Holdipp: ‘Bermuda Failing To Regroup Is Evident’

September 14, 2013

[Opinion column written by John H. Holdipp III] There is an expression that states if a person goes down the same road, there is no expectation of a different result.

I have looked at the potential plans of both the ruling government and the Corporation of Hamilton and their ideas of taking us forward. In both circumstances I can see utter failure and the destruction of Bermuda.

By no means am I saying that both administrations are intentionally killing us, but it is only obvious that they are both targeting the same small group of people to be our golden egg. Those who fall into the ultra-elite wealthy of the world do not at this time or in the next twenty years view Bermuda as the locale of choice throughout the world.

Further to that unequal situation is the truth that more and more of our young and not-so-young citizens are increasing their level of educational prowess. Even in today’s Bermuda we do not have the minimum educational standards en-mass that we had in the fifties, sixties and seventies. So exactly who will be the servant types that provide service en-mass to these ultra-elite wealthy world tourist. Perhaps, it is those persons working here now, from countries that have an economic value in their country which makes our dollar their golden egg.

Looking forward it is easy to see the deception that is being thrust on us as a group of people. The ideas of Bermuda becoming an Atlantic specialty for the ultra-elite wealthy is so far from the reality of it all. Between the ruling government party and the corporation of Hamilton, how is it that none of their advisors and/or consultants have told them the truth.

Bermuda missed the window back in the days when the Bahamas and similar destinations focused specifically on creating that unique experience for the ultra-elite wealthy world tourist, the reason we could not see that window is because the leaders and land rich descendants of the previous generations saw immediate financial value in focusing on what is now known as international business.

For those too young to remember, Bermuda had entertainment venues up and down this island to cater to our tourist yearnings to have a party experience while in Bermuda. In those times locals where only too keen to ensure they were accommodated in whatever way possible. The city of Hamilton, town of St. George and the quaint Somerset village were bustling with activity each and every night.

In these institutions of enjoyment, Bermudians honed their talents of entertainment for a life of quality service. The taxi drivers, bartenders, wait staff, security, singers, musicians, and variety artist and yes, even the locals who loved to dance regularly spent many a night catering to and with the visitors.

Dubai, Morocco, Monaco, Jamaica, Switzerland, the Caribbean, South America, China, Thailand, even India who do you think will be our key competition. All of these and others have long since been preparing for the same ultra-elite wealthy world tourist.

It is evident that our leaders have not learned that you cannot strengthen your countries economic plateau in a sustainable manner if it is built on the shoulders of boulders that are not secure, but endemic to the shifting mindsets or ideals of external peoples or life evolution paradigms.

Bermudians must come together and stop this action before there is nothing of value left in our homeland…I encourage you, do not wait until it is too far down the road. Are you intent to sit on the side and do nothing??? You must look in the mirror and ask that person now, today while there is still a purpose.

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  1. Family Man says:

    After reading that why do I keep flashing back to those old commercials “This is your brain on drugs”?

  2. Concerned Local Bermudian says:


  3. God 1st says:

    Holdipp; Do You have the funds to kick start any of your ideas.