Aerial Video Captures Bermuda’s Scenery

August 4, 2014

Bermuda Aerial Media released a video last week [July 29] that serves to highlight not only some of their work over the past year, but also Bermuda’s natural beauty and exciting culture as well.

The video, featuring footage obtained exclusively through the use of an unmanned aerial vehicle [UAV], more commonly known as a drone, shows off a variety of Bermudian scenes.

Opening with a look at crystal clear waters along the shoreline, the clip goes on to depict sailboats, the island’s unique architecture, throngs of celebrants in the streets, a parade, motocross action, forts, and other scenes.

The company followed up this impressive video with an equally visually delightful outing to the Non-Mariner’s event on August 3, shooting overhead images of the festivities that offered unbeatable views.

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  1. Um just sayin' says:

    Absolutely Spectacular…captures the true beauty of the island. This is a great marketing tool for tourism. Sometimes we don’t realize how fortunate we are to live here. Despite all of the bickering, this last weekend showed how harmoniously we can live and play without all of the ethnic, cultural and racial differences.

  2. my view says:

    Amazing guys , you have a hit and the possibilities are endless. Business will boom. Keep it up .