Writers: Burchall, Famous, Starling, Bell, Deacon

August 4, 2014

writer writing generic e31Readers can continue to access columns by some of the writers who were featured in the Bermuda Sun, with Chris Famous, Jonathan Starling, Larry Burchall, Jeremy Deacon and Honey Adams Bell all set to write columns for Bernews.

As many readers are aware, Mr. Famous and Mr. Starling wrote for both the Bermuda Sun and Bernews, and following the unfortunate closure of the Sun, they will continue to contribute to Bernews.

They will be joined by Honey Adams Bell — the education officer for Department of Consumer Affairs — while columnist Jeremy Deacon will also make the move to Bernews.

Larry Burchall, who served as a columnist for the Sun since 1996 and has contributed to Bernews before, will continue his columns on Bernews, focusing mostly on the island’s finances.

As a note of disclaimer, for those who aren’t aware, Bernews is owned and operated by Larry Burchall’s daughter. This has caused some confusion over the years, with some thinking he actually runs Bernews, however while that is not the case, there is that family connection.

On the topic of the closure of the Bermuda Sun, the last issue of the Bermuda Sun carried a column by Bernews thanking them for their 50 years, and we would like to reiterate those sentiments here.

As we noted in the column, we had a very friendly working relationship with the Sun, who extended a warm welcome to us when we launched in 2010. We would like to thank all their staff for their 50 years, with a special note of thanks to Bermuda Sun editor Tony McWilliam.

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  1. aceboy says:

    Starling should stick with the Workers Voice. Famous too.

    • PBanks says:

      Why? Because they present pro-union arguments to various issues? That’s not a good reason to limit their contributions to one particular publication.

    • Onion says:


      Nobody takes Starling seriously and Famous will be fact-checked and skewered by commenters every time he says something.

      It’s a win-win.

      • PBanks says:

        If the articles generate comments that fact-check and skewer the opinions presented, then that’s exactly what Bernews (or any other publication) would enjoy. It means people are digesting (or at least scanning over) the article.

        Whether it be Messrs Famous, Starling, Burchall, Trew, Barritt, Seymour, Williams, whoever, if the articles stimulate discussion then they’ll be embraced by the provider.

        • Terry says:

          Define provider.
          But we know that.
          Question is why.

  2. Chris Famous says:

    Wow its gonna be a long summer round here it seems..

  3. Alvin Williams says:

    I think that the Workers Voice is great having written one of the longest column in Bermuda-The Other Alternative. Besides there should be some counter to what comes out of number two Par-La-Ville Rd.

    • PBanks says:

      Off topic, but wondered for a while why, after the Mid Ocean ceased publications, did you not continue your columns for another widely-read outlet (Sun or RG).

      Nothing against the Workers’ Voice, but it doesn’t have the reach that the others had.

  4. frank says:

    thanks bernews you do a good job in keeping us in the know

  5. Terry says:

    Well well.

    Operation Pressure Cooker is gaining ground.
    Well done Bernews.

  6. St. D says:

    Good to hear.

  7. Terry says:

    The plot thickens.

  8. Dangel says:

    Appreciate it as well Bernews!! I was a regular reader of the Bermuda Sun

  9. Alvin Williams says:

    Well you have to be asked and everyone from the former Mid-Ocean got the call accept me and in reality I don’t have to wonder why and besides writing for the RG; I certainly would have to hold my nose. I am afraid Bermuda has not yet reach the point where the print media is truly an independent entity where a written opinion is left to the scrutiny and judgement of the reader.

    • jt says:

      Stop dancing around it Alvin…why…in your opinion?

  10. Alvin Williams says:

    That is simple there is an element in this country that always wants to control the narrative. The late Royal Gazette editor David White once boasted We control the agenda. Now I started writing in 1977 and all during that time I was subject to selective censorship; not having my letters to the editor printed and even during the time I was columnist for the Mid-Ocean on occasion my opinion was subject to attempts to subvert the direction of what was written. Why did I stick it out? Well I did feel that the black community should have a voice and I decided I would write through this and besides I did not always write about race’trade union struggles and local politics. I wrote and had an opinion of what was going on in the world and I took sides. I would not go anywhere and even on these blogs all the name calling and insults only helps me to strengthen my opinions; but what a sad commentary on my country. I read international papers and follow international news . I don’t see people hiding behind false names. Substituting real debate for invective castigation of opinions you don’t agree with. I can take it both ways; but the one thing that I do not have is respect for those who mount these cowardly attacks from behind an anonymous veneer and lack the courage to defend their position in the clear light of the day.