Photos: 2015 “Argus Walks the Walk” Charity 5K

February 22, 2015

[Updated with more photos] Argus Group hosted their “Argus Walks the Walk with The Centre on Philanthropy”, a 5K walk to support local charities, this morning [Feb 22] with walkers heading off at 8.30am through the streets of Hamilton.

Argus Walks the Walk with The Centre on Philanthropy 5K is a unique community event that offers participants the opportunity to choose their favourite local registered charity to receive a portion of their entry fee.


Elaine Butterfield, Executive Director of The Centre on Philanthropy, says: “We are very pleased to partner with the Argus Group on this fun annual charity walk. Participants select a Bermuda registered charity of their choice to receive a donation from their entry fee.

Alison Hill, Chief Executive Officer of the Argus Group, comments: “The event is a great way to promote walking as part of a healthy lifestyle and offers the community a unique way to donate to charity. Last month, Argus launched ‘Thrive’, an innovative nutrition, fitness and wellness programme.

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  1. Terry says:

    Great to see all he people out for a great cause.

    I sat back for a moment and pondered this walk for others.
    I sat back and reflected on the thousand that marched on Cabinet some weeks ago.

    I looked at the makeup of the walkers/marchers.

    I wondered.

    Do you wonder?


    Addendum:- Thanks Bernews for the photo’s and coverage.

    • Common Cents says:

      Hey Terry – my daughter did the makeup for some of the walkers. She is only one person. So what are you sayin? I should clone my daughter so she could do more makeup?

      • Huh says:

        The makeup for the walkers vs the makeup of the walkers…sometimes common sense is not so common

  2. Coffee says:

    I see some of the same people walking here who were amongst the walkers a few weeks ago . Somehow it is all related , all commingled in the disbursement of money . They have to earn it through working for it like the good folk who you didn’t see walking the other week , in order to give back as they did yesterday … Makes sense …? It’s called shared sacrifice !

  3. kim says:

    terry you are absolutely correct,
    so you know what side the dislikes about your comment come from

  4. Terry says:

    I understand ‘kim’.

    The truth is a beach.

    I happen to deal with reality.

    They can dislike all they want and that was the basis behind my post.

    Wait till next week.

    Gonna be a few surprises.

    Mark my word.


  5. Huh says:

    Who let the dogs out?

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