Photos & Video: Car Crashes Over Embankment

January 10, 2015

[Updated with video & more photos] No one was injured when a car driver veered off the road this morning [Jan 10] and ended up over the embankment in Southampton, with the incident occurring near the same location that a Police vehicle crashed through yesterday.

car Bermuda, January 10 2015-1-2

Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines said: “At 4:36am on Saturday 10th January 2015, a male driver reported he was driving his car on South Road by Gulf Stream [formerly Tio Pepe] and lost control of the vehicle.

1-IMG_5450 wmmm

“The vehicle subsequently veered off the road, over the embankment towards Horseshoe Beach. The male driver was the only person in the vehicle at the time was unhurt, he remained at the scene for police assistance. Police advise caution in that area for all road users.”


This follows after the incident yesterday which saw a police officer driving a police land cruiser crash, and end up off the road over the embankment, with the officer extricated out of his vehicle with the assistance of members of the public.

Update 1.39pm: Photos and video of car being removed added below.

Car Accident Bermuda, January 10 2015-1

Car Accident Bermuda, January 10 2015-2

Car Accident Bermuda, January 10 2015-3

Car Accident Bermuda, January 10 2015-4

Car Accident Bermuda, January 10 2015-5

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  1. Micro says:

    So nobody thought to throw down some sand and put up a oil spill sign?

    It is rather old and worn. Maybe that stretch of road could be prioritized for re-paving by one of the private companies – because Government workers are doing an absolute stellar job on South Road in Devonshire (sarcasm).

  2. Haha says:


  3. Bermudian says:

    The camber on that road is wrong.

    • Soooo says:

      Bermidian… You may be correct, however IF your driving within the speed limit the camber and surface of thaI section of road is fine. The problem is the way people drive NOT the road…. You should be driving at a speed and in a manner that are safe for the road conditions at the time!!

      • Hellloo says:

        Dun we all know that nobody drives the speed limit. -_-

        • somuchless says:

          And that is NOBODY. Wait my aunt Janet goes 35. You could walk faster lol

      • Micro says:

        That’s not true at all, loss of traction is entirely possible on a slight bend at 35kmh (lets be realistic tho, this likely happened around 45/50kmh, the average speed of most drivers)given an extremely smooth surface, moisture, less then perfect tire tread, improperly pressured tires, driver over correcting or not knowing how to arrest a minor slide and making it worse. Add in patches of oil/foreign material, recipe for disaster.

        It’s simple physics.

  4. front brake only says:

    How about you just drive accordingly that means always being aware of the surface traction that is available under all conditions

  5. smh says:

    Maybe it’s time W&E actually hired road engineers that know what they are doing. So much corners in Bermuda are in need of desperate attention.

  6. yee haw says:

    The camber on that hillside is wrong.

  7. biggadon says:

    The camber on this road has been fine all these years…. 2 mishaps all of a sudden the road built wrong smh….maybe if folks drive accordingly when the roads are wet we wont be having these convos.

    • Tough Love says:

      Exactly! Slow down on corners. Just that simple.

    • Micro says:

      It’s entirely possible the camber there today isn’t the same as it was when it was built… The problem tho is indeed the age of the pavement, its polished smooth, like many of the islands roadways.

    • Whistling Frog says:

      I saw the same woman running along South rd. with them tights on too. I started to hook a left but, thank goodness my girl hooked me a right first… Straighten me right up.. : )) Keep your eyes on the road ahead people.

  8. Terry says:

    Nothing wrong with the camber ‘yee haw’.

    Been like that for 65 years.

    Oil and other deposits are everywhere on Bermuda roads.

    Being familiar with time, temperature, work, et al play a part.
    Local knowledge and familiarity are also vital.

    I should know.
    In 1968 two college kids came around that corner speeding at 12.30am. It happened so fast. One died.


    • Triangle Drifter says:

      So you think that what is inherently dangerous being built that way decades ago should remain that way?

      Lets go back to building cars with cable braking systems. Lets do away with seatbelts, airbags, antilock systems, the same steering systems used decades ago. Lets not improve anything. Who needs improvement & better vehicle safety? Everyone knew how to drive those old cars without power steering, power brakes. If you wanted automatic, you paid more. Much more.

      Makes perfect sense. Leave everything just the way it used to be.

  9. Rosie Marangiello says:

    Please slow down on this bend, rough start to new year, road crews working this weekend.

  10. chipp says:

    Explain hours apart! ?????

    • Buckindatrend says:

      First there was one and then, a little while later, there was another one. Clear enough for ya, chipparoo?

    • what... says:

      Easy… #2 lookin to see where #1 went over (and almost found it) Drove around that corner 3 times today and see nothing wrong with the road….

  11. That dude went in the same spot as the police vehicle!!!!! Lmfao. Who would’ve thought that texting can cause so much grief….

  12. Drive safe Bda says:

    WTH is going on??

  13. Impressive says:

    Not saying that is the case with this corner.. But I have noted that some of the corners in Bermuda are pitched the wrong way.. Excessive speeds doesn’t help, neither does selfish motorists, but a corner should be pitched in a way as to aid the car in making the turn not the opposite,, imho.

    • Impressive says:

      especially that corner just at the junction with scenic heights just after heron bay school heading east.

  14. Andrew Carmichael says:

    It is not the road, it is the drivers! Was going to make a joke, but lets leave it at that.

  15. Sky Pilot says:

    you couldn’t make this **** up,only in Bermuda!

  16. Serious Though says:

    Haunted Corner!

  17. d says:

    I saw a big white wing of light in the sky around 9pm coming around the bend of South P last night. I couldn’t make out what it was. I decided after I drive on the straight road I will look up in the sky again to see exactly what it is something told me not to look. I WONDER IF THEY SAW WHAT I WAS TRYING TO FIGURE OUT? Mighty strange light…

  18. Cafe Au Lait says:

    Truck goes off straight road in broad daytime! These straight roads are so dangerous. Government should add some turns to these roads to make them more interesting. Right now people get bored on straight roads so they fall asleep. The same thing happens in Australia – google it.

    I don’t expect Government will do anything about it though.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Can’t see going to sleep on a Bermuda road. It is not like you are driving for miles & miles on an arrow straight road. Easy to get groggy on roads like that.

      Bermuda is not like driving across places like west Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, any of the plains states or Canadian prairie provinces where, for now geographical reason, you can run into ‘S’ bends just to get your attention & hopefully help keep you alert.

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