St. George’s Welcomes First Cruise Ship Of 2015

April 17, 2015

[Updated with video] Marking the first cruise ship visit for the east end this year, the sailing cruise Club Med 2 arrived in St. George’s this morning [Apr 17], carrying an estimated 337 passengers and 200 crew.

According to the 2015 cruise ship schedule, this is one of three cruise visits the east end will receive during 2015, with St. George’s also set to receive the Balmoral in September and October.


The island is set to receive a total of 136 cruise ship visits this year, made up of 100 regular contract ship visits and 36 occasional visits, with the vast majority of the cruises due to stop in Dockyard.

Built in 1992, the 14,983 ton Club Med 2 was refurbished in 2008, and is owned and operated by Club Med, which bills travel on the 614-foot five-masted sailing cruise as a Club Med Resort that is “racing across the water.”

Time lapse video of the Club Med 2 arriving this morning:

The ship’s website says, “Comfort and refinement are the key words of this sailing ship rare and intimate, with its shipowners suite of 420 square feet and 10 suites of 380 square feet.

“With its splendid decks, its nautical hall for sports enthusiasts, its two gourmet restaurants and its crew of 200, this vessel offers all the refinement of a first-class ship, enhanced by the undeniable pleasures of a Club Med Resort…one that’s racing across the water.”

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  1. This also is absolutely fantastic…”A half of loaf is far better than no loaf at all.” Of course the other ships that will be visiting Bermuda, (mostly in the West end)will have passengers heading to St. Georges via ferries or buses to relish in a bit of our as well as Americas history. Please refurbish what needs attention a.s.a.p so that all visitors will have a great experience while in the, “Ole Towne”.

    • ya right says:

      “One of three cruise visits the east end will receive during 2015.”

      It ain’t that fantastic; I would expect a lot more than just 3 cruise ship visits for 2015. This is not half a loaf Raymond. This like one slice of a loaf.

      We demand better from the current government.

      • @ ya right: Granted, everyone would appreciate more action along side the pier but, all in due time. We do still have the ferries shuttling visitors from the other end of the Island on a regular bases but I believe there need be more ferries shuttles to and fro e.g. possibly starting earlier and lasting a wee bit longer, allowing St. Georges night life, “come to life”. There are a few fine restaurants that can do with a boost so they too can hire more Bermudians.

  2. bluebird says:

    WELL WELL WELL,this one made you all out to be a bunch of Liar’s,Imagine a “NEW”cruise ship built last year,and it has people on it.
    There are literaly hundreds more cruise ships of this size that don’t come to Bermuda.
    I am sure if we “CUT”the exspence of Docking here and continue to make them WELCOME,they might come as we have acquired a bad reputation from the previous administration.
    And just imagine we do not have to BLOW UP THE CHANNEL or put in a HUGE DOCK sticking out on the north shore,the visitors can enjoy what we have.
    Did you see the tug chasing the ship,they are not needed either just an additional exspense.

  3. bluebird says:

    @ R R
    I think St Georges are doing a fantasic job with the LIMITED funds available to them.
    The previous administration SUCKED UP ALL the revenue to go into the Government coffers big black hole,like $2BILLION dollars DEBT.
    Everytime they need to do something they have to go with hat in hand to the Government whom as you know are still having to BORROW a couple of 100 Million dollars each year to keep the un-nessary HUGE civil service going.

  4. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    Congratulations St.Georges………give our visitors your best……thank you for coming back alive… deserve all of the success that you can get……moving forward…….Allah-u-Akbar….G-D is the greatest..

  5. By the way, how long will “she” remain in Port?