BPSU Recognises UN International Youth Day

August 12, 2014

In commemoration of International Youth Day the Bermuda Public Services Union [BPSU] said they “join our brothers and sisters around the world to recognize this year’s theme ‘Youth and Mental Health’.

“Mental health can be defined as the absence of mental disorder. It is estimated that during the span of one’s life, approximately one quarter of the Bermudian population will develop a mental or behavioral disorder. Thus mental health is imperative to Bermuda’s well-being,” added a BPSU spokesperson,

“Whilst BPSU is encouraged by the Bermuda Hospitals Board’s Mental Health Plan and the progress made in deinstitutionalizing the mental illness population we call on the Government of Bermuda to find ways of actively addressing the challenges faced by mentally ill youth in Bermuda and those that care for them.

“Support from family, friends, the community and caregivers is critical to maintaining balance for the mentally challenged and we implore Government to: put initiatives in place to provide opportunity and support to this segment of our community; increase awareness about mental disorders; eliminate health disparities, ensure effective treatment and quality care are accessible to all; and that every effort be made to address the current shortfalls in our current model of care.

“We applaud the family members and caretakers that assist in meeting the needs of this segment of our community and encourage them to continue to provide support and nurturance.

“It is imperative that voice be given to all those in our community and BPSU looks forward to the further deinstitutionalization of this demographic group and increased Government support. BPSU will continue to hold firm on its commitment to the young workers within its membership and will continue to raise awareness on issues that impact the youth population.”

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