Gymnast T’aja Williams Wins Medals In Florida

June 30, 2014

The Bermuda Gymnastics team continued its excellent showing in Orlando, Florida at the 2014 USAIGC World Championships, with  T’aja Williams winning two medals and several of the 10 gymnasts who competed in the Bronze level divisions earning top finishes and qualifying for the event finals.

The Bronze level gymnasts followed up on the Copper Division win by Bermuda’s team on June 25.

A spokesperson said, “The top finish for Bermuda came from 10-year-old East End Primary student T’aja Williams, who won gold on floor and beam in the Bronze Diamond division event finals .

“The Bronze Diamond division is new for 2014 – made up of gymnasts who achieved a 35.75 score or higher throughout the year. Jezhari Talbot had also qualified to compete in the Bronze Diamond round and finished with a 34.775.

“Amari Trott, Sanaa Burgess, Daria Symonds, Brianna Ray, Yvé Smith, Logan Watson-Brown, Holly Wakely, and Sasha Crumley participated in the Bronze all-around competition, with seven of the gymnasts qualifying for event finals and several having top-5 finishes [full results below].

“Coaches Chris Nelligan and Molly Newbury are very proud of the team and their standout performances this year. Next week will see Bermuda gymnasts compete in the Silver, Gold, and Platinum divisions.”

The Bronze Level Divisions full results follow below:

Individuals – All Around Competition [Day 1]
NameTeamAge GroupVaultBarsBeamFloorAll-around
Amari TrottBGA10 yr 20048.65015T7.375218.62515T8.8501633.50018
Sasha CrumleyBGA13 yrs8.875177.675148.750149.1508T34.45013
Yve SmithBGA10 yr 20048.250238.22568.800119.1008T34.37511
Brianna RayBGA10 yr 20039.0007T7.675178.20038.8002633.67522
Sanaa BurgessBGA9 yrs9.15057.52523T8.85069.325434.8506
T’aja WilliamsBGA10 yrs8.95016T8.20016T9.3505T9.600136.1007T
Jezhari TalbotBGA11 yrs9.15011T8.325128.70026T8.6002834.77526
Logan Watson-BrownBGA11 yr 20039.35028.1509T8.925178.80033T35.2256
Holly WakelyBGA11 yr 20028.300357.200339.2257T8.90020T33.62528T
Daria SymondsBGA11 yr 20039.0507T7.375319.02519.1508T34.60016T
Event Finals [Day 2]
Sanaa BurgessBGA9 yrs.9.00069.32529.3005
Yve SmithBGA10(2004)8.47538.5009
Sasha CrumleyBGA13 yrs.9.1756
Brianna RayBGA10(2003)9.2752
Daria SymondsBGA11 yrs.9.00024T8.65028.80026
Logan Watson-BrownBGA11 yrs.9.12519T8.02519
Holly WakelyBGA11 yrs.9.1755T
T’aja WilliamsBGA109.50019.6001

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