PLP Hosting Meet & Greet With Jamahl Simmons

October 24, 2014

[Updated] The Progressive Labour Party will be hosting a Meet and Greet with the PLP candidate for the upcoming Sandy’s South bye-election, Jamahl Simmons, at the Dalton E. Tucker Primary School this Saturday, October 25, 2014 at 6:30 p.m.

A PLP spokesperson said, “Jamahl will be available to hear your ideas, concerns and answer questions. Come out and take this opportunity to meet Jamahl and also mingle with members of your Sandy’s South Community. Light refreshments will be provided. We hope to see you there.”

Video of the press conference announcing Mr. Simmons as the candidate yesterday:

The retirement of Independent MP Terry Lister paved the way for the bye-election, with Mr. Lister — who has represented Sandys South since he was first elected in 1998 – announcing his retirement on September 23rd.

The bye-election will be held on November 18, and Mr. Simmons will be running against Georgia Marshall, who will be representing the OBA. For all our coverage of the Sandys South bye-election click here.

Update 6.37pm: The location has been changed to Dalton E. Tucker Primary School, and we have amended the text above.

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  1. Christopher James says:

    I sincerely hope that folk come out to see JS. After all, he will have to come all the way from his home in St George’s.

    Living in St G puts him in the perfect situation to service and support the voters of Sandy’s and I’m sure you’ll all agree.

    After all, St George & Sandy’s are practically next door to each other.

    I have absolutely no problem endorsing this person from St George – representing Sandy’s south.

    If Georgia (a Sandy’s resident)doesn’t get in this time, perhaps she can run in St George when someone else drops out.

    Makes perfect sense really when you think about it.

    • watching says:

      HAHAHA…OBAers are hilarious.

      The island is 21 square miles. Let’s be real.

      I guess that means Craig Cannonier can’t service his Devonshire South Central constituents because he lives in St George’s. Bob Richards can’t service his Devonshire East constituents because he lives in Warwick, Jeanne Atherden can’t service her Pembroke West constituents because she lives in Warwick, Susan Jackson can’t service her Pembroke South West constituents because she lives on a boat in Dockyard, need I go on?

    • enough says:

      Mr. Simmons grew up in Somerset and his parents still live there. The other candidate grew up in Canada. Not sure how close Canada is the Somerset, but I’m guessing St. Georges is closer. Move on.

      • Creamy says:

        Yeah. But he doesn’t live there now, or anywhere near there. The other candidate, however, does live there, and has for decades.
        If you think it’s irrelevent, fine. What counts is whether the voters think it’s relevent.

      • P Roberts says:

        Enough – you are aware that Paula Cox was born in Canada, aren’t you?

  2. serengeti says:

    I guess this saves him the job of canvassing, which would be quite onerous, since he lives an hour’s drive away.

  3. Keep treating your former surrogates with disrespect ubp/OBA says:

    What’s crazy about YOU PEOPLE is when Mr. Simmons sported around like a pet for the UBP all you ubp/OBA people loved him. Now that he is with the PLP you dislike him. Basically any black man or woman that leaves the ubp/OBA is treated like garbage by YOU PEOPLE!

    Good luck trying to find more surrogates for the next election OBA :) . Remember you only won by a few votes.

    • Come Correct says:

      You must admire Jamaica. Can you elaborate on who “YOU PEOPLE” are?

      • mixitup says:

        A hit dog will bark… There is your answer

        • Black Soil says:

          The OBA won by 1,700 votes. The OBA will win the general election since Bermuda will not want to turn the clock backwards to decline.

    • Creamy says:

      Ah, “you people”. A phrase that only cetain people are allowed to use, of course.

    • sebring says:

      well you say he was ubp then someone else said he was Browns something ? That just shows you the caliber of candidate he is ? flip flop any one? i just think that the ubp isthe back bone of the plp !

  4. Christopher James says:

    Furthermore, JS should get in hands down, after all, Bean used the word ‘grassroots’ when describing him.

    Nobody really knows what ‘grassroots’ means, but it is a required qualification over everything else if you are to serve the PLP.

  5. Can't make this stuff up says:

    Are expat invited or will it be too dangerous for them to attend?

  6. Shame on my Party says:

    Ok help me out, Wayne Furbert, Kim Swan, Maxwell Burgess, Daruis Tucker, Anthony Santucci all former UBP flagbearers.

    Jamahl Simmons, former UBP as well.

    All gave their best years and efforts to the UBP

    And PLP supporters are sitting back and allowing the Exec and Caucus to do this when you have many people who have more credibility and can actually get a job who could run in C33, this UBP thing really needs to stop, even the UBP got tired of the UBP and rebranded

    Yet Jamahl and others insist on pretending to reinvent themselves and have suddenly found their moral, ethnic and political compass and want to “Help Bermudians”? or is this about getting a paycheck when no one else will employ you?

    Sad sad days at Alaska Hall, and don’t even mention the drama last night, where our peoples choice for Chairman was rejected so that two people could have their proxies sitting in the Chairman role

    Shame on my Party

    • ST_F says:

      Who are you kidding any OBA a$$ O can come one here and try to wear a green shirt. Take off the custom sheep it’s not Halloween yet.

  7. Creamy says:

    They act like meeting him would actually increase the likelihood of someone voting for him.

  8. sebring says:

    The above says (Light refreshments will be provided.)will that be Beans own grass roots recipe? Ganja tea ????

  9. instinct says:

    party politics=partition politics…politicians…you can havem…i have no use for them…

  10. instinct says:

    the mover…the shaker…is off in the distance safely tucked away…out of site…