame anyone who has concerns, about the lies that the ex premier, and his colleagues have told the people. but as the old saying goes,” WHAT YOU DO IN THE DARK WILL COME OUT IN THE LIGHT”. So you can call me stupid if you wish, but your insults don’t bother me, simply because I can identify someone who is backwards,and incompetent. it is also said “THAT THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE”.

        Unfortunately, some people are blind to the truth. In fact you have my sympathy. If you truly have a backbone, use your real name

        • LOL (Original TM*) says:

          Well so far I see none on here that are concerned about right or wrong all I see is one side cring foul for political advantage or percieved advantage. So answer this have charges come up is someone going to court? Where is the donation? was it a donation? Do the PLP get donations what do they do with them? Is getting a donation illegal? Are there any uses of set donations illegal if so what are they?

          LOL Im for opening up all books for both parties and televising cocus meetings so the people could get to know who the parties really are. What do you think?

    • Concerned says:

      talk about ewart brown and how he organizied his bunch of cronies to vote out his leader at the time, talk about how Jennifer Smith was voted out by ewart brown and his cronies, talk about how beyonce got 55k for being nasty and disrespectful, talk about how ewart brown kicked those who stood by his side, talk about ewart brown…. talk about ewart brown… call beyonce and have her write a song for him.. hold on talk about ewart brown and the gps, the emission centre, the hospital that isn’t a hospital but a new wing that isn’t up and running yet but is costing millions more than supposed to anything else you want to talk about what about the charity that was formed but no one has seen any fundraising or cheques being handed out… ummm yuh

  15. DreamCatcher says:

    Thank you Ms. Richardson. Sweeping dirt under rug is not the answer. We can’t move forward with faith and trust with this party until we filter out the rest of the tainted bunch. Makes me wonder what Crockwell has on others in this party.

    Dunkley – please give people the faith to trust you and make the right call. Then you, your party AND the opposition can take this country forward with the support of the people. I’ll give the PLP their due for being a solid opposition or this matter may have gone in a different direction.

  16. SMH says:

    Mark Bean is showing great immaturity to continue to flog a dead horse. Unfortunately, his continued leadership of bickering only makes for constant divide in Bermuda. Does he want power so badly that the future of Bermuda must be trashed even further along the way? I’m so disgusted with the PLP that if they were the only option I would not vote for such a vile party. They have yet to offer solutions to a bad economy they created, have yet to hold their own unethical MPs to account and have yet to restore faith with international business. Race politics is all they offer and as a black Bermudian I am sick of it!

  17. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    i really cant grasp the notion that sooooo many people are blaring this typical textbook idea on how a govt. should be run…i can only assume that they haven’t an inclination of what really goes on behind the scenes not just here but GLOBALLY! There is not one soul that walks this earth that doesn’t have 1 bad bone in his body…so you’d be stupid to expect 100% transparency..? is that what the Good Governance book says..?lol
    well i weren’t born to live my life by what someone else thinks i should be doing…hmmm? kinda sounds like slavery huh? God gave you Ten Commandments, and that was good enough for Him…but Man wants Ten Thousand Commandments…and can’t even handle His Ten…road to destruction.

    • Whistling Frog says:

      @ keepin it real: There was a new commandment which if all men applied, we won’t have to live by the ten…
      John 13:34 A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.

      Matthew 22:34-40 But when the Pharisees heard that Jesus had silenced the Sadducees, they gathered themselves together. One of them, a lawyer, asked Him a question, testing Him, “Teacher, which is the great commandment in the Law?” And He said to him, “ ‘YOU SHALL LOVE THE LORD YOUR GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, AND WITH ALL YOUR SOUL, AND WITH ALL YOUR MIND.’ “This is the great and foremost commandment. “The second is like it, ‘YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.’ “On these two commandments depend the whole Law and the Prophets.”

      • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

        For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work; but the one who now holds it back will continue to do so till he is taken out of the way.

        2 Thessalonians 2:7

  18. BERR says:

    Wow this is a witch hunt…..

  19. Rockfish#1 says:

    Crockwell is digging his heels in and refuses to reveal the compensation details of the BTA staff. This is insulting to us the taxpayers and will come back to haunt him!
    On the other hand, Zane DeSilva took a similar position with certain employees at the BHB.

  20. inna says:

    wow, this man really is on a power trip! and no doubt is being guided by the illustrious ewart brown.

  21. Alvin Williams says:

    Who was it who got censured in the House; oh yes I believe it was Dr. Saul when he was premier? and it was done by both sides of the house. what’s the chance we will see a similar move from this crowd; the new UBP/oba crowd that is? however I won’t hold my breath remember the recent uproar from that side; I apologize for the actions of this government; nothing like the reaction of a woman scorn. and how about this;’ ‘If you remove him I will walk’ ; I wonder if former premier Cannonier told him before 24 hours have past you will betray me. Both UBP/oba politicians were seen up at government house at the swearing in of the new UBP/oba emperor with big smiles on their faces. But opposition leader Bean is right bring forward that censure motion and let the people of Bermuda see who has endorsed the Jet-gate scandal,

    • balanced facts says:

      Alvin, on what possible basis would crockwell and Pettinngal be “censored”? The Premier resigned for misleading and admitted they did not know things! Summarize what they have done?? Bean will NEVER get all his own members to support the motion just watch…maybe then the PLP faithful will see how damaging he is?

  22. Marthoga says:

    If more Black Bermudians took time out to learn their history, they would not have sold their souls, they would have come together and there would not have been an OBA Government to start with. If folk took time out to teach and learn their history both politically and religiously then this Island would not be in such a mess.

  23. Ok….now….if we’re going this route….you should be aware of statute of limitations makes all this rather redundant in the first place,mark been is being rediculous as usual!A maleavolent boob is all……but if he continues I recommend the ruling party recind statute of limitations or extend it and go after these fool at plp!!!!!!!!

  24. balanced facts says:

    Note thePLP have NEVER read out the whole of the Rule of conduct they allege was broken!
    Because (1) The Rules relating to hospitality and travel and gifts have NOT been offended (There was no negotiation OR any risk of undue influence (That is what the rules refer to) AND Pettingill made it clear about our laws and RFP process…THERE IS NOTHING TO COUNTER THAT!

    (2) The is NO EVIDENcE of any payment or offer of payment or request for payment or knowledge of the same to Pettingill or Crockewell! In fact the former Premier made that clear!


    This is a political SMoke Screen to detract from the real investigation of PLP politicians past and present! Wait for it. 3 Months from now Bean will not be chirping so loud as he watches things unravel…and he knows so much,,,he knows this is coming!

    • frank says:

      if no rules were than why did craig step down all 3 were on the jet

      • balanced facts says:

        Read and Listen! Craig admitted that he knew things the other 2 did not know about, thats the difference!!!! People need to get all the facts and assess them not just wish it so!

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        public pressure……….


    • And so? says:

      He knows it is coming. I know it is coming. He is making as much hay as possible while he can before the tables are turned.

  25. Ringmaster says:

    The Premier resigned because he admitted he had mislead the House, not because any Codes had been broken. For this he was right to take the principled approach and resign. Do try and keep up with the facts.

  26. brokenwing says:

    @Ringmaster And Balanced facts

    stop trying to defend the ex Premier for his foolishness,because you REALLY don’t know what the Premier and his two sidekick lawyers where doing in Washingston after their jet gate meeting.

    so you need to be very quite until ALL the facts come to light.

    Trust me Craig done the right thing at the right time to avoid further shame,Shawn Crockwell, well what can say he is defiant until the very end.

    Ringmaste and balanced facts,and all you UBP,OBa supporter brace yourselves for far worst earth shattering news
    coming soon.

    • 32n64w says:

      Why wait. Tell us all now the earth shattering news you’re referring to.

    • JB says:

      now why would you have the inside scoop ???? Your accusations are no more than smoke and mirrors.

    • Ringmaster says:

      @brokenwing. Calm down and read what I and balanced facts posted not what you think you read. Read what is written and respond to what is said, because your response to both posts makes no sense. I understand that you probably expect to see a defense, but it is not there. Shocking isn’t it?

  27. Looking in says:

    What would our children think if we vote for the PLP ?

  28. ONLY HOPE says:

    PLP Family! We have a leader without scruples and lacking integrity! We can never hope to win the Government again with this man as leader! Can you honestly see him meeting with World Leaders and important business people from overseas on our behal! Bean must go, we have far better options in Zane, Walton or Lister. Marc Bean has gone rogue and is not doing the Party or the Country proud! I want answers on his Betting Shop and his association with a convicted Racketeer in Bahamas!!!!

  29. Shogun says:

    Only Hope you are not a PLP supporter so LAY DOWN!!!!!

  30. Redo says:

    Quit looking for stuff that isn’t there. Your ilk suck.

  31. Sandgrownan says:

    Race card! You fail.

  32. Ian says:

    You OBA/UBP’ers love your RACE CARD huh? Such a joke considering many of your family legacies thrived [and continue to do so] on the worst racism history has known. The air horns were sounding off like crazy in Fairy Lands, Paget and Tuckers Town on the night of the last election!

  33. Sandgrownan says:

    You know nothing of my family legacy. The worst racism history has known…..? Really?

    Race Card. You fail

  34. Ian says:

    You placed yourself in THAT bucket, I just said “many of your”, as it OBAUBP supporters. And that is undeniable.

  35. It's about time! says:

    Ian, look under that finger you are always pointing at everyone else…notice that there are THREE pointing back at yourself…