Highlight Video: BBBFF Fitness Extravaganza

April 21, 2015

The Bermuda Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation [BBBFF] hosted their third annual Fitness Extravaganza on April 11 in the Earl Cameron Theatre at City Hall, with family, friends, trainers and supporters filling the theatre to cheer on their favorite athlete of the night.

The Bikini Fitness category saw Shaylee Trott [Positive Results] take first place, followed by Lauren D’Amico [Court House/Positive Results], Rebecca Johnston [Positive Results], Carrie DeSilva [Seaview/Athletic Club], Danielle Marr [Alchemy], Ryen Robinson [Court House/Alchemy], Chanika Jones [Seaview], and Allison Lacoursiere [Studio One/Volleyball].

The Figure Fitness category saw Monica Teixeira [Positive Results/Seaview] rank in the top position, followed by Sarah Cardwell [Seaview], and Jeana Jones [Police Gym]. The Women’s Fitness category was won by Sophia Cannonier [Fusion Fitness/Lotus MBW], while the Women’s Physique category was won by Andrea Jackson [Seaview/AbsbyDre].

The Men’s Physique category was won by Terrence Lightbourne [BEAST Gym], followed by Javon Darrell [Seaview/Positive Results], Cervio Cox [Seaview], Dave Wolfe [Magnum’s], Tori Wine [Athletic Club], Michael Jones [Magnum’s], Kacper Kulig [Alchemy], Adam De La Cruz [Seaview], Paul Simons [Police Gym/Seaview], Juan Looby [Athletic Club], and Omar Jones [Olympic Club].

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  1. stunned... says:

    nice to see that each of the fitness clubs had winners.