MP Scott Calls For Investigation Into Allegations

July 14, 2015

michael scott plp genericThe allegations made in the affidavit by developer Michael MacLean “should be taken seriously by all concerned citizens of Bermuda,” Shadow Attorney-General Michael Scott said, adding that he has written to the Governor to request he institute an investigation and that the Ministers should be “relieved of their duties by the Premier pending the investigation being concluded.”

Mr MacLean’s affidavit was filed in the Supreme Court recently, with the 16-page document containing a number of allegations over the discussions pertaining to the waterfront development.

“The allegations are so serious that they demand urgent police investigation, as it is vital that there be the appearance of transparency and openness on the part of the Government,” said Mr Scott.

“It is the position of the Opposition Progressive Labour Party, that the Government Ministers mentioned in the affidavit be made subject to a swift urgent police investigation,” said Mr Scott, who said the Ministers should be “relieved of their duties by the Premier pending the investigation being concluded.”

The letter, which is dated July 9 2015, said that recent allegations by Mr. McLean “have raised wide public disquiet in the Island.”

Mr Scott’s letter said they believe “at this stage, the omission by Premier Michael Dunkley to act to advise you as Governor to remove his Ministers who are under such a cloud, as he has the power to do under section 59 [4] [a] of the Bermuda Constitution [PDF], is both irresponsible, and highly damaging of our island’s reputation.

“The utter destabilizing effect upon the economic conditions, reputational interest of Bermuda and confidence in the Government, are at play, and we call on you as Governor to institute an urgent investigation using your powers under section 1 of the Commission of Inquiry Act 1935 [PDF].”

Mr Scott’s letter said they believe the matters “should not be allowed to go unanswered for any period of time, as this will create an environment of instability.

“On behalf of the Leader of the Opposition Progressive Labour Party, I write to you to request an urgent meeting of a delegation from the Opposition to discuss this matter of urgent constitutional and public importance and concern in Bermuda,” the letter added.

Mr. MacLean is involved in two legal matters; he launched legal action over losing the waterfront lease which was overturned following a vote in Parliament, and Mexico Infrastructure Finance initiated legal action against Mr MacLean in his capacity with Par-la-Ville Hotel and Residences Ltd over an $18 million loan which was backed by a guarantee by the CoH and not paid back.

The affidavit referenced above is correlated with the waterfront lease, with Mr MacLean seeking various remedies including constitutional relief and millions in compensation. The Attorney-General has previously said the “Government views this action very seriously and will be defending it vigorously.”

Premier Michael Dunkley previously said the affidavit “contains outrageous and completely unfounded accusations by a desperate man who is the subject of a Police investigation and a law suit over monies related to the Par-la-Ville hotel project.”

“The claims it makes are ludicrous and will be dealt with in the courts,” added the Premier.

In response, Mr MacLean said he was “surprised Premier Dunkley would suggest that I am under Police investigation,” as he spoke to the police and “inquired whether or not there was or is an investigation underway involving me, and the answer was no not that they’re aware of.”

“I have and will continue to cooperate fully with the Bermuda Police,” added Mr. MacLean.

We have asked the Government and the OBA for a response to Mr Scott’s letter and will update as able.

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  1. George says:

    Um um yah yah……….. so yah boy Mac told me, so and so did such and such and yah I think the Govnaa should inwestigate or whatever it is he does like! Cool? Alright then ……do yah thing Govnna!

  2. watching says:

    Well said Mr Scott.

    The OBA cannot continue to remain silent and continue on as business as usual. In the interest of transparency and accountability, the relevant ministers should be required to step down while the investigation is commenced.

    I wonder if Michael Dunkley remembers what he said as Opposition leader during the BHC investigation. His concerns about allegations at the highest level of Government; Bermuda’s reputation, etc. Well the BHC allegations don’t even scratch the surface of the current allegations.

    yet we have heard “crickets” from Premier Dunkley.

    if his Ministers are innocent then they should welcome an investigation to clear their names and then continue on. And as the Leader of the Country, so should he!

    • Islandgirl says:

      I too argee with Mr Scott, this should be investigated and the public should be made aware of the findings. Mr MacLean is a reputable contractor and has lost a lot whole the Governmen continue to remain silent on this matter.

      Its a shame and we as Bermudians should demand an investigation.

      • Sad says:

        Reputable individuals don’t have $18mn wired into their personal account which results in a missing parking lot.

        Well not in my world at least.

        • Ian says:

          The OBA really can do NO WRONG in your eyes huh? Do you even process for moment how ridiculous and mindless you sound???

          • aceboy says:

            The comment was nothing to do with the OBA. It was about Mr. MacLean.

            Par-La-Ville car park is now in the hands of a Mexican Finance company. Bermudian LAND. Our land. I have heard it referred to as “birthright” many times by PLP supporters.

            The land is in foreign hands because Mr. MacLean defaulted on paying back an $18 million loan that somehow made it into his personal bank account.

            Somehow this fact does not seem to bother you and when this same “reputable contractor” makes spurious accusations the Governor needs to jump and investigate?

            Do you have any idea how ridiculous and mindless that
            appears to any right thinking human being?

            Don’t you think the first priority is to get the land BACK?

            • clearasmud says:

              Yes but the Minister said the appropriate checks and balances were in place to protect the property and he was happy for the deal to go ahead so yes he is responsible.

            • Ian says:

              The land is in foreign hands because the OBA made it possible for that to happen and they tried to screw over a guy who had already secured over half a billion dollars of investement monies to move forward with the waterfront project.

            • Ian says:

              And for the record this entire article is about the OBA, namely their handling of the waterfront development. Just because you OBA ankle biters subscribe to the school of deflection doesnt mean others are thrown off by it…

              • aceboy says:

                Where is Team Hamilton in your little analysis of this situation?

                Do you think Mr. MacLean, based upon what you know has now happened, be allowed to have a 262 year lease to develop the Hamilton Waterfront?

                The reputable contractor……

                If so you must be the most gullible person in the world. Or you stand to benefit from that arrangement. One or the other.

                You blame the OBA but the OBA was in a constant running legal battle with the guys who granted the lease. All the while trying to stop it. They didn’t succeed fully I suppose, given the upcoming legal battle over the lawsuit launched by the reputable contractor, but they sure tried. Now when the whole scheme comes to an end you want to blame the OBA. That is really rich considering Team Hamilton ONLY came to power because the PLP removed the ability of the business owners to vote in the one term election they won. The whole thing was a stich up to begin with.

      • Toleratate says:

        OK, so the same “reputable contractor” whose head EVERYONE wanted a few weeks ago; makes a statement in code that got leaked to guess where, warrants an investigation?
        DO NOT GET ME WRONG HERE….. I am ALL for any wrong doings by BOTH Party being exposed, but we can’t just call on the Governor to investigate EVERY gripe the two Political Parties have.
        What’s the hurry? If there are tapes and evidence it will come out in the court case, and warrants/questions will need to be answered.
        By the way can we get an answer on where the money is. Are we not still on the hook for 18 million that has not been found?

        • watching says:

          this is not a gripe! this is alleged wrongdoings at the highest levels. and it isn’t the PLP making the accusations.

          • Toleratate says:

            Ummm, first, ALLEGED and second, MP Scott (member of PLP) calls for investigation?… There, you said it yourself; relax it will all come out.

      • jt says:

        You need to speak with some people owed money. Then re-post.

      • Pete says:

        Isn’t there a Court case over this issue pending ? So why is Mr. Scott ? PLP, and supporters jumping to something akin to an appeal, the case hasn’t been heard? Seems to me they trying to stir up false sentiment over what I can see is a trumped up, false finger pointing , scheme, and attempt to try discredit the OBA in the process.
        Time Will Tell!!

    • AFurbert says:

      There is nothing to investigate!

      You boys make me laugh!

      • Impressive says:

        MP Scott is way past 21 years old, He is no longer a boy. Thanks

    • inna says:

      Silly season is back! Must be all the heat!!!

  3. Cow Polly says:

    Oh and Mr Scott, don’t know where you’re hearing all this ‘wide public disquiet’ because all I’m hearing these days is that Somerset is going to win the Cup again which pains me even more :-)

  4. Kevin says:

    Quit the games , Play the tapes should be easy to prove if that is the basis of the allegations

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Absolutely .

      Just as long as it can be proven that the recordings are complete from start to finish and unedited in any way whatsoever.

      We’ve already had proof that a certain PLP member recorded and then heavily edited recordings to suit his agenda.

  5. Terry says:

    “In the interest of transparency and accountability”.


    Dr. Ewart Brown once said


    Bermuda is screwed.

    • flikel says:

      Yes this was said……so let’s have an investigation to prevent this type of behavior from happening again.

      Don’t you think this is the best thing to do? Why give current/future politicians a pass, because of questionable behavior of previous politicians.

      • Terry says:

        Think you missed the plot ‘flikel’.
        Really. You missed it.
        Ewart lied. Fact. Deception.

        These are accusations.
        Get it?

        Rip Bermuda.

        • Ian says:

          Actually your the one missing the plot. We have seen everything from a detailed seemingly airtight affidavit, a PRETTY DODGY telephone conversation, the OBA scramble to move on FIVE ACTS in their botched attempts to build their agenda around munipal assets, and ALL YOU HAVE TO SLEEP BETTER IS A EWART BROWN SOUND BYTE that you numpties have taken out of context since day one?! How the heck do YOU FEEL about your beloved party’s BLATENTLY OBVIOUS DIRT?! ITS BLATENT! Your party is run by the islands worst hypocrites which is hardly shocking given the legacies of some of their forefathers.

          • hmmm says:

            Do you access to the alleged tapes ?
            Where is the second affidavit?

            Please share.

            You seem to have special privilege over the average Bermudian. why is that?

        • flikel says:

          Why is this relevant in this situation? Because he lied years ago, there should be no investigation into current allegations of corruption and bribery by the current administration?

  6. Sunshine says:

    Investigate. Let the truth be told no matter what that may be.

  7. swing voter says:

    yup if an investigation was necessary following the emerald financial scandal allegedly involving an ex-premier, the same should follow in the wake of Mac’s troubles.

    • Onion says:

      Absolutely. There should be an investigation. And the guilty party should go to jail, either for corruption or perjury.

      • Oh “he” will. If there’s only a recording of x amount of individuals talking then who’s to say / or prove who they are that’s on that “tape”?
        Unless, the tape is accompanied by a video revealing this did actually take place then it’s no-more than it being just more hearsay.

  8. Huh says:

    “Desperate allegations from a guy who got a 262 year lease from 4 x 6 ad….from the “Nightmare + Co”, who has allegedly had $18M go missing…, has shut down his businesses, is selling off all his trucks, vans equipment, property…something doesn’t smell right about this him. Sounds completely fabricated by someone trying to save his you know what!!!

    • Ian says:

      Why dont you actually take note of the fact the hardships you are describing are the result of a problrm government’s actions against someone that doesnt fall into their camp of Good Ole Boys. Also take note of the fact that under this government the things you describe happening to MacLean do not happen to fellas that look like the Good Ole Boys, whether they be local or foreigner.

  9. cs says:

    Reputable contractor? I think not. Did he also record the conversations that got him the PLV land and Waterfront property under the last administration. Now those would be worth hearing.

  10. ann says:

    How many times are the PLP going to go crying to the Governor??? I love the smoke screen they are placing around the $18 million, please tell me people aren’t falling for this! This is like reading a cartoon.

    • flikel says:

      So you are fine with just letting things go and not having an investigation?

      If the same allegations were made toward the PLP, and the OBA went crying to the Governor, would you have the same opinion?

      Oh wait…..there were investigations during the PLP reign and a former Premier still has an open case as a result of allegations made toward him.

      Any investigation would involve knowing the details surrounding the $18 million, as this is a critical component of this entire drama… I think you should be all for having the Governor dealing with the situation.

    • Ed Case says:

      Obviously some people are still drinking the kool aid.

    • Ian says:

      Ann, Ed (nut) Case and others particular demographic here… you people are ridiculous. And there is nothing new about you on this island. As to how you manage to look in the mirror and convince yourselves that youre not surrounded by people on this island without your delusional, borderline insane antiquated world views is nothing short of comical. Take a look around and observe the trend in how the world is processing people like you. Take note of the momentum beyond that…

  11. Jus' Askin' says:


    • Terry says:

      Recordings of what.

      Sorta like a marriage thing. Till do part.
      Fill in the blanks.

  12. blow in says:

    18th HOLE of 24 mill golf course, its all adding up

  13. Truth and Nothing but the Truth says:

    Investigation? Over what this guy sayin?. He`s , a noise maker trying to deflect , figure it out PLP !! Cheeezzzzzzzzzz !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ian says:

      Why dont you try YOUR HARDEST to come up with a rebuttal to the content of MacLean’s +30 minute account of events that even starts to come close to the detailed, complex chronology he presented. Its always hilarious when the barking numpties like you actually think theyre smarter than folks who could intellectually steam roll them… You’ve proven many times on this blog that you dont even come close to being in MacLean’s league. Your sensibilities limit you to being an online OBA ankle biter.

      • Truth and Nothing but the Truth says:

        Your funny I A N , ,, Maclean`s League? Let me guess, the league of how not to do things? Tell me please just what sunshine you see from this guy? Your sensibilities limit you to being an online PLP ankle biter.

  14. Micro says:

    $800m unaccounted for
    Cedar beams
    unaccounted millions in government projects
    amongst numerous other sketchy things done under the PLP administration.

    Where are calls for investigations into those things?

    • Ian says:

      Did you really just say cedar beams… As for the other stuff IT HAS/IS BEING INVESTIGATED. Yet for some strange reasons the findings dont ever seem to stack up to the maladrama of good ole OBA/UBP propoganda…

    • umok says:

      That $800m is a bunch of lies. Do you know how hard that would be??? lol

  15. Mike says:

    In the words of the Master himself……..

    -If they find anything, it will have been planted-

    (Dr Ewart F Brown)

    • Ian says:

      You’re going to feel like a massive tool in the months ahead… If thats even possible.

  16. Jurist says:

    More gibberish from a member of the party that almost ruined BDA.

    • Ian says:

      Who would that be exactly? MacLean? A guy who has never voted locally. Or does the fact he is black and not an obvious friend of the UBP/OBA old boys make it clear to you what his constitution as a man is. Go to your cocktail old Bermuda…

    • jt says:

      Yet to be determined.

  17. Watcher says:

    Just a thought but how many PLP ministers stood down while the BHC situation was investigated and of course there was the time when Marc Bean stood down when was actually charged with an offense and had to go to court……..oh wait…………

  18. Ian says:

    Gotta love how the OBA numpties are scrambling to dislike any comments THAT ACTUALLY MAKE SENSE and call their snake-like leaders to task…

  19. Balanced Facts says:

    Some people should be careful with what they throw around before someone starts to ask questions about loans from developers…paid in cash. keep talking Mr. Scott, keep talking!

  20. Rhonnie aka BlueFamiliar says:

    Honestly, I don’t take the allegations seriously given what we know of Mr. Maclean, however, I do agree they need to be investigated.

    Someone is shovelling it, and it would be good to know who without a shadow of doubt.

  21. Coffee says:

    Dunkeley will soon run out of milk wagons to circle !
    Cannonier is toxic !
    Pettingill cut and ran !
    Fayhe can’t get new Bermudians on the electoral roll fast enough to cover his butt ! He sure knows how to draft a bill in a hurry ! But can’t close a loophole !
    Master Chef loves to get bonuses , mind you he likes to extend unearned ones as well !
    Sponge Bob and Moniz really should cross the floor, as they really don’t know who they are going to bed with in the OBA !

    We definitely need an investigation Scotland Yard style .. No less !

    The current Governor must be the highest paid and laziest civil servant in Bermuda , absolutely one expensive waste of time …. London’s calling !
    Remember that group of concerned Bermudians who took a petition with 20 signatures to London a few years back ? I’m wondering if they have any concerns today considering all of the accusations running rampant in the courts and halls of justice !

    • stunned... says:

      re: Master Chef, he who accuses must prove. i see nothing but accusations and even less proof.

  22. navin johnson says:

    just to make sure is this the same Governor who the PLP wanted removed because it costs money to have him here? just askin….

  23. ROGER LAMBERT says:

    Another case of One’s word agaist Another. In this case it’s ONE AGAINST MANY. Hope it gets resolved. David may still slay Goliath again.