Video: Local Young Poets Tackle Difficult Issues

May 29, 2015

A group of young Bermudians poets have come together with the company NeoAPEX in order to create a video that features a spoken word piece being used to convey a message about the issue of street violence, with “more videos that will touch hard hitting topics” promised for the future.

The video features poets Raushan Darrell and India Muhammad, with filming done by Marq Rodriguez, with the description saying, “India and Raushan come together to portray a brilliant take on violence and the effect it has on a relationship. Prepare for a mixture of poetry, raw emotion, and cinematic principles to form this masterpiece. There will be more to come from these two amazing poets.”

Confession : The Power of Birth

NeoAPEX CEO Dwayne Robinson said, “The video was created because I established a spoken word production company where these poets could express themselves and get their work out to the people. They and the video are linked to the fledgling company NeoAPEX Productions.

“There are going to be more videos that will touch hard hitting topics like the absence of fathers and breast cancer.

“I really want these poets to be exposed and people to see the hard work these young people have been putting in to raise awareness of issues and that there is a safe spot for these poets to express themselves.”

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  1. There is ryme to dat reason…good.

  2. Please take time to listen to this message for it applies to not only them who are young but, also to them who have a different impression of themselves and others…