Minister: Working Together For Cruise Season

May 1, 2015

The Minister of Tourism Development and Transport, Shawn Crockwell said he “would like to remind public service vehicle operators [taxi drivers and minibus operators] of the importance of working together during our busy cruise ship season and that they must comply with their respective regulations and the terms of their permits.”

“The Ministry continues to work very closely with WEDCo to improve and enhance the infrastructure and services provided to our cruise ship visitors in Dockyard and ensuring that there is adequate lift to meet everyone’s needs,” a spokesperson said.

He said, “In 2013 the Ministry and WEDCo introduced a new traffic and pedestrian system at the Ground Transportation Area [GTA] in Dockyard. The new system was necessary due to the increased number of passengers and it has proven to be very successful providing a safer and more logical system for cruise ship passengers.”

“Recently there have been reports, unfortunately, of incidents of operators failing to follow proper procedures and the Ministry of Tourism Development and Transport would like to remind all operators that they are expected to work within the designated areas at Dockyard and to follow the guidance and instruction of the traffic officers.

“As the Minister responsible for Tourism Development and Transport, I implore all of the operators to be respectful to the traffic officers and to follow their proper instructions. I would also remind the mini bus operators that they should not directly compete with and attempt to undercut the business of taxis which is outside of their permit.

“Obviously, we want an environment in Dockyard that is favourable for all the operators as well as our visitors. Very often the first impression our cruise ship visitors get of Bermuda is from our taxi and mini bus operators, and it should be a good one as is usually the case.

“However, there are some operators who choose to flout the law or breach the terms of their permit. If caught, they can expect to be ticketed and repeat offenders could risk suspension or revocation of their permit.”

“It is still early days in our cruise ship season and we are fortunate in that we have quite a robust season ahead of us. If we all work together we can have a very successful and smooth transportation system at our primary cruise port.

“I often receive complementary letters from visitors who have been treated extremely well by our taxi drivers and mini bus operators. I am very proud of the job both groups have done over the years as Bermuda’s top tourism ambassadors and I am relying on them to continue this proud tradition.”

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  1. smh says:

    How do you expect Taxi operators to work with mini bus drivers? Taxi owners make an almost 200k investment and have a uniform …meter…gps…when a mini bus owner make a 30k investment and could wear what they want…charge what they want…take how many ppl they want. Minister Crockwell stop with the Jokes.

  2. skytrain says:

    We saw huge groups of tourists waiting for buses at Baileys Bay opposite Swizzle. They were desperately trying to flag down a taxi. When a bus did come it passed them by because it was totally rammed. Not a good start I would say.

    • James says:

      It’s such a shame. The same issue is happening up the western end. Once a certain time rolls by and you need to catch the bus, you are out of luck unless you are in Dockyard. I bet this issue is not even know because the necessary time is not taken out to see what all the problems are. About two weeks ago, over an hour and a half went by before a few people were able to get on a bus at the Arnolds bus stop. Everyone after that was out of luck. All of issues need to be looked at because it is not just with the amount of overtime that has been exceeded. Can we please work out a solution for everyone? Cruise and air passengers alike. Please let’s not forget those that keep the buses running when it is not tourist season.

  3. Rick Olson says:

    The big question is are the buses and ferries ready ?

    • C James says:

      It will depend on whether our dedicated bus drivers are over this awful tummy bug that is keeping them off work.

  4. C James says:

    Since Bermuda does not want to rent cars, and scooters are not for everyone, we better make sure our public transportation is up to par.

    Year after year it has been proven that it is NOT.

    Yet again, Bermuda simply does not compete. You want to not rent cars, then provide a reasonable way for tourists to get around – or they will go to somewhere like Cayman next time – where they can rent a car.

  5. somuchless says:

    Tons of buses cancelled for today. Bad.

  6. stunned... says:

    nice, i believe we have a few tourists trying to get around….

  7. Still Waiting says:

    By the end of last season it was basically a free for all up there so no wonder we’ve started off the same way. Rules need to be enforced! I also implore the minister to come have a look at the “shelter” that greets the people coming off the Breakaway. The roofing is still torn up from the hurricanes last fall. It’s a complete mess! And don’t get me started on the lack of benches for our elderly visitors. We can do better.

  8. Terry says:

    The OBA has the same mentality as the UBP.

    They don’t want to upset the apple cart.

    There I said it.

    You can build all you want. Invest all you want. Cosmetic it all you want.

    Look at the Union decision et al.

    The only leader Bermuda really had was Sir. Henry Tucker who knew what went wrong and tried to right it.

    John Swan?

    Richest man in the history of Bermuda and a silver tounge.

    Whats in your wallet whislt you take your own heritage.


  9. BermudaRat says:


    Just when the island finally has a few visitors around, why on earth are the buses being cancelled to/from Dockyard today? Minister, you are saying today of “the importance of everyone working together”. Please….let’s get this working NOW, IMMEDIATELY.

  10. Raymond Ray says:

    Minister Shawn Crockwell Sir, please go and take a look(if you haven’t already)and then rectify any possible wrongs, especially the structural unsightly “stuff” a.s.a.p. Remember, “the first impression is a lasting impression.”