19 Year Old Admits Slipping $75 To Prisoner

October 9, 2014

In Magistrates Court this morning [Oct 9], a 19 year old woman admitted giving $75.00 to an inmate at the Westgate Correctional Facility.

Daja-Nae Smith pleaded guilty to taking a prohibited article, namely $75.00 in cash, into Westgate and giving it to inmate Bryce Daniels. This occurred on 12th September 2014.

Prosecutor Maria Sofianos told Senior Magistrate Archie Warner, that during the visit, Westgate Corrections Officers had observed actions by Mr. Daniels, and after the visit was over, he was searched. The search turned up the $75.00 cash hidden in Daniel’s waistband.

Asked to explain its presence, Mr. Daniels admitted how it came to be there, and Ms. Smith was later arrested and charged.

Answering Senior Magistrate Archie Warner, Ms Smith told the Magistrate that Mr. Daniels was her boyfriend, and that she didn’t know then, but knew now, that there was a proper way, using official channels, to get money to an inmate.

The Magistrate ordered a Social Inquiry Report, and set sentencing for 26th November. Ms Smith was granted $2,000 bail.

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  1. Shmh says:

    What a retarded thing to do. .. Didnt know the right ways.?..little girl needs to get a brain…. Find a new boyfriend too!

    • mj says:

      what’s retarded is that “money” is considered a prohibited article! and if it is then why wasn’t she searched before going in.?

  2. D says:

    Girl, u knew it was wrong that’s why u slipped into his hand

    • Annie says:

      Where does it say she ‘slipped it into his hand’? Furthermore, where’s she supposed to put it? I think it would be more suspicious if she slipped it somewhere else-e.g. if she slipped it into his waistband herself.

  3. Always Watching says:

    What a waste of the taxpayers dollars. Fine her $150 and move on.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      No, fine her at least what it costs to process the whole case, start to finish. Bet it is a whole lot more than $150 by the time it passes through all of the hands it has to go through.

  4. mj says:

    how is she supposed to know the law? it isn’t taught in school….what about the people that slip drugs in there.. that’s what I thought was illegal…where is the law that states that inmates cannot receive money.. after all where are they gonna spend it.. A social inquiry needs to be done within the prisons regarding drugs, and cell phones..
    She’s 19 I say give her a break!

    • Toodle-oo says:

      When a member of the public is ‘accepted’ as a legitimate visitor to someone in prison (in Bermuda) and allowed to come and visit they are given a list of things that they can/can not bring. And they are also warned about smuggling anything to the incarcerated.
      The ‘can bring list’ has virtually nothing on it at all.
      So , there is no need to know the law. Everyone permitted to visit an inmate is warned well before they get to the entrance.
      She knew very well what she was doing .

      What she doesn’t know yet is that if she stays with this guy she’ll be paying for him forever while he’s out having a blast with everyone .

    • D says:

      19 like who hasn’t heard of not giving a person in prison money I’m sure her boyfriend told her don’t get caught she could skip that visit but she did not sooo she should go to jail

    • brewiesmom says:

      ) ANYTHING…. shes just young and DUMB

  5. Annie says:

    I think this is a bit much. It sounds really silly saying that she ‘took a prohibited article into Westgate…’ Using that same argument, every time a prison officer or administrator takes cash into Westgate, they are committing an offence and should be arrested. If giving this ‘prohibited article’ to a prisoner is a crime, are there signs posted warning people of this? I consider myself a pretty well informed person and I didn’t know this was illegal. I know prisoners are allowed to have money to buy items from the canteen, but I never gave any thought to how one would hand over that money and didn’t know that you couldn’t give it to them directly. I guess officials have to keep track of how much money inmates have, and I think it’s only a small amount but I never knew that handing over cash to a prisoner is illegal. The prisoner may have known it was illegal but the visitor may not have known. Good golly, give the girl a small fine and chalk it up to a lesson learned instead of turning her into a criminal…this is beyond ridiculous.

    • Whistling Frog says:

      @ Annie: Why on earth would you think a prisoner needs money? Do you think there’s a shop inside the prison for prisoners can buy cigarettes, beers and hats? I don’t think you’re ever visited a prison in your life..

      • Bricks says:

        Dah! Buy Ciggerettes, Reefer and Booga Suga! They sell that sh*# up West! #StatingFacts

  6. Annie says:

    *I think it’s only a small amount they’re allowed to have…

  7. more than enough says:

    These young girls endorse the types of behavior that ppl go to jail for. Catering to this guy during his time in prison…is ridiculous. Why not find yourself a good man, someone who will take care of you? Oh yeah i forgot nice guys ain’t got a chance. I can’t tell if it is for money or the absolute lack of care that y’all get at the hand of these reprobates that attracts you.
    Wake up young ladies, you can do better than that!

  8. pimp squad holding it down says:

    I think annie is legally blind if she cant see that is wrong. If the boyfriend cared for her he wouldn’t even asked her to do something crazy. pimpsquad 4 life

  9. Judge & Jury says:

    To all of you who have never visited a prison, no prison on this earth allows you to bring money or anything into a visiting room. Your personal Items are stored into a locker before you go into the visiting room and yes signs and K9 dogs to sniff you. In England they also physically search your children..
    Giving a prisoner money, there is only one use for an inmate to want his girlfriend to bring him cash.

  10. Prayerful says:

    Com on Annie, are you for real. Of course prison officers and other staff carry cash into prison, but they don’t give it to prisoners. That is where the crime is, giving it to prisoners. Also, you know that the cash is used for. If a prison officer gives cash to a prisoner, that cash becomes contraband.

    There are lists posted of what is or is not contraband, the same list is posted at the co-ed facility.

    • Self says:

      I have to agree with Annie. I think it’s all in the way this is worded. Money in itself is not prohibited. However, the law states that if someone takes something into prison against prison rules they are breaking the law. If it was properly conveyed to this young lady that money is a prohibited article, then I have no sympathy. However, if she genuinely didn’t know, then she cannot be faulted because nobody thinks of money as an illegal item.

      I have visited prison before (although it several years ago) and I can vaguely remember a big sign posted in the reception area. However, I don’t remember that I took the time to read it, nor did the prison officer tell me what was or wasn’t acceptable. I certainly wasn’t searched for anything, nor did a K9 dog sniff me.

      Every infraction doesn’t need to be brought to court. The DPP certainly doesn’t seem to be filtering out trivial cases very well. This seems like a total waste of taxpayer money and the court’s time.