“Self-Determination Must Not Be A Figment”

July 22, 2014

[Opinion column written by John H. Holdipp III]

I have often wondered why we act like people designed to endure slavery. A learned friend reminded me that the land, the building and houses, the surrounding seas and every person born in Bermuda are the property of Her Majesty the Queen of England. More so, whom ever takes over from her will inherit this wonderful island called Bermuda and all the chattel therein including its people.

Extrodinary situation I began to ponder, a small community in the world blissfully carrying on the mindset of slaves in 2014 and beyond. Now there is no surprise as we view the political structure in its determination to keep us distracted battling about the incumbent political parties – both so-called government and opposition teams.

In order to forge out an existence over the centuries, Bermuda has been amicable in its friendship to the world. The people of this Atlantic isle have been a key component to many of the classic and cataclysmic world events. We have enjoyed visitors of every level and spectrum of life, yet somehow we have lost sight of the will of our forefathers to break free to be our own directors.

The painful truth of the weak leadership of today is highlighted in their determination to remove any reminders of the wishes of our forefathers to be a truly self-contained, self-determining society by vanquishing any and all remnants of our positive cultural fortitude and inviting us to engage in the lustful aspirations and attributes of other nations.

We are like many countries torching the wholesomeness of a society filled with real hope for our off-spring by encouraging negative vestiges that bring shame and death to a civilization. There exist within our past some experiences that would garner the success that we yearn for and at the same time encourage the rebirth of most if not all the citizens under the umbrella of Bermudian.

At this moment and time the weakness of our sitting government is shining through, they spend countless words trying to encourage the citizens of this country to renew a looking-back habit, while they continue to increase the fortitude and fundamentals of a slave plantation. They have strong visions of deception being installed , to strip any and all financial achievments from the hands of the citizens of Bermuda.

Every person who resides in Bermuda, though born in another place has a higher chance of financial success either through investing or working and receiving a larger paycheck than they would achieve working doing the same job in their respective home-countries. We are not attempting to drive you the visitor away, however unless our own people are a part of this success story enjoying the same opportunities of success, the legacy of our island becomes a no-win situation for us.

The Bermudians yearn true freedom in every capacity of the word, just as you the investing or working visitor does. This ideal of Bermudians being satisfied to pick up a paycheck whenever the circumstance invites is not healing this nation. The hardship evolving now will impune the atmosphere that drew you the visitors to enjoy a period of life in Bermuda. Whether you call it self protection or placing glass ceilings in your future, your presence here must not stifle our own progress. Otherwise constant negative goals will continue to destroy the relationships between Bermudians and all others.

Self-determination must not be a figment of a born Bermudians mind, it must be real in all sense of the word. This should become the legacy of Bermudians. – freedom not just an imaginary thought, but a living experience.

- John H. Holdipp III

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  1. Meeee says:

    This is an array of words strung together with commas and periods and separated by randomly inserted white space to create paragraphs and that meanders through time, space, history, race, culture, politics, geography and that leaves a reader asking this one recurring question: “What is this all about?”

  2. Sandgrownan says:

    Well that’s a whole pile of stupid right there.

    Same old divisive xenophobic rhetoric in a posh frock.

  3. Kim Smith says:

    If the goal is to be rid of the past, then there’s nothing that’s going to get you to that goal.

    If the goal is to be a strong nation of people who are mature, self-disciplined, self-motivated, self-sufficient, willing to be held accountable, critical thinkers, wise… and so many other things… then we have a lot of work to do before we work on ‘going’ independent.

    It’s sort of why you don’t rent an apartment to a 10 year old.

  4. Grammar/Spell Check says:

    Firstly, paste this into Word and you will find 12 spelling and grammar errors. You had the time to write a short story but no time to run Spell Check?

    Secondly, I always find it funny when Bermudians talk of independence and then change their tune when they realize they would have to give up their UK passport and apply for a visa anytime they want to leave the island.

    • PBanks says:

      To be honest, I haven’t heard a pro-Independence commentator address any concerns relating to UK-passports, it may be an oversight, or no importance to them, I dunno.

      I don’t think there’s anything wrong at all with wishing to be part of an independent Bermuda, but the problem is that it’s likely impractical for many key reasons, and the more pragmatic of the pro-Independence supporters realize this.

      • Benefits??? says:

        I’ve yet to hear a pro-independence person give a single concrete benefit to independence. When challenged they’ve never been able to say anything other than the usual feel good mantra.

  5. Cboardman says:

    Wow. this is truly crazy, our country is drowning in Debt created by the P.L.P mismanagement, overspending, overstaffed with millions of dollars leaving the country in interest’s payment that could have helped it`s citizens. If Bermuda did go independent I foresee Bermuda turning (Third world rating)and many would wonder how we got here.

  6. Translation please ... says:

    While this may well be the most delusional (and poorly written) rant I’ve seen in a long time, your xenophobia and sense of entitlement come through loud and clear.

  7. hmmm says:

    “Nobody is stopping you being a huge success, but yourself through your own choices and actions.”

    Hmmm (2014)

  8. aceboy says:

    This was like reading a Paula Cox speech.

  9. Hmmm says:

    “To blame your current situation on others, is a failure to accept your own short-comings. To blame your future outlook on others , is a failure to change your short-comings”

    Hmmm 2014

  10. islandboy says:

    I am pretty sure that I do not belong to the queen but I am sure happy that we are associated with and all the good things that come with the association. Main things that come to mind, UK passport, ability to work in EU countries, and education. Funny I do not recall my forefathers who have been here since the 1670′s ever wanting to break free. Whose forefathers are you talking about?

    How you jump from independence to guest workers is baffling. I know my forefathers were once guest workers back in 1670 and their aim was to improve their life. Not a very big surprise as most people move to improve their circumstances. Our people are part of the success, open your eyes to all the good that has taken place because of the guest worker. We are no longer just a farming community.

    This Bermudian is free in every capacity of the word. And that freedom exists because of our association with the Queen and the guest worker. Could not imagine this place without them.