22 Year Old Apologises For Offensive Words

April 27, 2015

Appearing in Magistrates Court this morning [Apr 27], a 22-year-old Pembroke man was today granted an absolute discharge after using offensive words towards a police officer.

The court heard that on April 13 last year in the parking lot of Ice Queen in Paget, Jahsyi Smith-Wilkinson, told a police officer to: “f**kin’ leave us alone, you guys must be f**kin’ foreigners, leave us alone!”

Prosecutor Maria Sofianos told the cour that the incident happened around 2:52am on that date, when uniform police officers in a marked police vehicle, observed two passengers in a car arguing, saying “f**k you, f**k off,” to each other.

The police officers then told the two men to stop using the strong language in public, but the two men then turned their foul language towards the police officers.

Smith-Wilkinson was subsequently arrested.

When asked if he had anything to say for himself, Smith-Wilkinson told the court: “We were just arguing in the car about a football game. I didn’t see a reason for them trying to arrest us. I apologise to the courts and to them for using those words.”

Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo responded to the defendant: “Exercise better discretion next time,” and granted him an absolute discharge.

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