MarketPlace Launches Free In-Store Wi-Fi

June 13, 2019

You can now count on free wi-fi at MarketPlace stores, with the company announcing the “formal launch” of a free in-store wi-fi offering at all store locations, including PriceRite stores and Sears.

Saying it is “part of their commitment to better serving their customers,” the MarketPlace said they will “now be offering customers free in-store wi-fi at all store locations, including PriceRite stores and Sears.”

To access the wi-fi, a customer should look for and click or tap on the Wi-Fi service on their wireless-enabled devise, choose “TheMarketPlace” network and register once with their email address.

Seth Stutzman, President of The MarketPlace, said: “Connectivity is an important part of the customer experience.

“We understand how important it is to research products and recipes, compare details, and check ratings and reviews before making a purchase. To make this even easier to do, we are pleased to have introduced free wi-fi access throughout our stores.

Mr Stutzman concluded: “As a bonus, once a customer has registered for the wi-fi they can sign-up to be one of the first to receive notifications about our weekly specials and offers.”

MarketPlace Free In-store Wi-Fi Bermuda June 2019

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Comments (13)

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  1. imjustsaying says:

    Lindos in Devonshire need to follow because you cannot get a signal once you’re inside.

    • What says:

      It’s all that new steel roof for their bulk store which they should not be allowed to have because of all the congestion and traffic and roads in that area are sooooo bad!! Give the little guys a chance to do bulk!

    • Gordo says:

      Both Lindo’s have had WiFi for years

  2. Gunners178 says:

    They should lower their prices if their that committed to their Customers. Sidebar I agree about lindo’s Lol

  3. Patricia says:

    So true

  4. Joe Bloggs says:

    Woo hoo! More free stuff!

  5. Robert Daniels says:

    it used to work well in Lindo’s but they did not maintain it

  6. sage says:

    Feeding the addiction.

    • andrew says:

      for real…we really need free wi-fi whilst grocery shopping?

  7. CB says:

    Awesome move forward. I hope that their privacy policy is clear and simple to read and that they are not doing any tracking via this. Public WiFi can be crazy scary when it comes to security.

  8. Drew says:

    Wow! Free WiFi in 2019! Bermuda really is the most backward, slow moving, tinpot island of the region.

  9. JB says:

    Go Marketplace! Now I can look up my recipes online whilst I shop.
    I’m also impressed that you are bringing in Keto food items. Now I don’t have to go all the way to Lindo’s for coconut flour and grass-fed meat. Thanks for caring about our needs Marketplace – great stuff!

  10. Me says:

    Will they put chairs so we can hang out?