ISACA Launches CyberSecurity Nexus Program

April 17, 2015

ISACA has announced the launch of its CyberSecurity Nexus [CSX] certifications that combine skills-based training with performance-based exams and certifications.

“The seven new Cybersecurity Nexus [CSX] certifications help professionals build and evolve their careers in a constantly changing field and help close the skills gap for employers,” a spokesperson said.

“The new certifications are aligned with globally accepted standards and frameworks, including the NIST Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity, NIST SP 800-53 Revision 4, ISO 27000, and the COBIT 5 framework.

“ISACA is a nonprofit, global association and engages in the development, adoption and use of globally accepted, industry-leading knowledge and practices for information systems. The ISACA Bermuda Chapter currently has 70 members, many of whom have undertaken ISACA certifications to further their learning and to increase their marketability to employers.

“Key Findings of a newly released study by ISACA and RSA Conference noted that:

  1. 82% of organizations expect to experience a cyber attack in 2015
  2. 35% of organizations are unable to fill open Cyber Security positions
  3. 69% say certification is required for Cyber Security jobs

“These statistics show that whilst cybersecurity threats are continuing to rise, there is a growing shortage of appropriately-equipped security professionals. Employers are unable to find the skills and talent in the Cybersecurity arena that they require. Since the CSX program is addressing this urgency to Cyber Security Skills shortage, participants would achieve a highly marketable, and highly sought after designation.”

President of ISACA Bermuda Chapter, Shan Senanayake said “In the arena of cyber security, the IT security professional must ensure that their technical skill sets are aligned with the enterprise security posture. It is not enough to simply be technically proficient in security vendor product lines; you must also understand the critical role that security assurance plays in your organization as a whole.

“How can IT security best practices be aligned with business goals? How can cybersecurity policies be integrated into the entire organization? ISACA’s CyberSecurity Nexus bridges the gap between Enterprise IT and business. CSX training and certification complements the pure technical skill set, and gives it context”

“With CSX, business leaders and cyber professionals can obtain the knowledge, tools, guidance and connections to be at the forefront of a vital and rapidly changing industry. More than just training and certification, however, CSX is designed as a comprehensive program that provides expert-level cybersecurity resources tailored to each stage in a cybersecurity professional’s career.”

Membership Director of ISACA Bermuda Chapter, Anna Chan said “The CSX program launch is extremely valuable to ISACA Bermuda members and certification holders as it fills a tremendous gap that all organizations are looking for – an avenue to provide individuals with tangible skill sets to protect, recover and monitor Cyber attacks.

“This program comes with years of research from International governments, frameworks and task forces with experts in the field with real world experience which is different from other programs that simply act or claim to be Cyber experts without having the real experience or invested research.”

CSX training programs commence in June 2015.  More information on ISACA Bermuda available on its website:

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