Ministry: Section Of Palmetto Road Closed

March 1, 2015

The Ministry of Public Works advised that Palmetto Road is closed from Bishop Spencer Road to Marsh Folly Road, due to a “further collapse of material overnight as a result of rain.”

A spokesperson said, “The Ministry of Public Works is advising the public that Palmetto Road is closed from Bishop Spencer Road to Marsh Folly Road.

“All vehicular traffic is being advised by the Ministry to go along Northshore Road instead of Palmetto Road.

“The road closure at Palmetto Road is due to a further collapse of material overnight as a result of rain at 6 Perimeter Lane which may cause further deterioration.

“In the interest of public safety the Ministry is advising motorists to avoid Palmetto Road to enable work being undertaken by Ministry personnel to expedite the completion of the 6 Perimeter Lane project.

“The Ministry would like to encourage the full cooperation from the motoring public and apologizes for any inconvenience in advance.”

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  1. smh says:

    So when are you going to fix this problem? It seems to be getting worst with every heavy rain the island gets.

    • Damn Rather says:

      Nobody is going to like to hear this but as long as W&E are responsible for the repair we can expect two things.

      1. Progress will be slow
      2. It will cost a fortune.

      Another example of why W&E should not do any major projects is just around the corner at Blackwatch pass. Many people don’t want to hear the truth but any private company hired to do that simple project would have been done a long time ago.

      Unfortunately, these able bodied men act as public examples of what one should expect of Bermuda’s Labour Force. Is it reflective of the truth – NO! But, this is what many people (visitors/expatriate workers)see EVERY DAY so can you blame them for thinking we are lazy. We ALL see these examples every day. Our politicians (on both sides), W&E management, union leaders, teachers, other civil servants,young children and the public! Nobody wants to talk about it but it has to stop!

      Not much better is Parks Department. We managed to rally and get 80% of the trees around the island cleaned up in two weeks. BELCO replaced hundred of downed poles and rand new electrical wires. Many different volunteers rallied to clean up the railways and many park areas.

      Yet, 6 months later the trees that were down in most of the islands parks are still in the same place.

      What is wrong with these pictures!


      • Damn Rather says:

        Referring to trees down after the hurricanes!

  2. Wtfhaha says:

    Just Fix the dam thing it’s been to long.

  3. Hmmm... says:

    Is that area ever going to get fixed in our lifetimes? It keeps getting worse and worse with no real repair in sight. It’s getting beyond ridiculous now.

  4. Coffee says:

    Harbour Road is fixed !

  5. Coffee says:

    Did I mention that Harbour Road is in Paget ?

    • tee says:


    • Common Sense says:

      How did the size of the Harbour Road damage compare with the size and height of the damage at Marsh Folly? Are we comparing apples with apples?

      Must admit though that I thought the previous Government faffed about fixing Palmetto Road (which was in Pembroke when they were in power!) But now the onus is on our present Government to get on with the job.

      • Mutual says:

        Doesnt matter who the Government is – its still W&E who have to do the work. The Gov can shout all they want, it wont make a difference. Its not as if anyone is going to be fired for poor performance

      • Raymond Ray says:

        I agree 100% with you “Common Sense” on this particular matter facing the Government of the day, One Bermuda Alliance. It’s yet one of the countless jobs that need to be attacked for the publics safety e.g. the citizens who live in the area as well as them that travel along Palmetto Rd…
        If not mistaken / mislead am under the impression that one of the problems thats led to the delays in rectifying this cliff / wall and road are due to the lack of co-operation from the land owners and not only the Govnts. them of yesteryear and today…
        I’ll suggest Government fix the damn problem/s and then upon completion send a bill to the others that by Law should foot a portion of the expenses since it’s their land that’s at the base of the erosion.

    • Damn Rather says:

      So Coffee, are you implying that governments make certain neighborhoods a priority while ignoring others? If you feel this is the case here, surely you can explain why the access road in Devonshire leading up to MAWI from the South Road (next to PetCare)wasn’t touched the entire time the PLP were in power!

      Please clarify.

      • Damn Rather says:

        BTW that was roughly 14 years they had to fix it, in case you forgot.

      • Really says:

        Stop being an * hole. You know if this was an oba area the road would have been fixed by now.

  6. Sky Pilot says:

    another problem the plp left for the present government to fix.

    • Really?? says:

      Sorry to burst your bubble but the OBA gets all the credit for this one. This issue started in their time in government and they have done nothing to fix the problem in their time in power. The PLP are guilty of many things but this issue falls squarely on the current government. Nice try though.

      • Common Sense says:

        Oh Really REALLY??. I’ve seen posts that stretch credulity over the years but this one surely takes the cake!

        The OBA did not exist until just a few years ago, and the problems at Marsh Folly have been there for years, and certainly through most of the PLP’s terms of office.

        I absolutely agree that the present Government should fix Marsh Folly Road, which is clearly a major problem because it’s been around for years, but to suggest that “the OBA gets all the credit for this one” is ludicrous in the extreme.

  7. somuchless says:

    I don’t know why they would start the round a bout project near CMart without finishing the project on Palmetto Road. You already have road/highway crew that work slower than molleses and now you’ve decided to add more projects. Stop procrastinating and get the job done.

    And the minute everyone talks about privatizing the certain departments, many of you get offended. I wonder why.

  8. ImJustSayin says:

    If they would have fixed the problem all these years then it wouldn’t be closed again. Why are they so incompetent? We pay rediculous money in order to use our vehicles on these roads. So where is the money going? SMH…

  9. spoons says:

    It has been left to deteriorate for well over a year, with just two W&E men ‘manning the signs’ in the morning – apart from when it’s raining. Oh the irony.

  10. Charlly X says:

    Smh the tale of two Bermuda’s continues ! Fix the problems ! That’s why we all pay taxes ! We can use the money from the W/E minister salary . He is over paid anyhow ! As a matter of fact most are over paid. !! They all should only get under 100,000$ because most don’t have any experience as a politician or the dept they CEO !!

  11. somuchless says:

    But it is okay for the W&E worker to drive around in that fancy white tinted Patroit. Come on government. Grow some balls and get rid of that vehicle and use that money to help build that wall.

    I feel for the residents in that area.

    • Raymond Ray says:

      That vehicle and taking a, (further) cut in wages can aid them Government. Why shouldn’t they use smaller cars as oppose to “Bad Mans Wagons” B.M.W. Peugeots and whatever else they have…All are unnecessary expenses!

  12. seascape says:

    W&E needs to get their act together. Fix the roads near Devonshire Bay – they were poorly re-paved – cut back and cut down the trees along our roads, especially along North Shore and Palmetto Roads. Also, get rid of the trees that fell during the hurricanes. What is taking so long?! Fix the problem at Marsh Folly then decide who or what should be paid after it is fixed. Enough is enough!!!

  13. Bermuda123 says:

    I believe that one issue may be the dispute about who is paying for the repairs. Can we just fix it and argue afterwards who pays for it. This inconveniences hundreds of people every day

  14. Eyeinthesky says:

    Like really…. these are the issues in that area:

    1. top of hill on Marsh Folly, cliff falling .. poles sinking (original reason why road had first one way flow of traffic)still not fixed

    2. Feb 14th, 2014 – 100 meters east of above issuse, drainage system fails sending 100 gallons of water in houses at bottom of hill. still not fixed

    3. Dutton avenue – still closed from flooding ( 2 motor cyclist injured badly).

    This is one off the major throughways, more than a year and half later we are still in the same place. Unexceptable by anyones standards…

    oh what made it worst, the road on the side of Delwood n BPSU was closed as well during this period. now repaired!

  15. um just saying says:

    Do any of you have a degree in engineering? If not, then shut the hell up! You dont have a clue as to the complications the workers may have encountered. Structural, land owners, etc. That project may look like a simple fix to you, but I am sure they are running into problems nobody was prepared for, hence the delays. I wish that all the ppl who dont have a clue, go buy one, that may get us out of debt!

    • somuchless says:

      you must be one of the workers. Lol

      • um just saying says:

        Not at all, I read the article, and it stated that the rain caused another landslide. This means that W & E were not at fault. Ppl please remember if the work was completed in your time frame, instead of properly, there would be more damage or possibly loss of life/lives.