CableVision: 80% Of Video, 71% Of Internet

October 24, 2014

“This week, CableVision crews have worked in various areas across the island to restore service to our customers. As of today, 80 per cent of our video subscribers and 71 percent of our internet subscribers are back online,” Bermuda CableVision CEO Terry Roberson said today [Oct 24].

Mr. Roberson added, “Over the weekend, our crews will work from 7am to 11pm. As well as St. David’s, the following streets will be addressed: Parsons Road to Glebe Road and all neighbouring streets, Orchard Grove, Derwent Lane, Robert Avenue North, Church Lane, Railway Terrace, Friswell’s Hill, Somerset Road between Willow Bank and Scott’s Hill Road, Sound View Road between Somerset Road and Scott’s Hill Road, Spire View Lane, Bob’s Valley Road, Tankard Lane, Tranquility Lane, Cooks Hill Road, White Gate Lane, Wilson Place, Valley Lane, Sound View Drive, Heathcote Hill, Heydon Gardens and Heydon Drive.

“If we have already been to your neighbourhood and you are still without service, please call us on 292-5544. Our lines will be open on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 5pm. Again, we thank our customers for their patience and we will continue to update the public on our progress,” Mr. Roberson concluded.

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  1. former union member says:

    I don’t believe you. Tried calling the 292 5544 number, again, and was told it is not taking messages. If you can get video and internet service at Mizzentop I will quit posting disparaging comments about your incredible lack of customer service.

    • Common Cents says:

      BTC DSL service is much more reliable! I had both side by side in my home for over two years, and for every time the DSL went down, Cablevision went down eight times. In other words, my DSL *maybe* went down once every two months, but my Cablevision went down on a weekly basis, and usually for a longer period of time.

    • Former Union Member says:

      Internet and video now working at Mizzentop. Two weeks to the day. Will adjust my bill accordingly. Thank you.

    • Spectators corner says:

      why dont you all give it a rest. you sound like ungreatful spoiled kids when you cant get your way. Im sure Cable vision are not sitting back and doing nothing to fix this unfortunate situation. As dangerous as B.E.L.C.O’s job is Cable Vision face the same challenges. Touching lines that have voltage on them is very dangerous and they have to comb thru private property to get to some supply lines that you all dont see .Keep at it Cable Vision and dont be discoraged by self centered selfish ungrateful Twits that have no idea what it takes to get a signal to their homes for the luxury they call television and internet. Shame on all of you haters. Their staff dont deserve all this vebal abuse.

      • Slow down says:

        Luxury or not, they are in the business of providing a service that we all pay for. Id totally understand your point if this stuff was free.

  2. Craig Mayne says:

    They are lucky that I am so flat out working in the aftermath of this storm, that I have not had the time yet to switch services!!! If I don’t have service both cable and Internet by the end of the weekend, I will be looking elsewhere for providers!! WOW comes to mind, I am sick and tired of being directed to a VOICE MAIL BOX that is full??? I live on Nantuctett Lane Smiths, and have seen cablevision working down the street on I think Tuesday and I have nothing??? I will first thing Monday be switching services!!!!

  3. Tom Cooke says:

    Power is up..just now..cable and Internet to… whahooot. .

  4. Tom Cooke says:

    Sinky bay…

  5. Observer says:

    Thank God that I don’t have a Cablevision bundled package or I still wouldn’t have internet service!

  6. Dis Gusted says:

    CableVision should be giving everyone the full month for free. 2 weeks without service and counting. Its a terrible service even when its back, slow and unreliable and awful picture quality for TV. Will they provide some kind of refund?

  7. watchfuleyes says:

    what is happening in Trinity Church Road Hamilton parish, anyone got cable?

  8. Shag says:

    They worked on Ord rd,Paget Monday and still not working

    • Dan DeSilva says:

      Mine came back on on mon evening and was back off on tue evening. They need a pr overhaul as they do not keep customers informed and do not work to record any info. They can do much better in dealing with customers whether they are ungrateful or not.
      Thank god that Cablevision is not a necessity. But at the same time customers should not pay for nonexistent service.
      Again they need to review their pr approach.

  9. Warwick West says:

    When working on areas, is it likely people with Cable may lose it to switch others on? Mine has gone off tonight and don’t want to call if that could be the reason. please advise.

  10. ABC says:

    cablevision been de failure double whammy

    no more tommrow takin all my boxes and movin on

    all week voicemail is full sad

  11. my view says:

    Cablevision will not be giving any refund or credit for the time your cable was out of service. As told to me by one of their reps. That said ,how does that make you feel. My though is that service not given for reasons other than non-payment should not be charged for. Pardon the grammer. I guess one should read the fine print.

    Got to say a big thank you to the cable guys that have gone and still going above and beyond the call of duty to get us back on.

  12. Runner says:

    How do we know if they have been to a certain area? Never seen any location remotely close to south shore road, Devonshire. All BELCO poles been fixed for a over a week so no excuses there. Actually did speak with a very polite cable vision staff member this week but still no luck. Can I send them the bill for the meals I will have at Outback today and tomorrow while watching EPL football because can’t watch at home as planned. Also for the a Apple TV movies I’m having to rent/buy???

  13. Sandinthehourglass says:

    Haven’t seen anyone from CableVision working on Riddell’s Bay Road / Burgess Point Road (Warwick). We’ve been out of service for weeks!!!! Can’t reach anyone by phone. SOS!! And, please reduce our bill accordingly as that is the only fair thing to do! SO glad we had not yet switched to their bundled package or I wouldn’t even be able to write this message!

  14. ya right says:

    My cable TV works but the Internet through Cablevision is terrible. It’s choppy and times out. This is sad.

  15. Wow says:

    Railway Trail Devonshire please!!!!

  16. DhF says:

    what about smiths parish devils hole ,knapton hill been without cable since fahy! dont bother callin only voicemail .

  17. Rhonnie aka BlueFamiliar says:

    Cable went down this morning and we’re not in any of the areas where they are supposed to be working.

    Mind you, our phone line keeps going off and on as well and I have no idea if there’s any connection.

    At this point, I’m just glad we have power, though I’m hoping CableVision offers up a credit for this last month.

  18. watchfuleyes says:

    Cablevision are MIA, I will be switching over -bye

  19. Prayerful says:

    I was told by a cablevision rep, that we would not be getting refunds because the storms were “Act of God”. Unlike BELCO we are not charged by usage, but by a flat rate for services. What should we do?

    • Ride says:

      Me’thinks you should have them first prove that this god exist and then prove that it indeed did damage your cable service. LOL.


  20. watchfuleyes says:

    flat rate ‘for service’- if we have No service- then what is the fee for???? – we should all just refuse to pay- I would take that one to court if necessary- I will not be paying them a red cent. Maybe that is why they are taking their time because they feel they will get paid regardless of how long they take.

  21. Mike says:

    Woodbourne area please!