2015 Cruise Schedule: 366,000 Projected Visitors

October 23, 2014

The Minister of Tourism Development and Transport Shawn Crockwell revealed today [Oct 23] that the 2015 Cruise Ship Schedule has been finalised. Approximately 366,000 cruise visitors are projected for 2015, higher than the 350,000 projected for 2014.

“Bermuda remains a popular cruise destination in regards to our cruise product,” said Minister Crockwell. “We offer cruise visitors a wide array of attractions and excursions that are of appeal to the cruise lines and their guests.”

A spokesperson said, “The 2015 Cruise Ship Schedule projects 135 cruise calls, compared to the 130 projected for 2014. It is projected that the cruise industry will contribute over $90 million to Bermuda’s economy. This includes Government taxes, on-Island purchases made by cruise visitors and crew members and shore excursions taken by cruise visitors.

“Highlights of the 2015 Cruise Ship Schedule include:

  • Holland America Line will return to Bermuda with 6 cruises in 2015, originating in Boston and docking in Hamilton
  • The Premium line Aida Cruises, a German-speaking line, will return to Bermuda with 4 calls, 3 with the AidaLuna, in addition to the inaugural visit of the AidaAvita for 1 call
  • The Luxury line Regent Seven Seas Cruises will deploy the Seven Seas Navigator, with 1 call to the Island
  • The Premium line Oceania Cruises will be making 3 calls to Bermuda with the Riviera [2 calls] and the Regatta [1 call]
  • The Luxury brand Silversea Cruises will be making 3 calls to Bermuda with 1 call each on the Silver Shadow, Silver Spirit and the Silver Whisper
  • The Luxury line Crystal Cruises will be returning to the Island with 1 call on the Crystal Serenity;
  • Princess Cruises will also be returning to Bermuda with 3 calls, with 1 call each on the Caribbean Princess, Ocean Princess and Pacific Princess
  • Carnival Cruise Line will make 3 calls, 1 each on the Carnival Pride, Carnival Sunshine and Carnival Splendor
  • MSC Cruises will return with 2 calls on the MSC Divina
  • Also calling in Bermuda will be the Balmoral, Club Med 2, Hamburg, Saga Sapphire, Oriana and the Adonia, with 1 call each.
    In total, the occasional callers will represent 35 of the 135 cruise calls projected for 2015

“The Ministry of Tourism Development and Transport and the Bermuda Tourism Authority have worked closely with the Luxury and Premium cruise lines to deploy their ships to Bermuda,” said Bill Hanbury, Chief Executive Officer for the Bermuda Tourism Authority.

“We continue to work with the Ministry to attract more ships to both Hamilton and St. George’s, and we are particularly pleased that Holland America Line will once again return to Bermuda in 2015 with the Veendam.”

Minster Crockwell added, “There is no doubt that our willingness to allow cruise lines that overnight in Bermuda to open their casinos while in port was a contributing factor in Holland America Line’s decision to return to Bermuda in 2015.”

“In addition to the occasional callers, there are projected to be 100 cruise calls from the Regular Contract ships.

  • Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas will make 21 calls to Bermuda from Cape Liberty, New Jersey; replacing the Explorer of the Seas
  • Royal Caribbean’s Grandeur of the Seas will return with 12 cruises from Baltimore
  • Celebrity Cruises will be deploying the Celebrity Summit from Cape Liberty, New Jersey, with 19 cruises scheduled for 2015
  • Norwegian Cruise Line will be deploying the Norwegian Breakaway to Bermuda in 2015 sailing from New York, increasing the number of calls to 26 from the 22 calls in 2014
  • Norwegian Cruise Line will also be deploying the Norwegian Dawn on the Boston route, with 22 cruises scheduled for 2015

“Royal Caribbean’s introduction of the larger and newer Liberty of the Seas and Norwegian Cruise Line’s return of the Norwegian Breakaway shows the major cruise lines commitment to providing Bermuda with some of their most modern cruise ships,” said Minister Crockwell.

“The 2015 Cruise Ship Schedule was crafted to provide maximum benefit for Bermuda’s businesses relying on cruise visitors and crew members, including taxi and minibus tour operators, Water Sports operators and Retail and Restaurant establishments.”

The 2015 Cruise Ship Schedule will be made available on November 1 at the Department of Marine & Ports SeaExpress website.

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  1. Sixteen thousand additional cruse visitors is far better than the previous, “umpteen years”. We thank The Ministry of Tourism Development and Transport along with the Bermuda Tourism Authority for bringing hope back into the Island stores, shops, restaurants and various modes of transportation etc.

    • flikel says:

      “Sixteen thousand additional cruse visitors is far better than the previous, “umpteen years”. We thank The Ministry of Tourism Development and Transport along with the Bermuda Tourism Authority”

      During the PLP years, the number of cruise passengers and cruise calls increased steadily and this trend is continuing during the OBA’s tenure. Bermuda’s attractiveness as a cruise destination did not start under the OBA.

      What is strange is the PLP were often criticized allowing more and more cheap, non-spending cruise passengers into Bermuda. Now you seemingly are praising the OBA for doing the same, and trying to give the OBA and BTA credit for something they did not have to initiate, but rather they inherited.

      • Onion says:

        They were criticised for trumpeting top-line numbers of guests while dollars fell and for claiming that it was a “Platinum Period” made of fool’s gold (to say nothing of the 100 day turnaround that turned out to be a 14 year fall.

  2. Shnarbingle Raffiki Al-Shabbaz says:

    if they are being projected here why do they need the cruise boat?

  3. Just a matter of time says:

    Spot on flikel. Preparation under the PLP years included the foresight to build and prepare the ports big enough to accommodate the mega ships that existed then and were to come and now this recent surge is attempted to be credited to the OBA. The foundation was already laid. Yes the ships are here and bigger ones are coming which are currently the number one tourist passenger industry right being enjoyed right now. Yes, during the PLP years this foresight was ridiculed by the then UBP (now OBA).

    • serengeti says:

      Of course. Anything good that happens now, the ‘foundation was laid’ by the PLP.

      But the Sh1t economy and the massive debt? The thousands of Bermudians unemployed? Grand Atlantic standing empty? Nothing at all to do with the PLP.

    • Onion says:

      The PLP was ridiculed not for building the dock but for building it tens of millions over budget.

  4. Irregardless of who had the initiative to bring the larger ships into Dockyard, (and all credit goes out to the P.L.P. for doing this) but there are many unanswered question in reference to monies spent while bringing this to fruition :-(
    Furthermore, it has been the One Bermuda Alliance that has “picked up the ball” and encouraged more cruise ship to come here along with them that stopped coming due to the former Govt.(P.L.P.) mismanagement of the industry.I give the One Bermuda Alliance Tourist Minister Shawn Crockwell, along with the Bermuda Tourism Authority much credit.

  5. Just a matter of time says:

    If there are so many unanswered questions, why haven’t they been brought to light by this current Govt? It will be nearly 2 years since they were elected. Inquiring minds, including mine, want to know truth rather than the endless hearsay. Regarding mismanagement of the industry, I wouldn’t come to the island either with the constant doomsday scenarios the then Opposition gave to the world about the PLP Govt. Seems like the Grand Atlantic is doing just fine now and has a major investor and it weathered 2 storms!

    • Without making this a “pissin’ contest” they have been brought up; they just haven’t been answered…

    • Onion says:

      Grand Atlantic failed as an affordable housing development and required major cliff remediation work to keep from falling into the ocean.

      So let’s be real.