BPS: ‘Relatively Minor’ Incidents Over Cup Match

August 4, 2014

The Bermuda Police Service [BPS] has thanked the public for their “patience and assistance” over the busy Cup Match holiday period.

Detective Superintendent James Howard said, “This is always a challenging time for the police as we spread our resources to cover at least eight major events that collectively see more than 30,000 people in attendance.

“In addition to maintaining our regular patrol service, the BPS provided significant resources between Wednesday and Sunday nights to the Cup Match Summer Splash concert in Hamilton, Beachfest at Horseshoe Bay, the two-day Cup Match cricket game in Somerset, the Soca vs. Reggae concert at Snorkel Park and the Non-Mariners Race in Mangrove Bay.

Audio of Detective Superintendent James Howard’s statement:

“A number of incidents came to the attention of the police, but these were relatively minor and were quickly resolved. The general public played a big part in helping to contain things within reason. The overwhelming majority of patrons and spectators were well behaved and they enjoyed a safe and peaceful holiday.

“The critical area of concern to the police continues to be the dangerous driving behaviours displayed on the road. We responded to 24 road traffic collisions, 16 of which resulted in injuries.

“Four serious collisions sent six people to the hospital for treatment and it is fortunate that their injuries were not any worse than they are. The Bermuda Police Service reminds all motorists that good driving behaviour starts with good decision making.

“We urge everyone using our roads to slow down and exercise care, caution and courtesy. Road safety is everyone’s responsibility.”


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  1. steve says:

    Besides two people being run over in a tent. Only in Bermuda.

  2. JBL says:

    and 24 road traffic collisions means driving under the influence, speeding etc. This is hardly minor or acceptable. Good decision making means following the law or paying effective legal consequences.Time the law makers tightened up on the laws they already have on their books and used them effectively. People nowadays act without thought of consequences …. just any excuse to please themselves, in absolutely everything.

  3. pressing the flush says:

    but these were relatively minor

    are you for real?????

    a woman had her bikini pants pulled down in front of everyone and two people were nearly killed by a drunken bum.

    If you call that minor you need to quit Howard!